Nature Friday ~ November 22, 2019

It’s the Friday before the U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday and nature apparently thought it would take some time off from showing much beauty with the palette largely greys and browns-blech. That said, we happily join our furry friends Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard as nature around Blogville often shares its bounty in surprising ways.

Our urban landscape is now in full drab mode and more than slightly dreary despite very welcome warm days earlier this week. This time of year may not be so unusual for most of the country, but in sunshine rich Colorado (there are over 300 days a year sporting sunshine), it’s noticeable. The forecast is now shifting toward cloudy days with cold and snow in the near forecast. Just before the weather shifted, nature provided a lovely surprise to an otherwise bland palette. Why is November so generally dull?

As the afternoon sun began to set, a bright glow from the western sky filled the living room as I began to think about fixing dinner. Scenes like these images will go a long way in making November far more pleasant.

In a matter of a few fleeting moments, the sky went from subtle to ‘gonna knock your socks off.’



A slight glance southward showed a scene that just lit up my soul (with apologies for the hideously visible power lines). In less than ninety seconds, nature’s beautiful show made me forget all about drab November.


May you experience some beautiful sunsets over the weekend. Do you have any fun plans in store before the holiday season begins in earnest?

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

77 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 22, 2019

  1. Stunning pictures! Our new home in the country is perfectly situated for sunrise and sunsets. I catch a bit now and then. But we moved in November so not much time to enjoy them. But we will. Really enjoyed your pictures. 😀😀😀

    1. Many thanks! The urban view is so vastly different from the country. Enjoy that beautiful relaxed pace and lovely views once you’ve gotten all settled.

            1. I’d have given just about anything to work from home. Sadly the job didn’t lend itself to that. Plus I’m only 3 miles from downtown-it’d be next to impossible not to make it.

    1. Many thanks. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving. And thanks for dropping by. We 💙 visitors!

  2. WOW! What a gorgeous sunset!! We get some gorgeous ones here, too, but haven’t seen them lately.

    Like Jan said, I’m doing my Christmas shopping this weekend. All online – either Amazon, LL Bean, or Lands’ End – just one problem. Not sure what to get for my bro. If I could afford it, I’d buy him a house nearby with a big back yard for Boozy to romp in. (That way he could get away from the bad memories in Islamorada and make new, good memories here in Greenville.)

  3. Ma says she is glads that we haven’t plunged into Winter yet (coming this week), so we still have mild days, and cool nights, that Ma is treasuring til the grey descends ☺. I hopes we get beautiful sunsets like yours when we do! wowsa!!!
    Stay warm my furiends!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Funny thing about winter here-yesterday snow, today loads of sunshine and mid 50’s. Woohoo!

  4. Mother Nature does like to throw some nice surprises at us sometimes! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I suppose it might not be a bad thing that drab November goes by so quickly! LOL

  5. Lovely photographs. I love sunrises and sunsets and Benji and I get to see sunrise most mornings. Nothing much planned but then it is early days. After the extreme heat during the week everything has started to calm down – and it’s not even summer yet.

  6. What beautiful skies!! We are going with my son, wife, grandbabies and our niece/N-I-L to ride the Polar Express train on Thanksgiving eve! Everyone is supposed to wear their jammies. It should be fun!

    1. Thank you. Do you think the humidity differences between our locations impact the intensity of sunsets?

  7. 300 days!!! You are not allowed to complain then. However, in November, it is beyond difficult to do so, admittedly.
    And wowsers. You got that right. When the sky shows off like that, it’s enough to shake the doldrums away, at least for a little while.
    Happy Friday to you!

    1. We are very blessed with the sunshine here. Still it doesn’t seem to make us complain less on the cloudy days. 😁 It’s a snowy cold day but I’m not minding too much. Tomorrow it should be back in the 50’s for the weekend before the next storm arrives. Happy weekend.

          1. Well, here’s the thing: there are no members (yay!), peeps are in party mode, thereby happy (double yay!) AND it pays a shitload more than the regular season – only reason I put myself through it… ( triple YAY)

  8. I love the sunsets. We have more sunny days than gloomy days. I’m happy about that. We live in a desert that’s why. Always wishing for rain here.

    We’ll see the grands and the greats at some point and that’s a good thing. Outside of that it’s pretty much just hubby and I anymore. We quit hosting the big dinners some years back. Three days of work and not a soul would lift a finger to help.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Big hug. ♥

    1. Yikes, preparing the big dinner with a group is half the fun! Our crew always has a blast. Nibbling, tasting and cleaning up we make it fun.

      Enjoy those grands and have a super weekend.

    1. Gah! Christmas shopping done? Good for you though I can’t even begin to fathom that phenomenon!

  9. It’s fairly warm here…mid to upper 50’s during the day. November does tend to be the gray month everywhere I’ve been: PA, TN, the midwest. Your sunset was brilliant, as was ours. It always thrills my soul. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Monika, Sam and Elsa.

    1. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. While it’s snowy and cold today we’re headed to mid 50’s for the weekend. Not too shabby for this time of year.

  10. your sunset was glorious. We’ve had nearly solid cloud cover for a while now just east of you, and woke to more snow, still snowing. At least this snow is soft and coming down not sideways. This weekend could have a break in the clouds as the report says partly cloudy. Yea!

    1. Thanks. It makes you stop and savor those moments of beauty in a crowded and noisy city. I always feel a million miles away during those kinds of sunsets.

  11. Beautiful pics. Much better for the sky to look like it’s on fire than for the ground to actually be on fire. Out west we should get some moisture next week which will hopefully dampen any current risk for wildfire. Meanwhile the clean up of brush and deadwood goes on at The Golden K. We’ll have a house full beginning Wednesday with two of my kids, their spouses, and a sister and bro in law of one of my daughter in laws. Oh yeah and 4 dogs and a cat. A bird will make a cameo but will not be around long! 🤓. Have a great weekend at The Ranch.

    1. We are keeping our fingers crossed your region gets some much needed moist and pray for everyone’s safety.

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