Treatful Thursday

Sam here. Look what arrived at the Ranch!! Mom decided to treat us with some new treats that she didn’t make. I love it when she makes treats for us, it’s one of the few things she does well, between you and me.  I mean the woman bathes me regularly for crying out loud, so when our favorite postwoman, Cori dropped them off a couple of days ago, Elsa and I were both pretty stoked.

Neither of us could figure out what the occasion was for this new bag of treats since we each had already celebrated birthdays and gotcha days earlier and we knew of no other ‘howliday’ were treats might be given to us good dogs.

Sam: I dunno, Ninja…I mean, I’ve been saying mom’s been losing it for a long time. Maybe she finally lost her mind completely?

Ninja: Who cares, they’re TREATS!!

Sam: Good point. You think they’re for us?

Ninja: If I have any clout around here, you better believe they’re for us! I’ll play the puppy mill survivor card if necessary.

Sam: Let’s practice our starving, soulful eyes since she never resists when we look at her like that.

Ninja: Pfft, I do just that at every meal or treat.

Sam & Elsa
Come on and give us the treat already. We’re sitting patiently for cryin’ out loud!

Sam: Let’s take a closer look at the bag. Ooh, they’re from our paw-friend Luke at Wag ‘N Woof Pets, from their Barking Dogs Organic Farms shop.  Let’s take a gander at the ingredients. Uh-oh…I see veggies and fruit. I’m not sure if I’ll like them.

Ninja: You Knucklehead…those aren’t just fruits and vegetables. Those are superfoods for super dogs!

Sam: Hmm, I’m still not convinced. Mom better beg me to try these.

Ninja: You. are. a. fool. It’s food, dummy. And look closer…there are no preservatives, just 100% organic ingredients. You love eggs, why not give ’em a try.

Sam: Well…o-kay, but only because you asked nicely. Should I wag my tail too?

Ninja: Wagging is optional but my guess is you’ll do it because they’ll be tasty. Trust me, brother.


Sam and Elsa: Nom, nom, nom. {drool, smack, gobble} “Hey, these are wagnificent!”

Elsa: See, I told you. Luke’s mom makes some tasty treats doesn’t she? Mom said it was also easy to order from their secure website. Check out Wag ‘N Woof’s shop page to order your own tasty treats. We’re not planning on sharing ours.

Can I have another?

Note: we were not compensated for our review and only share our opinion of a product we think you might like.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

47 thoughts on “Treatful Thursday

  1. You two hit the jackpot! Treat just because are super great. Mom says we can’t have any because there’s too much carbs in them for pups on a raw diet. So she’d better start handing out more of our dried beef heart treats! XOX Lucy and Xena

  2. We got several bags last year for my pups and as gifts for my daughter’s dogs. They were all a big hit! Sam and Elsa, you two pups are lucky!

    1. Great products from ‘one of our own’ from Blogville. The dogs loved the treats and I loved the easy checkout.

        1. Eew…not sure they’re anything remotely tasty in a Milk Bone. Mostly cardboard and chemicals.

            1. Some of the nurses have them for the therapy dogs. I never allow them to give them to Sam, instead letting them give him one of ours that I carry. It only takes once till you realize these are poor excuses for treats.

  3. Thank you so much for such a pawesome review, Sam and Elsa! Luke and I are so excited that you like our treats, and really, really appreciate you sharing about them. ♥♥♥

  4. um, from the list of ingredients, I would like one too. I don’t have a tail per se, but if I smile pretty can I have one? lol

  5. Those treats look super….but have you ever thought of hiring out those two as promoters of products? Those expressions could sell anything! Well, perhaps not Trump….

    1. Thanks, Helen. LOL, selling him would no doubt damage their credibility. We should probably stick to the good stuff whenever we plan to shill something. 😊

  6. They look great, I read pet food and treat labels far more closely than I read human food labels.Sometimes the fine print is a little scary and I put it back.

  7. Ducky and Radar LOVE all of Miss Jan’s homemade dog treats! I have freezer door FULL of different ones. Shadow loved them, too, when she was still here. I wonder if I could get Jan to mail a few bags to the pups at the Rainbow Bridge?

    1. Her treats are really terrific. The Knuckleheads will probably turn their noses up the next time I make any.

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