Nature Friday ~ April 3, 2020

Welcome to the first Friday of April. We hope this finds you healthy and following whatever rules are in place in your local area to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the pandemic.

Nature FridayAs usual, we are joining our furry Pacific Northwest friends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s edition of the Nature Friday blog hop.  Don’t forget to check out other blogs at the following link to see what nature is dishing out around Blogville.

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So, let’s get started on what nature is showing off in the Mile High. On Wednesday, we enjoyed our finest spring day yet with beautiful Colorado bluebird skies and temperatures reaching a lovely 70ºF (21ºC) and being blessed with the first Ladybug sighting this spring. Woohoo! It’s always a joy to see these industrious little gardeners taking care of pesky invaders.


A few blocks later, tiny squill bulbs were in bloom-always a seasonal favorite of mine. At just 3-4 inches tall, these stripped beauties are often overlooked when passing by neighborhood gardens.


Yesterday Mother Nature decided to once again banish all signs of spring in favor of another dose of winter. What the dog?!  Yesterday’s temps had nearly a 50º swing coupled with a bitter 14 mph wind, putting the windchill factor at 14ºF (-10ºC). {Shiver!}

All is not lost though even on these past chilly days (it was 19ºF this morning), there still is a lot to seek out while Mother Nature touches things in only her special way. Originally the thought was to share images of beautiful flowering trees since a number were beginning to signal they were ready to burst forth. When yesterday’s storm blew through, it was clear that wasn’t gonna happen so on yesterday’s afternoon walk, I decided to highlight what the sleet/rain/snow combo did on various bulbs that have emerged despite this yo-yo climate.

The Lupine is beginning to wake up and even with icy beads, casts a pretty image. Eventually they’ll form those beautiful buds and turn the garden into a riot of color.


Along my regular path, this Lamb’s Wool shivered in the sleety storm. It should come as no surprise I avoided rubbing their fuzzy leaves.


Beautiful shades of pink tulips were just beginning to emerge with some gorgeous pops of color. I’ll be curious to see how they fare when the temps once again warm up (weekend forecast is for upper 50’s & 60’s). Ok, Mother Nature, enough of the yo-yo temps, okay?


Today’s early morning landscape shows a frosty garden, though we should warm up enough to melt most of yesterday’s frozen scenery.


Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods? We hope you’re following stay in place orders and aren’t too stir-crazy. People around my ‘hood seemed to have hit the wall with every bored millennial walking their dogs on the warm days that I didn’t even realize lived around here. It should be interesting to see if boredom wins out today or if they wait until the weekend when the temps go back into the 50’s & 60’s. Whatever is on your agenda, we hope you stay safe and keep smiling. Together we can get through these challenging times. Remember we’re just a few keystrokes away if you need some cheer or just a friendly face to chat with. All joking aside, despite the silly costumes.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

87 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ April 3, 2020

  1. The flowers encased in ice are brilliant! The weather may be crazy but there’s always beauty around our wonderful state, isn’t there? How’s Mr. Norman doing? He looks so sweet.

    1. He’s a rock star…smart, funny and ever so sweet. I just wish Elsa would be nicer to him. 😕

    1. Encountering those flowers reminded me there is amazing beauty all around, even in less than ideal weather conditions.

  2. Norman, you are so darn cute!! The flowers are beautiful, even with the snow/sleet on them! Things have been a little more settled here the last few days. We haven’t seen much sunshine, but the temperatures have been more comfortable for walking.
    We are following all the rules. I haven’t gotten into the spring cleaning thing, though I probably should! I am slowly emptying our freezer out though, so we’ll be able to defrost it soon. My cupboards are getting more and more bare by the minute! We can get food at my hubby’s work, but I just figured this was a good time to use things up.
    I think we could all use more sunshine and spring weather to cheer us up though!

    1. After a couple days of cold and a bit of snow we’re back in the 60-70F range. The weather here is so weird!

  3. Oh, those are beautiful flowers! I loves the tulips! Ma kills them here. She doesn’t buy them anymores ~ it’s the humane thing to do ☺
    Oh Norman! LOVES the hat my furiend!!! Ma says she just wants to kiss your snooter! (don’t lets her…she usually has a towel in hand to wipe the beard……)
    Keep the peeps safe, and wash their paws!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Good thing Norman isn’t too soggy on his beard. 😆 Tell your mum I suck at tulips too. The squirrels either eat them or they never bloom. 🙃

  4. No flowers here yet and we got snow yesterday too. Mom & Dad only go to the store if needed. We sure wish the weather would get nice enough for us to get in some agility practice as we cannot go to any classes.
    Mabel & Hilda

    1. Past experience tells me this yo-yo weather will linger around for another month. Life as we knew it sure has changed with this social quarantine thing. Stay well, strong and keep smiling.

  5. I loved the ice covered flowers and I really liked the Ladybird. Don’t see them much these days. So, “Stormin Norman”has become the Court Jester -Unicorn, Jester, what next :o) ?

  6. What is UP with the weather? Those fluctuations are carazy, even if the frozen flower pics are really kinda beautiful.

    And I love how Norman gets his weekend on.

    1. Actually this kind of weather is pretty typical for this area. But I thought the flowers looked especially lovely with the frozen droplets-almost like frosting.

    1. Norman is doing his best to keep everyone around him smiling but I’m a pretty easy target. 😍

  7. That tulip is especially gorgeous with the ice crystals clinging to it. We just had a couple of “cold” days in the 40’s, but today we are back up to mid 70″s. Thinking we’re going to have a very hot summer. The mayor of Chattanooga issued a shelter in place edict beginning on Saturday. We’re in the county, so we can move around if we want, just not inside city limits. Honestly, I’ve been staying home and being careful. Stay well.

    1. Thank you. I think that’s smart on your part-no need tempting fate. We’ve had the shelter in place mandate for a few weeks so every day is about the same. They tend to run together anymore.

    1. They probably would have gladly accepted your sweaters, Cupcake-at the very least maybe a scarf. 🧣

  8. Oh the ladybug. So cute. I love ladybugs.

    The weather is all over the place indeed. The sun is out now, but it’s cold. Rain coming for the next four or five days.

    Scritches to the pups.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

    1. Think seeing the first one of the season is good luck which would be very welcome. Stay warm (and dry).

  9. Mew mew mew Stormin Norman yore pawsitivelee an adoorabell Joker dude!!
    Miss Monika yore flowerss are so purrty an THE snowy flowerss with ice are speck-taculur!! Trulee!
    You sure have a grate eye fore fotoss!
    Wee stayin inn safe xcept fore patio time…..wee know bettur than to go out fore no reeson.
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  10. 🐬👀Thanks for another great post🐬👀Exceptional Pics I’d otherwise have never seen🐬👀and Norman for the closer. 👀🐬Sanity in satin. Thanks again! Happy Friday! Washy Washy 👀🐬

    1. Thanks, Helen. Hard to mess up pink tulips; they always seem to be the showiest in the garden.

  11. The ice crystals were beautiful on the pictures. I hate cold weather at this time of the year. So far we’ve been lucky with no snow or sleet although it’s been cool. Today we may not hit 50 although the sun is out. Maybe next week.

    1. We’ll be back to 70 next week. Spring in the Rocky Mountains is always up/down-temperature wise. It can give an old person like me whiplash! LOL

    1. I actually didn’t mind the frosted beadlets, it was that darn wind that makes me cranky. Those tulips are just fine this afternoon and not much worse for the wear.

  12. Seems like nature is upside down too, Monika…MOL…but the pictures are very beautiful, so there’s Always something good in the bad, right😸😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

    1. Things are truly topsy-turvy and will be for at least another month. Oh well, makes for some interesting photos, right? 🙂

  13. Love the pic of Norman! We’re doing our part – buying groceries as needed and staying home the rest of the time. Of course, some people in G’ville still carry on with the old normal and the state government doesn’t seem to care. They seem to think – like the orange idiot – that this virus will disappear on its own overnight, like magic. 🤬

    1. It’s surprising to see the large number of people who are either clueless or just plain stupid. Stay safe my friend and give sweet Ducky ear rubs from us. Hopefully it has fully healed?

      1. Ignorant. And selfish. They’re not going to do anything that inconveniences them or disrupts their activity of choice. So we do what we can to do our part.

        Ducky’s ear is healing nicely, but not 100% yet. At least she’s not trying to scratch at it much these days.

  14. Your weather most certainly is doing some serious yo-yo-ing, but you have lots more spring flowers out than we do in Scotland. Dogs are always much in evidence on our streets, and even more so since the stay at home/social distancing thing came in. We’re used to walking in all weathers – you’d never go out if you waited until you were promised the perfect warm sunny day!
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. Being a mile high elevation wise, the sun coaxes out spring bulbs and then of course, an early May snow storm decides “not just yet, beauties.’

    1. Hi there, Ranger, glad you stopped by. We 💖 visitors and are always happy to share frosty fotos.

  15. The tiny ladybug and tiny squill both delighted me. Maybe the Squill a bit more as they are a new to me. Lovely photos.
    As for what is up here in the Middle of NC…a very pretty day, breezy but beautiful mid 60’s
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Thanks. Yes, squill isn’t real well known (it’s so short, I think people miss it). Enjoy a beautiful NC day and weekend.

  16. What gorgeous pics, Monika! Gotta love Mother Nature testing her subjects like that, eh? Blowing hot and cold like that is nuts.
    We have had cold and rain for three days now (and more for tomorrow). Zeke is not impressed with my lack of willingness to go out there with him. Actually, his luck has changed as right now, this moment it is NOT raining so I will do a quick run around the block with him.
    C YA L8TR!

    1. Have a great walk! It’s no fun being in cold rainy weather…for dog or huMom’s.

      1. So. We left, made it to the corner and it started to “spit”, we kept on and it started to “sputter”, we turned around but went around the corner to extend it… Wasn’t fabulous but it was a walk!

        1. A walk is a walk, is a walk. Perhaps the next one will be less moisture filled. 🙂

  17. oh my gosh! Your pics are so pretty. we have about 3-4″ of snow, and I hope it melts today but it’s pretty cold and icy now. NO color around here so thanks for showing me some. Really, that pink tulip with ice is screaming out to be a painting! Norman, you are fresh!

    1. I absolutely love pink tulips and that first one was so stunning. Even with the ice beadlets.

    1. Norman works hard making me smile. Good thing, too-I can sure use it these days.

    1. Yes, Frozen…ooh, that gives me an idea…wonder if Norman will let me dress him up like Olaf. 😂

  18. Oh those photos of plants/flowers with frost/icy crystals are MAGIC……very much like diamonds shining – amazing. Well done! I THINK (I say that in caps because I mean THINK/HOPE) that we won’t be getting any more winter weather but you just never know here. One of our biggest snows was in April one year. Today it’s incredibly windy – which probably will just open up some of those tree buds that are showing. Our lawn looks amazing and my dicentra is beautiful – otherwise no signs of sping to speak of. HAPPY FRIDAY………….

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Snow even in early May is not unheard of around here and it comes and goes fairly quickly. I thought those ice beads were pretty stunny, especially on those beautiful tulips. Happy weekend!

  19. Exquisite pictures of the frost on the leaves and petals!
    Take care, enjoy the weekend, and stay healthy,

    1. Thanks! Even though it was cold, I thought it was very pretty with the frozen beadlets.

  20. Temps mostly in the 50’s or so in Pennsylvania, so good dog walking weather, and everyone is out. Whole state is under stay at home order now, so dog walking is the highlight of many days! (Socially distanced dog walks, that is.) Poor Gracie is so confused about why she can’t go greet people. But lots of things – flowers and trees – blooming, and that’s cheery.

    1. Gracie isn’t the only one confused. We have to criss-cross the street dozens of times. Norman and Elsa look at me like I’ve totally lost it. They could be on to something but we won’t tell them. LOL

  21. That photo is HILARIOUS! Love it! FYI: haven’t forgotten you!!!! As you can imagine with Michigan being declared a disaster area (and now they are strongly advising us to wear masks when we go to the store, etc), I have been distracted with cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning….and…having my husband around every single second of the day is like having a toddler 🙁 I have to repeat myself 100 times……..and am constantly wiping everything he touches lol (but he has been a huge help in other ways)………our weather finally got nice yesterday so trying to get out a bit too. I have NOT forgotten you and WILL get a hold of you SOON! xoxoxoxo stay safe/healthy!!

    1. No worries. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Know I’m thinking of you and sending loads of hugs and tail wags.

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