Wordy Wednesday ~ July 15, 2020

Norman here, sharing a COVID PSA I’ve put together. With the number of positive COVID cases on the rise with each day, it seems proper to remind everyone to follow my prescription for staying safe. When we all follow these instructions, we can flatten the curve and get back to living the good life. With apologies for the ‘film crew” cutting off the top of me head and the producer’s somewhat less than Oscar-worthy editing skills. Clearly it’s tough to round up decent help.

Make sure your volume is up. Happy mid-week (and don’t forget to file your taxes today if you haven’t already).

Live, love, bark! 🐾

67 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday ~ July 15, 2020

  1. That is a wooftastic PSA and I hope that humans heed your advice. It seems crazy to me that people are acting like they are being asked to relinquish their American rights by wearing a mask. It makes me want to scream!

    1. Seems like some people prefer ‘free-dumb’ more than good sense. We hope everyone begins to realize those 3 things can make a difference in flattening the curve so we can go back to a more normal life. We wear mandated seat belts to stay safe, so what’s the big deal about masks?

  2. Great job, Norman! Some people may not want to listen to politicians and experts, but they will sure listen to you!

    1. Thanks! Luckily we’re big on science around the Ranch. Much of it is centered around reality. Wishing is no way to run a Ranch or a country. 😇

  3. Thanks Doctor Norman for your wonderful message on staying safe. We must all do what you say and I have to admit my Mom and Dad are following the rules very well !!!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. I knew I could count on your ‘pawrents’ to following the rules! Well done, Teddy.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, gang. It’s good folks like you that will get us through these times.

    1. Thanks Ruby. You are so right, particularly during the pandemic. People need our brains and patience. 🥰

    1. Thank you. If only people will follow it, we might be able to go back to getting ears rubs from strangers. 😊

  4. Our volume was clear up, and we couldn’t hear anything, Norman, not even with our super hearing. But you sure do look handsome in your dogtor suit. XOX Xena and Lucy

    1. Well that’s a doggone shame. Phooey, I’m going to have to have a word with the producer 🙁

    1. So glad to hear that! Sometimes me mum looks at me and scratches her head like she has no idea what I’m trying to tell her.

  5. Well done, Norman. I know your mom is proud of you.

    Have a fabulous Wordless or Wordy Wednesday. My best to your mom and Elsa. ♥

    1. Why thank you very much, Sandee. Elsa and I think we’ll keep her. 🥰

  6. Norman – you are headed for stardom! Hey – you might even be Dr. Fauci’s spokesdog on TV – people would listen to you!!!

    1. Now that would be a plum job! And no doubt with more professional staff. 😆

  7. you inspire us Norman, I sure hope you got through to those people who are not being careful. Wish you could come to my neighborhood and get their attention here.

    1. Right, thanks. The ‘crew’ does try hard, I’ll give ’em credit for that.

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