Monday Musings ~ July 20, 2020


Live, love, bark! 🐾

69 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ July 20, 2020

    1. Never let it be said that Old English Sheepdogs don’t have a sense of humor. 😆

    1. With Norman I just hang on but with Elsa, she dictates exactly how everyone shall function.

    1. Thank you! Trust me, No one herds quite like a sheepdog and I doubt they could train anyone to do it like them.

  1. Oh yes, Ma remembers Angel Panda’s ‘herding’ techniques! Though, I gots to say, I gots some skills in that dept. too! BOL! Have a FABulous week my furiends!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma thinks you are just too adorbs Norman! ☺

    1. I’ll bet you’re a great herder, whereas Norman is more of a bulldozer. 😂

    1. When he’s leading the herd, I’m totally in! Thanks for swinging by the Ranch. We 💙 visitors.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. Norman’s sense of herding is a bit more like bulldozing. 😁

            1. Only thing you forgot was the fanny wiggle while he’s moving you. 😆

        1. True enough. I can’t even fault him when he busts through an unlatched door. He’s so darn stinkin’ cute.

  2. Ducky used to “herd” Shadow a lot – only because Shadow let her get away with it – but Callie kept her in line. She and Radar were too busy playing most days for her to “herd” him.

    1. My last two OES’s were particularly “herd-y” to the point I unconsciously started herding my daughter when we went on walks 😁

    1. Herding with Norman is a polite euphemism for bulldozing. He definitely uses his size to his advantage. 😇

    1. It’s one of the few summer themed bandanas we have. I realized I have more Christmas themed ones than anything for the summer. Guess I better find some fabric online and rectify that.

    1. 😊 It actually IS possible for a dog to blush. Thanks. No doubt, he’d follow your gorgeous girls.

  3. Norman is such a cutie pie. Who couldn’t love that sweet face.

    Have a woof woof day, Norman. My best to Elsa and your wonderful mom. ♥

    1. Herding seems to be a generous term when describing Norman. Bulldozing is probably more accurate with the kind of real estate he takes up. 😂

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