Monday Moanings

Some serious excitement around the Ranch today. Elsa literally cornered a squirrel near the back door and there were several minutes of it trying to escape the poodle jaws of death while she was trying desperately to figure out why she couldn’t climb up the brick exterior like the squirrel did. I finally managed to corral her as the squirrel figured out how to reach the rooftop and dash away to the safety of the maple tree where he proceeded to hurl insults at us from 25 feet up. He then started stripping small twigs and flinging them on the ground in a tantrum. Sheesh dude, lay off the caffeine. Oh, to have been able to capture that mayhem in a photo. Snap!

Should have figured it was a sign of more sinister things to come.The lovely folks at PayPal have shut down our e-shop account so no orders can be filled at this time. I suspect it relates to the CBD listing but am attempting to resolve it and will advise once the shop has reopened. The joys of trying to be a small business person in a modern e-commerce society.

In the meantime, how about a little humor? Humor can turn that upside down frown into a smile and lord knows I can use one this morning (nothing like sitting on a few hundred dollars that you can’t access). I thought we’d all enjoy the Indian Hills sign from the small mountain town located just west of Denver in the foothills. Indian Hills is a quirky little  community who is fortunate enough to have some guy with a clever sense of humor who changes the roadside sign at the community center periodically from timely public announcements and meetings to some funny memes. It is locally famous and draws tourists to catch up with the fun.

Colorado native and community center volunteer, Vince Rozmiarek began the funny signs over 5 years ago as an April Fools stunt.  When my daughter and her family lived there a few years ago, she was even the recipient of birthday wishes being posted on the sign. She and her husband had been members of the volunteer fire department and were well-known in the community. For other smiles, you can see more signs here on their Facebook page.

Indian Hills

We hope your challenges are few and easily resolved this week. Elsa in particular, hopes everyone has success catching their neighborhood nemesis.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

73 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

    1. We knew you’d be rooting for the squirrel. Elsa and I are scratching our heads about that. Cute, sure, but waaaay too destructive in our books.

  1. Geez, when it rains, it pours, doesn’t it?! My Mom used to say that things happen in threes: so between the jerks at PayPal, your crown, and that bipolar squirrel, you should be done for a while.

    Love the sign! Thanks for sharing it! As for catching squirrels, it would be a lot easier if Sam helped Elsa. Back in 2013 or 14, Callie, Shadow, and Ducky ganged-up on a squirrel and had him cornered with no escape route, so he played dead. And a growlfest ensued. I walked over to see what the fuss was all about. I put Ducky in the house and the big girls on the porch and went back to scoop up the dead critter and he jumped up and ran away, across the yard. 🤪 Startled the heck out of me, but I was glad he got away. Our squirrels are pretty laid back, but they do like to tease Ducky now and then.

  2. Mew mew mew well dun feerce-sun Elsa!! You are a Squirrel hunter xtrodinaire!!! LadyMew laffed’ bout Squirrel hurlin bark down…shee sayss black squirrelss here wuud do that to her an Unkeel Siddhartha Henry if hee chased them upss a tree!…..
    An wee hope you can get yore site runnin again! An LadyMew laffed over THE sign…shee sayss it ISS funny!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

    1. Thanks. You as well. Elsa just goes insane whenever there’s a squirrel in our vicinity. She came very close this morning to catching it too!

        1. Squirrels are the only thing that seems to push Elsa’s huntress button. Well that and Chihuahuas. I think she thinks they’re more like wind up toys.

    1. Thanks. The timing couldn’t be worse, we’re at the hospital this week. I won’t be able to resolve it until at the very least close to the weekend. Getting another, but satisfactory account (have to start all over) and then adding the plugins behind the scenes is such a pain. It took me a good week to set it up originally and that was without being in PayPal’s cross hairs. 🎯

  3. We think that squirrel made his way across Kansas and ended up in our yard. You can catch our reaction on our post today:) Too bad about PayPal, hope you can get it all worked out.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. That was a wild morning! Good for the squirrel on escaping!
    Not cool, Paypal, not cool at all.
    Those signs are the best! I love them!

  5. Well. That was exciting. I’m glad the squirrel figured out how to get away before it was too late. I must say I am laughing at the picture of the squirrel throwing twigs at you all! Hilarious. Hope you get the PayPal thing resolved soon. I have seen the FB post with those signs before. It’s pretty cool to know someone who knows where it is and isn’t just “sharing” something. Hope the rest of your week has less drama.

    1. Even more cool knowing they posted birthday wishes to my daughter even though she doesn’t live up there anymore. They’re good peeps.

      Yeah about the squirrel situation. Elsa and I agree-they need to go away. So destructive. That one (or a relative of his) chewing through my kitchen screen 3 different times. Not a fan!

      1. Yes. Squirrels can be destructive. They gnaw on my porch when there is a whole forest for them to gnaw. Maybe that squirrel got scared enough to not come back.

        1. He will just stay out of reach and then come back around if he thinks he can nibble on something. As you might surmise, we are not fans of sciuridae family.

  6. Luke has never caught a squirrel, not even close, but he did catch a chipmunk once. I hope that squirrel knows just how lucky he was, though it doesn’t sound it!
    Thanks for the farm/garden humor….everyone can use a smile on Monday, but you especially seem to need one!! ♥

    1. It’s worse than that. I lost a crown and had to go to the dentist on top of everything! Ugh. 🦷

  7. I had a long battle with PayPal trying to prove I am who I say I am.It was frustrating to try to talk with people with heavy accents and they are still restricting me on adding funds to my account–which makes NO sense,

    1. I haven’t been able to talk to anyone yet, just conversing back and forth via email. They rose to the top of the short list today where I expect them to stay for quite some time. 😬

  8. Quite a mixed bag of Monday news! As a freelance writer, I kind of feel I’m permanently attached to PayPal, whether I like it or not. It’s kind of like Amazon and Netflix in that regard. :-/

    1. It’s like sleeping with the devil. They charge a fee for each order they process and now they’re holding on to all my collected orders for at least 180 days. On top of the fees, that seems really sick. And greedy. Grrrr.

      1. Yes, recently went through a ton of red tape with them myself, trying to prove that the name on my bank account matched the name on the ID I had to send them. Grrrr x10!!

        1. Dealing with them online is the pits. I’ve heard talking with them on the phone is equally bad-their call centers must be in Bangladesh judging from the heavy accents. 🙄

  9. Bummer about the squirrel-fail, E. And the PayPal-fail, M. I hope those PayPal guys get their act together and get your shop up and running again without too much hassle. And I hope that soon, doggies will be able to climb trees like squirrels. #problemsolved

    Love and licks,

    1. You’re the best Cupcake. Got any pull with the dentist because I lost a crown I’m hoping can be reattached quickly. 😇

  10. glad I am not within hitting distance, but…as a HUGE fan of squirrels, I am on the side of the squirrel lol. But……….I do feel awful about your shop. Hoping all can be resolved soon!!!!! I am surprised Paypal even noticed it!

    1. Trust me you wouldn’t like these urban hoodlums who chew their way through window screens. I’m in Elsa’s camp on this one.

  11. I bet that squirrel was hurling insults as his blood pressure was probably hitting the roof. LOL! What a way to start the week off with a bang!
    Sorry about your shop, hope you can get that worked out without too much headache!

    1. Happy to share a smile, which we think is the best way to start out the week. 😊

  12. That squirrel faced down death this morning! No wonder he was peeved! I’m just glad to know other species have feelings and get mad at being seen as breakfast. I cannot imagine looking into the mouth full of enormous poodle teeth. Elsa has stories to tell over the food bowl now!

  13. We had a similar situation. A squirrel ran across the top of our backyard fence but Max didn’t notice. The AJF got all excited trying to draw the Malt’s attention and began yelling, “risu! risu! risu!” Risu, of course, is Japanese for squirrel. Unfortunately, Max never learned that word so he simply sat there with his jaw dropped wondering what the heck was wrong with his primary food source. Squirrel hilarity ensued. As to the signs, I’ve seen them so many times on the internet and they are indeed funny but I somehow never this was a community in Colorado. The More You Know!

    1. I’d have paid good money to see that ‘risu’ scene in person.

      Next time you’re in the area, I’d happily take you guys up there to check it out and quaff a brew. It’s a funky little community with a good sense of humor.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. The reopening of the shop may take some time. 😬

  14. I think on the CBD thing they just need to verify it’s Hemp based – not the stuff that will make you silly :). Might also get questioned by the PO for the same thing 🙂

    1. Hemp oil is derived from hemp seed whereas CBD oil is extract from cannabis plants with a THC content that cannot exceed 0.3%. It’s one of those “in the weeds thing” that vexes everyone in the industry as well as folks who need the relief CBD provides.

  15. PayPay wants to verify each account with a utility bill with your name and address on it. I just did mine. Must be some issue or other. I hope you get yours resolved.

    Squirrels are evil. Just saying.

    Love the humor.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

    1. I suspect it’s because we offer CBD on the page. They sent a robo-email advising it was a violation of their User Agreement and while it is not specific when it comes to offering CBD or other hemp base products, they reserve the right to make determinations on use. What a headache.

        1. I agree but the user agreement is subject to their interpretation, apparently. 👿

    1. As if things weren’t frustrating enough, I lost a crown and have to go to the dentist this afternoon on top of it all. 😬

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