Monday Musings ~ March 1, 2021

Welcome to March 1st! Remember, just under 3 weeks until the official arrival of Spring. Color us happy!

Winter has been fine, but to a certain Ninja, it’s become rather boring. It’s a hard rule that bored dogs get themselves into mischief. Notice anything missing?


So when I came across this smile, it definitely seemed poetic. Elsa has not been amused with my sense of humor. Here’s hoping all your squeakers survive the week.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

87 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ March 1, 2021

  1. This really appeals to my sense of humour. I can see the Ninja as the Surgeon and I’m sure Benji would offer his services as assistant.

    1. Oh yes, she’s definitely a surgeon when it comes to disemboweling toys. Bet Benji would make a great assistant.

  2. March 1 is the beginning of Meteorological Spring, so you may take heart in that…. though I’m not sure how much that applies to your neck of the woods where it sometimes doesn’t stop snowing until Meteorological Summer.

    1. Boy, you nailed that! We’ve had snow over the past 3 years on Mother’s Day. 😱

  3. I can sooo relate! that’s why, as soon as we can afford it, we’re enrolling Levi in Canine College (that is literally their name), 2 days a week, half a day each day, so he can socialize with other dogs (who can put him in his place!) and a trainer will work on teaching him better manners (wink)

    1. Good luck! I’ve had Elsa for 4-1/2 years, and socialization is not in her vocabulary! 😇

    1. Poor Hedgy will have to use his elbows to try and escape the jaws of death.

  4. That poor stuffed animal has no leg to stand on. And misbehavior is the word of the day (most days) around here. The two in question will remain nameless. . .

  5. After Zeke ate all his plastic toys – you know what plastic is made of, right? Well guess what that looks like when it comes out the other end? TAR… He no longer has toys. Never got into them (then again, my kids didn’t have that special blankie or stuffed toy, either – so it’s all my fault…)

    1. When ‘it’ comes out the other end, it almost seems like a toss up whether it’s a good thing or not. Either way, I won’t let the dog play with toys unattended to ensure there aren’t any problems.

  6. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “legless” !! Boredom often equals destruction in the pet world I’m afraid. Ted has pulled the feathers out of every toy he has which USED to have them!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Love the cartoon! Missing limbs are a specialty with Riley. Xe’s only ever chewed a nose off, and it was her first schnazer stuffie! (I have wondered if she was jealous…)

    1. Elsa doesn’t discriminate-she chews off anything that sticks out. And then some. 😆

    1. They are just too enticing not to rip out of toys. At least according to Elsa.

  8. Benji is the best toy destroyer ever! He makes sure to chew up any squeakers that he gets out to make sure they are forever bereft of their noisy capabilities, BOL!
    After the noise makers come out, he destuffs the rest with a vengeance!
    Dalton can do this too, but Benji is the master :o)

    That was a funny cartoon!!

    1. I often wonder what makes dogs kill their toys with such happy abandon. As soon as I see a casualty, it gets put up so that nothing comes out the other end. 😇

  9. Hahaha When Tippy was a puppy, she could destroy any “indestructible” chew toy in seconds. She stopped those shenanigans about 2 years ago. Yeah for maturity.

    1. That ‘indestructible’ moniker seems more like a marketing gimmick. Any dog who is hell bent on destroying a toy will do it. I’ve learned the hard way any toy playing has to be closely monitored to avoid swallowed pieces/parts.

  10. Those darned squeakers. I wish they would leave them out of toys. Daughter’s Dobe just finished a round of surgery after swallowing one. Most expensive toy on the planet. Happy Monday and week, Monika.

    1. Eek! Yes, the only toy I know of anymore without one is a ball. And they’re apparently not nearly as much fun.

    1. You’re most welcome and thanks for swinging by. Have a wonderful week. 😁

  11. wow, with a clean cut…. Milo finds an opening and pulls every bit of stuffing out of the tiniest hole, then really feels like he found the prize when the squeaker is located!

    1. Elsa is nothing if not surgical in her ability to gnaw things into her belly. 🙄

  12. EEKKK!! Miss Monika it appeerss Hedgey losted a rite paw!! Sum boredumm chewin goin on there purrhapss!! Yore cartoon iss furry funny!
    Wee have a snow squall happenin today…it WAS rainin last nite butt iss snowin an blowin today…no Condo time fore mee!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

    1. Oh yes, recent storms that were too cold for extended walks are the downfall of many a toy. Hope you have a good week despite the weather.

    2. Yes, when it was super cold last week, both dogs were so bored. We keep hoping spring will arrive for you but she seems a bit fickle this year. Hopefully soon. Take good care and stay warm.

                1. It was gorgeous today (63F) but will be chilly tomorrow. Kisses received and appreciated. 😘

                  1. EEEKKKK!!! It iss stew-pid cold here Miss Monika an Elasa an sweet Norman….BBRRR!! Mee cuud not even put a paw out tHE soor today! Iss like 25 degreess…not even close to yore 60’ss!
                    Hope youss’ havin a guud day!
                    **purrss** BellaDharma

                    1. If it makes you feel better, today is chilly and may snow.

                    2. You were correct. We typically get snow to May. March and April are our wettest months. Today’s a good day to bake a chocolate cake. 😋

                    3. Yup. Chocolate cake with Nutella cream frosting. I’m in heaven!

                    4. Miss Monika did you efurr watch “THE Cosby Show””??? Mistur Bill fed THE children chocolate cake fore brekfast an hee was funny…
                      LadyMew found a vdieo of Mistur Bill talkin ’bout chocolate cake fore brekfast!!!!

                    5. It’s ok for adults…once in a great while…but not for kiddos. ☺️

  13. When Thatcher was Prime Minister I used to buy squeaky thatcher toys on my way home from work on Fridays…the terriers had them destroyed inminutes…it was deeply satisfying!

    1. Hahaha! I love it. I can think of a former President I’d welcome Elsa’s ‘surgical’ skills if he wasn’t so vile.

      1. Waiting for the big trial later this month…..but the French are so unadventurous…not a Sarko squeaky toy to be seen according to friends there. And certainly not a Macron one….that would be lese majeste and probably being sentenced to listen to his speeches for an eternity.

        1. Me thinks Monsieur Sarkozy is not particularly happy with the justice system today, let along later this month.

          1. No indeed…a far cry from the days when as Interior Minister he harassed a man whose car was damaged by Sarkozy’s son….far from getting compensation the chap found his insurance company bullied by Sarkozy’s lawyer and he himself hauled through the courts and fined.

    1. We all need something to look forward to, even if it may be awhile before spring is truly here. We can have snow even in early May mixed with warmer days and more sunshine.

      1. you said that right – the weather is fickle and does what it wants

        and even though i like winter – i felt that splash of hope that comes with the announcement of spring!
        and did not realize it was that close – goodness – feels like Xmas was just here

        1. Know what you mean. It’s hard to comprehend it’s March already! 🌷

  14. Yeah – my girls take those squeakers out in record time, every time. And they don’t use a scalpel, more like a chain saw! 🙃. I love your “springy” optimism. We are more than ready for a warming trend at The Golden K. Have a great week at The Ranch.

    1. Chain saw! Bwahahaha. Yeah, some dogs are more direct than those scalpel artists. Have a fur-bulous week and give the girls all ear rubs from us.

    1. That’s pawsome news! I’ll see if a little feline/canine competition will inspire Elsa. Have a great week!

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