Nature Friday ~ March 4, 2022

Welcome to the first edition in March to the Nature Friday blog hop, where we join our New Mexico hosts, Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard. Make sure you stop by the clicking on their link to see what others are sharing.

SpringLast week, the Mile High spent most of it suffering in brutally cold conditions with multiple days in a row of snow. Total accumulations were between 8-10 inches.ย  Apparently this week, Mother Nature reconsidered and then decided an about face might be appropriate, apparently trying to make up for being so bloody harsh and mean last week.Spring

Yesterday morning’s walk showed how she was trying to make up by being pretty and nice. Look at that lovely clump of early blooming crocuses.


No doubt Mother Nature thought all could be forgiven if she merely provided a burst of beautiful color with some reticulated irises. Well…okay…maybe. Sights like this make you begin to think perhaps all those previous HBO thoughts you had weren’t warranted after seeing gorgeous deep purple crocuses with those vibrant, brightly colored stamens. Sigh, how can you stay mad with Mother Nature when she delivers days like this?


With sunny, warm days like these, one could easily be seduced into thinking Spring was just around the corner ready to burst forward. And then you hear the weekend forecast foretelling of the age-old battle between Winter and Spring duking it out with two back-to-back storms colliding in the metro area beginning later tonight with accumulations of 2-5 inches, depending on where you live. This, following record-tying temperatures in the mid-70’sF this week.ย  In March! Today will be fairly nice again (albeit dreary) until this afternoon when the first front moves in with a splatter of moisture.


And then the bungee cord snaps your head back in the ongoing battle between the seasons here…often referred to as “Springtime in the Rockies.”

Join us next week when we share a big announcement-it’s gonna be ‘pawsome!’

Whatever you do this weekend, we hope you get check out to see what Nature has to offer-whichever season she deigns to share.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! ๐Ÿพ

60 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 4, 2022

    1. Weโ€™ll forward it on though winter returned today with another 4+ inches of white stuff.

  1. Oh, how welcoming a blog post about spring and beautiful flowers is! I was just saying to my daughter I cannot wait for the nicer weather and be outside again! We’ve had a snowy cold winter, but spring is on its way here. So, Enjoy! Before your snow flies!

    1. Spring is coming…just not sure when it will arrive. But whenever I see the early spring bulbs blooming, my faith is somewhat restored. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. That’s a pawsome quote AND thanks for all the beautiful “Spring-ness” flowers – we can’t WAIT to see some COLOR around here – tired of BLAH Winter!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. I think EVERYONE is jonesing for Spring. It seems like winter’s lasted waaayy too long.

    1. It seems to be the new norm rather than the outlier these days. Whichever way your seesaw is going, I hope you enjoy the weekend.

    1. That quote had me chuckling out loud for several minutes while simultaneously nodding my head in agreement. Those spring bulbs definitely brightened my morning! Will be excited to share the news. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. We’re about to bust from the thrill of both, spring flowers and pawsome news.

  3. Beautiful photos…sorry more snow is coming. We’ve been chilly with a warmup this weekend, which I so look forward to. Can’t wait for real Spring.

    1. So far not a drop or flake, just cool temps and thick cloudy skies. I say if it’s not going to rain or snow, give us back our sunshine! The revised forecast seems to suggest tomorrow may be the snow day.

    1. Itโ€™s a favorite color in the spring bulbs.

      Stay cozy and warm while nature has a(nother) psychotic episode.

    1. Most definitely not the kind of weather that reads friendly, thatโ€™s for sure. Sorry.

  4. Such beeuteefull flowerss Miss Monika!! Speshelly THE Irisess; our fave flowerss…. An Sweet Norman an Elsa youss’ are two of our fave Poochiess! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    An wee heer youss’ ’bout Winter an Spring wrestlin each other! Wee have this heer two.
    Wee are inn Winter’ss grip at THE momint….iss so chilley outside….CATFISH!
    Wishin youss a grate weekend!

    1. So sorry you are in winterโ€™s grip again. Stay cozy and snuggle this weekend. Thatโ€™s what the 3 of us will do!

    2. Aren’t those little irises adorably cute. They’re only about 3-4 inches tall but what a punch they pack! Have a super weekend and stay cozy and warm.

  5. Oh the beautiful flowers. Spring is coming and I’m ready.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to mom. โ™ฅ

    1. Spring bulbs are my favorites this time of year. Enjoy that springtime weekend!

    1. Thank you. These flowering bulbs are pretties in the land of ugly weather. Have a great weekend.

    2. Thank you. Spring bulbs just brings smiles to faces and hearts after a long winter.

    1. And Mother Nature is VERY hormonal. They may get buried but will bounce back quickly. Spring bulbs are super hardy here for the most part.

  6. We’ve had whiplash weather. I keep 3 different coats available at all times. Gloves, no gloves, hats, no hats, boots, no boots. Springtime in the northeast! Everything is on the table except for flip flops.

    1. That up-down/back/and forth weather patterns are maddening, aren’t they? Have a lovely weekend, whatever season shows up.

  7. Boy… lemme tell you. We are NOT having record highs in my neck. Nope. Been freeze-your *&@!” cold. Now, we got all excited, Sunday will actually be above freezing. Oh. Wait. Don’t get all excited. We’re gonna throw rain at ya. And, since we just love you that much… we’ll make it freezing. By the way: “A low pressure system from COLORADO will move towards the Great Lakes on Saturday, then continue to track towards the Province of Quebec…” followed by: Consider modifying any non-essential travel plans…. Any wonder why I am now looking at actually going to Florida for a week? or Somewhere else that is just as warm?

    1. Eek…apologies. The Gulf Stream is making weather really bizarre this year. Hope you can at least stay cozy this weekend. And dry…yes…definitely stay dry. ๐Ÿ’™

      1. Hahaha!
        I am picking up my mother to bring her over for supper tomorrow but I can guarantee you I shall stay put on Sunday! ๐Ÿ’•

        1. Enjoy your visit. If the weather is gonna be lousy, itโ€™s best spent with loved ones.

    1. Hang on to your hats, springtime in the Rocky Mountain region can be a roller coaster ride. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. That makes two of us! This winter thing has gotten old after seeing these spring bulbs, I’m so over it.

  8. We reached 80 here in Taylors yesterday afternoon. Only supposed to reach high 60s today, but who knows? I love those vibrant purple crocuses – they’re gorgeous! Have a great weekend – rain, snow, or sunshine!

    1. No doubt we’ll probably get a bit of all three! The up and down yo-yo machinations will likely continue until May around here. Enjoy a terrific weekend!

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