Nature Friday ~ April 1, 2022

Happy Fri-Yay and thanks for joining us and our friends Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s Nature Friday blog hop. It may be April Fool’s Day on the calendar, but nature isn’t fooling around as she continues to deliver some lovely surprises associated with early Spring.

It was another week of a bit of everything where the weather is concerned. But nature seems to be at least trying to nudge  flowers from their winter beds. After a few days of cloudy days, chilly temps and a little bit of rain, the Ranch Hands and I woke up to glorious clear blue-bird skies. When it’s sunny and clear, all seems right.

Blue skies

While you can see buds on the tree (upper left hand corner) in front of this architectural wonder near downtown, other trees and shrubs are moving full steam ahead. I came across a small holly bush that was beginning to bloom.


And then there are some trees that are hanging on to last year’s bounty left for the birds. Some people don’t find those scenes as interesting as I do but I love that texture.


I think this ‘dude’ is firmly grounded in the perplexed category as he resides next to that tree at a nearby elementary school community garden. It was abuzz with activity this week as garden plots were being cleaned up getting ready for early vegetable plantings.


Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips flash their pretty at a nearby neighbor’s garden that receives plenty of sunshine with great southern exposure. With my large trees, things are still mostly brown in my garden but I can admire others who are lucky to have great sun exposure.


Glory of the Snow or scilla (Scilla luciliae) popped up along one of my walks and it was truly beautiful. I don’t see a lot of  these plants but intend to look for some bulbs this autumn when I add to my spring bulbs. Heralding from western Turkey, they are one of the earliest (and in my mind, prettiest) flowering bulbs.


After another busy week, I found myself strolling around in the baby blue grape hyacinths to chill and reflect as I watched the bees happily noshing on the blue buffet. This spot always makes me stop and ponder the beauty of the surrounding plants. These bulbs continue to naturalize throughout the garden, much to my amusement. It’s like nature is moving the furniture around and who am I to argue with her design skills? I’ll save that argument for the lupine that’s beginning to emerge (in the foreground). I removed buckets of them last autumn as its naturalization throughout the garden has gotten far more than a ‘bit carried away.’ I’m hoping to encourage it to live politely rather than invasively, but so far it hasn’t seemed to respond to my criticism of “You’re not freaking dandelions, so stop popping up in every little nook and cranny and give the other plants a break!’


Some of the reseeding annuals from last autumn are beginning to emerge (or are being planted) around the ‘Hood for some early seasonal color. I found some pansies amidst dried leaves and grass yesterday afternoon. Their cheerful faces provided a nod from me because, who doesn’t love those sweet little faces and color in the dried, brown vestiges from last year?


Well, that’s about it from the Ranch for this week. We hope you’re seeing signs that spring has indeed sprung, despite the cycle of one nice day with the next day a visit from mean Uncle Winter. Makes you want to yell “STOP THAT NOW!” But around here we know snow is always a possibility over the next month, so we’ll just try to coexist with it. Have you got any plans for fun this weekend? Me, I’m just going to celebrate my baby sister’s birthday today (albeit from afar until she arrives for a visit later this month). Happy birthday, Kathy. Hope your day is as lovely as a spring day (sans snow). Love you.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

55 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ April 1, 2022

  1. Such beeuteefull flowerss Miss Monika!! Such blue skiess!
    Pawss crossed no more snow there. Wee have had it all here an our Snowdropss came up butt nevurr bloomed an they are all slumpy (droopy) now.
    Thanx fore bringin Sunshine an flowers to our muddy brown an dirty white snow werld…..
    ***kitty smoochiess*** to Elsa an Sweet Norman two <3 <3
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    1. As always thanks for the kind words. I won’t mind more snow-spring storms dump and then go away quickly. Anything should help with the drought.

    1. As always, thanks for accompanying me on the walk. We’re grateful for the company.

    2. Spring can be such a lovely season (then again, I remember the St. Patrick’s Day storm that left 3 feet of white stuff burying the garden. It took days to shovel out from that storm any remember it with such fondness. These days we could use some more (though in moderation-I’m too old to shovel that much snow any more 😊).

  2. Oh my goodness! Flowers!!!!!! I love the “Glory of the Snow” – I’ve never seen that one before!

    1. Aren’t they precious? Have a good weekend-hopefully spring will arrive in the high country soon.

  3. That church is a classic. We have a few like that around Chattanooga, too. Pansies are my favorites. I can stlll remember getting my scout troop to adopt pansy as the troop flower!

    1. That church is so beautiful outside; hopefully one day I’ll get inside when it’s open. Did you know that pansies are used to symbolize loving feelings. You can give a pansy flower to just anyone you hold dear to your heart. It is an ideal gift for a mother, partner, or friend, but best used as a symbol of platonic love. I’ve heard pansies can also represent free-thinking and consideration. Have a great weekend.

        1. They are so sweet and can spruce up an early spring garden like nothing else.

    1. Hopefully I’ll get to see them on a future post! They are such cheerful little things and bring happy spring smiles.

  4. You are right about everything being good when the sky is blue. This week the weather here was just plain stupid. Ugh! I got a roof over my head and four happy cats so I can’t complain (oh yes, I can!).

    1. It sure seems chaotic across the country. Hopefully things will calm down so we can easily enjoy spring. Happy weekend!

  5. Love your nature walk. Love the bee. Our new Japanese Maple has tons of bees buzzing about. Makes us smile.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. I could watch bees for hours. They are so industrious and yet I feel such calm watching them. Here’s to a wonderful weekend for you and yours. Hugs and tail wags from us all.

  6. Lovely signs of spring….I remember how I used to check every day when in Europe to see wht new had emerged. That holly is, I think, a mahonia…but who cares! It’s cheerful!

    1. Hmm, now that I think of it, I think you’re right on the mahonia. Oops. I know it was near sme holly in the bed nearby. Have a wonderful weekend, Helen.

    1. LOL, the link worked great and made me laugh out loud. I hope the rain will stay away long enough for you to be able to get outdoors. 🥰

      1. Yay 😉
        And, I forgot to mention, I, too, love taking pictures of the wrinkled berries still not picked by the birds. I would really like to. I’ve been cooped up for long enough now. I need this residual cough to get the hell outta me!!

        1. Yay, a fellow wrinkled berry lover!! Be careful with your enthusiasm and not go too crazy. After COVID, it takes the body a while to rejuvenate itself back to more normal levels of stamina. Enjoy the weekend.

          1. You know it!
            My timing could not be worse. I had job interviews and start my new job on the 11th, not to mention that I’ve a trip booked for April 23… So. I shall breathe in slowly and take it slowly but manééé

            1. Hurrah and congrats on the new job! I wish you nothing but great success and professional fulfillment. Looking forward to hearing more details about it as well as seeing the no-doubt fabulous trip pics!

              1. Thank you! Crazy. I had to give my notice over a video chat and have been working from home since (less the Monday-Wednesday where I was just too damn sick.)
                Shall surely keep you posted.

                    1. 🙄 Sounds like something made by and for millennials.

                    2. Like I said, by and for millennials. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Spring is a fickle season here but a lovely one when it finally decides to emerge. Hoping you and the hubs are able to enjoy some of it outdoors.

    1. He’s a quiet sort-just the way I like ’em. 😇 Here’s to a splendid weekend.

  7. LOVE the photos! If I can’t yet FEEL Spring I can at least SEE some Spring with photos like these. We are hopeful that next week we may have some signs that the blustery cold is GONE. It better be – we’re all getting kind of grumpy here.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Sometimes you have to look deeply for signs of spring with the weather being so unsettled. But the rewards are worth it. Enjoy a fabulous weekend.

  8. Your pics are beautiful and made me smile. I love grape hyacinths but they aren’t up yet. Couple more weeks!!!

    1. Thank you. They are one of my favorite little bulbs-so hearty, so cute. Here’s hoping yours start blooming soon. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Ah, sweet spring is in the air … but June’s comment is “can I go to that skool Mommy, it has a polka dot purrson and everyfurry knows I love polka dots!!!”

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