Check Your Chip Monday ~ August 15, 2022

MicrochipWelcome to National Check The Chip Day — a day created as a reminder for pet parents to check their pet’s microchips, to make sure they contain the most up to date information with the provider. With last month’s July 4th celebrations where more pets are lost than any day of the year, microchips are especially important for keeping your pets safe. Pets are far more likely to be reunited with their pet parents when they are chipped. Personally I think National Chip Day should be July 5th, but that’s just me. Visit this website to find out how to check your microchip status.

Microchip your pet

The Ranch Hands say there’s no need to be scared, just make sure your pet is microchipped for their safety and your piece of mind. Have a great week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

50 thoughts on “Check Your Chip Monday ~ August 15, 2022

  1. Copper Sue got chipped by the rescue, and on her first vet visit they checked for it and recorded the information. Max will get a chip when he gets neutered. Luke was our first dog that ever got chipped and it gave me such peace of mind knowing he had it. The company usually checked in with me periodically to be sure none of our information changed.
    Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent for the loss of my brother-in-law. It always means so much when you send a card, and I may have never thanked you for Luke’s either. I tend to go in “quiet mode” when I’m grieving, and I feel like I barely got my head above water after Luke before suffering this new loss. I’m still struggling, honestly, and mostly focusing on being there for my sister. I’m so glad we have the puppies and the new barn kitties, they are such a great distraction! ♥

    1. That’s good news on the chips. When Norman was chipped, I went online and registered with the chip provider so they’d always be able to reach me, just in case. A lost dog in my neighborhood had been chipped (the vet did a scan) but alas there was no owner info-it was probably chipped at another vet or shelter. Never found out if they was ever reunited and decided I’d always keep my info up to date with the provider since they vet who placed it could retire or close up shop.

      Glad the card brought some comfort. Unexpected losses are always the hardest. Know I’m thinking of you and your sis and sending positive thoughts your way. Hugs and tails wags and please give all the critters an affectionate ear/belly rub from me. 💙

    1. You’re right, it should definitely be closer to those fireworks days. It’s a good idea to check with your vet-good on you!

    1. So far so good. 😉 If it helps reunite even one pet, we think it’s a good thing.

  2. Actually, check the chip day should be the day before the 4th, not after, LOL! Poor pup, bot only did she get scared, then she got humiliated. We need to get Chia chipped for sure!

    1. You’re probably right on the date. Maybe even July 1st! You gotta feel badly for that poor Boxer pup. Couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for him.

    1. It’s more important than ever, especially in the city where pets manage to get out of yards and roam the neighborhood. Many folks around here are kind enough to collect them and take them to a vet’s office to find out if they’re chipped. Some are and some have outdated info so it’s good to have that double checked with the provider.

  3. Good reminder for sure…………Ted was chipped at the shelter where we adopted him. I had never had a cat of mine chipped before but it’s such an IMPORTANT thing to do!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I think more and more shelters are doing it as a precaution. Good idea if you ask us. Happy Monday.

    1. Seems silly we have to have reminders for being responsible pet ownership but if sharing saves even one pet in the future, I’d say it was worth it. Happy Monday. 😁

  4. I like how the boxer tried to “qualify” how much they left on the floor (“a little”). Good, sound, important advice to start out the week with. And yes, if the 4th is such a problem time I think an awareness campaign in June – perhaps after Father’s Day – would allow people time to get this done if they hadn’t already.

    1. Yeah, that ‘qualification’ was pretty funny. It seems incomprehensible there isn’t more promotion for micro-chipping. But then again, we still apparently need to remind people to not leave their pets in the car on a hot day when they go shopping. Besides, who takes their pets shopping with them only to leave them in the car ANY time of year?? Happy Monday, Bruce.

  5. A must if you have babies. It’s the right thing to do and we’ve always made sure our babies were chipped. The pup did make me chuckle.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. The look on that poor Boxer’s face. Made me laugh out loud. Yes, chipping is the way to go-you never know if a collar with contact info gets removed. A chip is permanent! Happy Monday, Sandee. Hugs and tail wags.

  6. Lulu: “All our chips are up to date here!”
    Java Bean: “Wait, what? We all have chips?”
    Charlee: “Uh, yeah.”
    Java Bean: “Even me?”
    Chaplin: “Also yeah.”
    Java Bean: “So my name could be Java Chip?”
    Lulu: “I suppose, but why would you want your name to be Java Chip?”
    Java Bean: “Because Dada says it’s the best drink at Starbucks.”

    1. You can never go wrong chipping (but confess, I had no prior idea there was an actual day for it). I’ve read of success stories of pets who had been chipped being reunited years later-nothing like an eventual happy ending.

  7. National chip day should probably be July 2nd or 3rd, before the 4th when so many pets get lost. Chips save lives and reunite folks…absolutely.

    1. It does seem unfortunate when you see expressions like that. Boxer’s are a sensitive lot.

    1. All my readers seem to be ahead of the reminder, but a PSA seemed like a good idea for newer owners. Happy Monday, Diane.

    1. The tin foil brigade is convinced anyone who was vaccinated got chipped. I’m ok with that so long as they send me home if I’m found wandering about. 😆

  8. Great advice to check your chip. We have stray dogs wandering the neighborhood when the wind blows the fences down (so just think about how often that is), and every once in a while, a chip is what gets them home.

    1. Right you are, and from what I gather the chances of strays being reunited with their owners is over 52% when they’re chipped.

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