Nature Friday ~ October 21, 2022

Woof, woof…it’s Friday which means that the intrepid pair of reporters (that’d be Norman and I) are at it again sharing slices of our natural world from around our urban neighborhood. Hiya, Elsa to kick this party off!

Norman: Top o’ the morning, little sister. Before we get started, let our readers know we’re joining our friends from over at Adventures of the LLB Gang for their weekly blog hop and hope everyone will check out what others have shared from their own natural world.

Elsa:  Always gotta interrupt my zen with facts, don’t ‘cha? Argh.

Norman: Well, we want to make Mum proud of our work.

Elsa: Mom’s proud enough of me, er us. But to stop going back and forth with you, let’s get started. We saw some fairly bizarre things yesterday on our walks that seemed really out of character for this time of year.

Norman: Quite right, Ninja. Mum was catching up with her sister on the phone when we walked past a shrub in bloom. That in and of itself is not the surprising thing, but the kind of shrub it was. Check this out. Have you ever seen a lilac in bloom…in October no less??


Elsa: Whoa…that is bizarre! Don’t those thing usually bloom in Springtime?

Norman: How should I know, I’m a British dog.

Elsa: A British dog who seems like they know gardening, I mean you’re the one who waters plants all the time, I just figured you know their watering requirements.

Norman: I couldn’t say. Mum tried to sniff at it (the nerve, I mean sniffing is MY realm!) but it had no scent. Maybe it isn’t a lilac but some sort of hybrid or a related plant. But it left us all feeling like we were in a Tardis box and transported back in time. {scratching his head}

Elsa: It was weird, but then again so were these guys. I kept thinking I had been robbed of enjoying winter and it was now Spring again. While I know you’d be okay with that, I personally like the snow and felt like I had been cheated of dashing through the snow.


Norman: Luckily the rest of our walk put us back in the present season. Looks like pumpkins are ruling. Pumpkins and leaves that are changing colors.

Elsa: They’re changing alright, and lots of the leaves have already started to fall. For a hot minute I thought it was snowing yellow and orange yesterday afternoon when a breeze came through.


Norman: Right-o. The leaves did seem like they were snowing down on us but as we crunched through them, I was reassured it wasn’t snow but a beautiful nirvana of autumn scents in those falling leaves. Boy, do they smell terrific and very autumn-ish.

Elsa: You know that stretch where we see all sorts of critters in and around a water ditch that flows through part of the ‘Hood? Well yesterday, I  almost thought we were lost, it looked so different with it being dry and full of fallen leaves.

Autumn leaves

Norman: So true-it was like we’d stepped into the woods from a fairytale.

Elsa: Ha! Fairytale? I thought we’d taken a wrong turn and were lost.

Norman: I know Mum would never get lost, we mostly follow the same path all the time and even we know exactly where to turn.

Elsa: Well with all the skellies in the ‘Hood, things can look a little out of place if you know what I mean. Like yesterday, Mom delivered her mail-in ballot to the dropbox off our usual route and it was like we’d entered into a whole new world.

Norman: Indeed. New plants, new houses and new Halloween decorations. Pumpkins seems to be everywhere.


Elsa: Those are too mild for my tastes. I like the the more interesting yard decor.


Norman: Welp! I’m not sure I want to walk past that place again. I mean, if it’d been a creepy cloudy day…well it could have been scarier.

Elsa: Oh jeez, you big fur-baby! That thing can’t hurt us…it was locked behind the closed gate, you fool.

Norman: Well it startled me when its clothes started swaying in the breeze. I wasn’t sure just what that was all about. I thought maybe it was haunted or possessed.

Elsa: Haunted or possessed? Oh brother, you gotta get out more. Besides, while sometimes I might be a little terrifying  toward you, do you actually think I’d let anyone hurt you?

Norman: I can easily stand up for myself, you know. I just choose not to get into shouting matches with Rottweilers and such. But I’d go to the mat if anyone threatened you from behind a fence. You know that, right?

Elsa: Yeah, we’re both pretty bad-a$$ on this side of the fence, if I do say so myself. {looking pretty proud of her bad little self}

Norman: Enough with the bravado, how do you feel about this ‘pup?’ I thought he looked rather sweet in his appearance and demeanor.


Elsa: Oh that dude? Bwahahahahahaha. What a pussy cat. I could whip him with one paw tied behind my back.

Norman: No paw tying is necessary. I distinctly heard him passing gas.

Elsa: Oh dear gawd, you really do need to get out more. That dog is one of those inflatable things that Mom is always joking about. You know she’s not a fan of them, right?

Norman: I gathered but heard her distinctly mention she and her neighbors would begin to look like this one soon enough when they realized the leaf raking had commenced.


Elsa: Yeah, she said everyone was going to face plant after they realized they would be raking and raking and raking yet again.

Norman: It’s quite true, this is the beginning of lots of yard work. You think these guys might ride around picking up the falling leaves and carting them away?


Elsa: Those guys? Nah, I doubt it. They just look cute in the yard. Remember when they were all decorated for Spring and we wondered if the bike and wagon would still be around. Well, looks like they survived. Wonder if they’re cemented in place? Seems like that’s the only way things like that stay in place these days.

Norman: Well, if that’s what it takes to keep burglars at bay, I guess I’m okay with it. They are pretty cheerful looking.

Elsa: Almost as cheerful as this planter of gourds and pumpkins outside the flower shop. It just screams autumn, doesn’t it?


Norman: And without the noise or being scary. I liked this one very much. It was quite pretty yet spoke autumn. Well, I think the only thing left to share is our good wishes for a ‘wagnificent’ weekend. Thank you for joining me and my little sister. We’d like to leave you with a spot of zen as you head toward the weekend. Cheers.


Elsa: Don’t forget to get outside and explore the wonderful world Nature shares with us. Have a doggone great weekend!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

55 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ October 21, 2022

  1. Lulu: “Those are some cute and happy pumpkins! I heard Halloween decorations were frightening! Let me look at some more … AHHHHH WHAT IS THAT GIANT SCARY RAG MONSTER?!?!”
    Chaplin: “If anyone needs Lulu, she will be hiding under Dada’s desk for a while …”

    1. Our pleasure. It’s probably because the colors are so short lived that make them that much more beautiful.

    1. Thanks. Autumn is our favorite season-there’s so much to see and enjoy. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Well we’ve missed your gorgeous photos and updates but we’re back from our vacay in Maine and LOVE this post with all the fabulous photos! Love the Fall scene in the woods with the path especially…..but the Halloween decorations are priceless too. Such creative neighbors you have….nobody has started decorating around here but hopefully in the next few days things will look decidedly SPOOKY.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. Mee DID a dubbell take seein THE Lilac bloomin there Sweet Norman an Elsa an Miss Monika.
    Today iss Caturday an Sun iss furianllee shinin….so mee went out inn Condo an BellaSita cut back THE 2 small rose bushess an THE Black-Eeyd Susanss. Hydranea iss still full…when wee see Mistur H cut his back; wee due ourss 😉
    Yore nayburrhood has sum pawsum deckorations!!! Wee laffed over THE Skellyton who iss face planted on front lawn! Mew mew mew…..
    An so may punkinss!
    Wee have no deckorationss other than Autumm leevess that grace our lawn an patio…..
    Wee sure wunder what Winter will bee like fore all of us Elsa….
    Happy trailss mee frendss!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    1. We did a triple-take, BellaDharma. Really blew our heads up seeing those blooms. Must say they seem more suited to spring than autumn.

        1. There’s a change in the future (but one that’s quite typical for Halloween week). It’s very windy today with clouds moving in. Snow is forecast for the nearby mountains; I doubt we’ll get anything beyond wind in the city. Enjoy Indian Summer while you can.

  4. I loved your bback and forth bantering, you two.

    And your area sure has a lot of fun decor!
    That really is one mixed up lilac. Maybe after a frost it thought spring was here when it warmed up again?

    Our woodsy area in the back of our yard has a brand new carpet…but it sure is noisy when we run through it.

    1. They often disagree, but are mostly good natured about it. Aren’t you, Elsa? 😂 All those crunchy leaves must be extra infused with pawtastic scents, turning ‘some’ Old English Sheepdogs into bona fide Bloodhounds!

    1. Thanks, Bruce. We have a busy one lined up and hopefully will get to enjoy it all before the snow flies. {yup…gulp}.

      1. I used to be amazed when I’d see Broncos games in October played in snow, and then in January it would be 60 degrees there. I remember one Monday night in 1984 they played Green Bay in a blizzard and it was only mid-October. I’ve always thought of your weather to be quite unpredictable.

  5. First off, Stormin’ Norman, that stone thing you’re calling zen looks like a man’s skeleton head with its mouth open! Eek. Come on, buddy! *wags* Lucy
    And watch out for all those smiling pumpkins. They’re the kind that will suddenly come to life and try to eat you! *shudder* Xena
    That face plant is our Mom, too, in about a month or less, BOL! XOXOX Chia

    1. Oh Lucy, that’s just a textured rock so birds can sit and drink the water.

      Now, now, Xena…nobody is eating anyone, pumpkins or otherwise.

      We think there will be a lot of face planted moms this autumn. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

    1. And such a cool house-but the decor is more than a bit creepy. Have a terrific weekend.

    1. Our pleasure. Our Mum thought she was imagining lilacs blooming in October. So weird and seems strangely out of place even though we’re fan of doubling blooming flowers. Have a lovely weekend, John.

  6. Always fun to go on a nature walk with you all!
    Yes, very rare to see Lilacs blooming now, so cool! I love the smell of lilacs, so maybe it is some kind of a rare variety if it had no smell.
    The woods covered with leaves definitely looks like a fairyland.
    LOL about the faceplants. Try not to do it too hard! 🙂
    Wonderful wishes for a relaxing, pawsome weekend! <3

    1. If it is a reblooming lilac, often times the reblooming supersedes the scent. Some double blooming irises do the same thing-no scent. Almost seems like a gyp.

      It’s breezy with a potential storm moving in so lots of leaves are ‘snowing’ all over the sidewalks and streets. I’ll wait to rake until the wind quits–don’t need to redo it 427 times over the next couple of weeks. 😆

        1. When you have a couple of trees that take forever to drop their leaves, you try to wait as long as possible unless you just love raking leaves. #notreally 😆

    1. As always, thanks for swinging by. Do you guys tour the neighborhood in search of decorations?

    1. Not to worry about Norman tending to his ‘gardening skills.’ Have a good weekend.

  7. That was a marvellous walk, you two! So nice to see you getting along (mostly) and how odd those blooming lilacs. I had no idea as mine never bloomed twice!
    Have a fantabulous weekend!

    1. Thanks, Dale. Ours aren’t rebloomers either but do have some reblooming irises. Come to think of it, they don’t have any scent either. Perhaps that’s the ‘cost’ of blooms twice a year. It seemed so very much out of place. Hope your weekend is full of all good things.

      1. The scent is what makes them all the more special, I think. However, they are quite pretty!
        Thank you. It’s still manoeuvring around boxes and construction stuff but still should be pleasant enough.
        Hope the same (good things) for you!

  8. What a fun nature Friday. I love your walk, all the decorations, but I love the conversation between you two. You made me chuckle more than once.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to mom. ♥

    1. Our pleasure. Our mom has been so busy, her photo library is lacking on a whole lotta of interesting autumn nature scenes so she had to resort to stretching pumpkins (be they real or inflatable) into elements of nature. We’re hoping she does better soon. We’re sick of checking out Halloween decor. LOL Have a pawsome weekend.

    1. Had no idea. Felt kinda robbed though since it had no wonderful lilac scent. Oh well, It was pretty and very distinctive.

        1. Probably not, our reblooming irises don’t have the typical scent the other irises do. Seems as if that’s the price of reblooming. Not worth it in my books-lilacs blooming in October just seems weird.

  9. What fun! I like the bike! Interesting to see if anyone knows about lilacs that bloom in the fall. I’ve not seen that here. Have a good weekend!

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