Nature Friday ~ St. Patrick’s Day Edition 2023

NormanAlthough Mum’s lineage is mostly German, we happily (ok, maybe ‘happily’ is a bit of an exaggeration, let’s just say  we generally tolerate and by we, I mean me) participate in the ‘wearing of the green’ for St. Patrick’s Day for her sake. Of course, that means she has to work über fast when trying to capture Elsa in costume. We all know that Elsa never likes to participate in photo sessions but Mum has gotten quick with the shutter after years of countless bloopers with Elsa.



With that introduction, welcome to the St. Patrick’s Day edition of Nature Friday. Norman here at the editor’s desk penning this post. My sister decided to boycott since her motto is “Bah Humbug,” not “Erin Go Bragh,” especially today (feel free to insert an eye roll here in honor of her typical curmudgeonly manner). If you were to describe her with an Irish expression this week, she’s been “acting the maggot” meaning she’s been obnoxious, showing her displeasure with just about everything. Mum has had a pinched nerve and with a lack of sleep, is pretty much over the difficult princess routine. Blimey…these two strong willed females with competing agendas and…well…this bloke knows to avoid the fireworks. We all know that Mum’s win in the end (or at least we let them think so) but don’t tell her I said that but boy, the mutual crabbiness isn’t what this bloke enjoys as we march toward the official arrival of Spring on Monday. That said, as usual, I’m joining our friends from Adventures of the LLB Gang.

Like I said, Mum has been suffering from a painful pinched nerve all week and photo taking hasn’t been high on her list of things to do since restorative sleep has been most elusive. As a dog we are lucky we can sleep just about anywhere and at any time. Still she did manage to find a few offerings this week. Let’s see what she came up with, okay?

She took this one while visiting with family in Southern Colorado.

Pine conesFor a hot minute, I thought that Spring had arrived on Wednesday. It was a lovely day in the low 70’sºF and about as glorious a day as you’ll find. Then Winter stepped in with a cruel way to remind us that Springtime in the Rockies is not for the faint of heart. In other words, it snowed {shiver}. Not much mind you, but enough to keep the coats, gloves and hats close at hand.

Grape HyacinthsOn the plus side, Mum noticed the blue hyacinths were coming up as their lovely blue shade contrasted nicely against the snow and dried leaves. On a walk late yesterday afternoon after most of the snow had melted, she noticed some Spring bulbs that have nice southern exposure. Mum was excited at the thought of these tulips blooming soon which, if she remembers correctly, are red and very cheery looking. They are much farther along than any of the bulbs in our garden since they are warmed by that nice sunny spot while ours tend to be somewhat shaded by large trees.


Before she passed by those tulips, she walked past her favorite Eastern Redbud tree along her usual route and found a couple of icicles hanging off some major branches. She’s hoping that in a week or so, buds will start forming for a beautiful display of those showy flowers that bloom in early Spring. It’s a plain looking tree when it’s fully leafed out but for a good 7-10 days, it’s breathtaking with those colorful fuschia blooms.


Of course, no St. Patrick’s Day is complete without a shamrock plant or two. Mum has had this plant for more than 20 years in her kitchen window. It’s seen better days and likely is trying to remind her it needs to be repotted in fresh soil. Apologies for its raggedy appearance, but it did manage to bloom just in time for the holiday.

St. Patrick's Day

So do you know why we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? It’s because of Ireland’s nickname, The Emerald Isle. The green stripe in the Irish flag also plays a role since green represents the Catholics of Ireland, the orange represents the Protestant population and the white in the middle symbolizes peace between the two religions. As a dog whose lineage heralds from the UK, I’ve often thought maybe they should have made the white part bigger since there were many years of conflict.

So how might you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Any corn beef and cabbage on your weekend menu? Whatever you do, we hope you’ll take some time to search for Nature this last weekend of Winter while you prepare for Spring’s arrival.

St. Patrick's Day

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back and May the sun shine warm upon your face .

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

45 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ St. Patrick’s Day Edition 2023

    1. Thank you. Not very much snow, a skiff here and there. We actually could use some moisture since it’s been somewhat breezy and dried everything out.

    1. She thought so for a couple of days but after some intensive bodywork, she’s better.

  1. Mee-yow Sweet Norman you lookin ‘smashin’ inn yore St Patrick’ss finery! An Elsa you look adoorbss dressed up two…
    Miss Monika wee so sorry you have a pinched nerve….OUCHIE X 87!!!
    Mee iss sendin you mega POTP an BellaSita Mum is sednin white lite of healin an purrayerss!
    Lovelee fotoss of Mother Nature ‘doin her thing’!! Shee brott THE snowstorm to us Furiday an yesterday….iss so chilley outside! An snowy….
    Wishin all of youss’ a warmer guud week!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Did an intense session of bodywork this morning and am feeling much better. We’re looking forward to an actual spring-like week. Woot, woot! Here’s hoping Mother Nature starts to wind down on the white stuff there in Ontario.

  2. These photos are wonderful, but not if at the expense of feeling a pinched nerve. Ouch. Not. Fun. I hope your Mom feels better real soon, and the weather and plants and flowers and trees all warmly spring forth as Spring arrives. Thanks for the update, Norman…and you and Elsa both made me smile with your St. Patty’s looks!

    1. Thank you. We keep looking for signs of spring but it’s been rather elusive. Hopefully things will start to speed up next week, likely just around the time we have another snow storm forecast late next week. 😆

  3. Ouchie on the pinched nerve….hope that clears up SOON. I have to say while both pups look cute in their “green” Normie looks beyond cute and downright adorable! I think it’s the tiny hat on the big head maybe? Anyway, we’re anxious for our 3 redbuds to do their thing – no sign of a thing yet – been too cold. Just need a POP of warm (all of us do) and some of our favorite SPRING THINGS will be there for us to enjoy! Yes – that’s wishful thinking!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

    1. Thank you. Norman IS a pretty adorable chap and looks fairly furbulous in St. Patrick’s Day green.

    1. The only troubles we know about involve a certain black poodle who shall remain nameless.

  4. Sorry to hear about your pinched nerve! I know how you feel – I’ve been dealing with one myself the last few weeks…restorative sleep has been rather elusive for me, too. What are you doing for yours?

    My “roots” – so far as I know – are ALL German, on both sides of my family. One grandparent of each gender was born here in the US; the other two came over some time in the early 1900s with their parents. But I still had enough friends over the years who were at least partially Irish so celebrating was obligatory. But now I just do it for fun, especially since Zen is a St. Paddy’s Day “puppy”.

    Love all your photos! As someone else said, your pinched nerve doesn’t seem to have interfered with your photography skills.

    1. You’re very kind, thanks for the well wishes. The pinched nerve has caused some extreme neuropathy in my hands but found cypress essential oil has remediated that somewhat. The headache still remains but hopefully the bodywork I’m get tomorrow with take care of that. Have a great weekend celebrating your precious fur baby’s birthday.

  5. So sorry to hear you have a pinched nerve! I hope you get some rest and relief.
    The pain has not diminished your ability to share the beauty in the world through pictures and your unique writing skills😘

    1. Aww, thank you. Hopefully relief is in the near future. Have a lovely weekend. 🍀

    1. They are adorably precious and always make our Mum smile. Thanks for commenting on our looks. We try to put our best paws forward for Mum.

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am sorry you have a pinched nerve. I had one in my left shoulder last year, and it hurt quite a bit. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Never had a pinched nerve but I have been told that it is painful. I hope you and the Ranch Hands had a great day and had much fun.

    1. It’s pretty unpleasant but this has been the worst. It’s been a chilly but sunny day.

  8. The kids are bringing plenty of luck to the Holy Day with their amazing outfits! And those spring colors . . . so nice to see them peeking out.

    I hope you’re feeling much better really soon Monika.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    PS- We celebrated with corned beef and cabbage yesterday.

    1. Yum…hope there was a tasty beer to go with that classic meal. 🍀 Happy St. Paddy’s Day 🍀

  9. Monika, so sorry to hear about the pain with a pinched nerve. Hoping you get that resolved soon. Maybe some CBD oil…or a chiro?
    Erin go braugh literally translated is Ireland ’til doomsday. Now there’s the spirit!
    My grandma came over on the boat from Ireland during the potato famine. So yep, I celebrated this evening with a Guinness beer float…sounds awful but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

    1. Oooh, I know how tasty those Guinness floats are! Talk about lucky 🍀

      Hopefully with some intense bodywork this week, I’ll be right as rain. Have a lovely weekend 🍀

  10. Top o’ the morning, afternoon & evening to you all! 🍀 I’m mostly German as well, with some Welch, English & French thrown in, but my hubby is Irish and my daughter loves the Wearin’ of the Green day! I love your pics ~ momma did a great job even in pain. I sure hope you feel better very soon. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    1. Many thanks, lassie! Our Mum is half German, the rest is Irish, Scottish with a few drops of Native American. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone seems to be Irish. Have a splendid St. Paddy’s weekend 🍀🍀🍀

  11. Oh no! Hope that nerved is now I do love flowers in snow. There is something particularly beautiful about it.
    I have never, ever celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, would you believe that? I went to one parade (I hate parades) and actually punched a guy in the arm who almost stepped on my son in his stroller. A friend used to have us over for his birthday (Feb. 13 – or the Saturday closest) always made us corned beef and cabbage. I miss it. I should learn to make it 😉
    Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!

    1. Thanks. It’s easy enough to put together, just slow cook some corned beef with potatoes and cabbage. Easy Peary. Particularly tasty with some soda bread (I’m more partial to a good crust loaf myself). Yeah, parades and drunken celebrations are not my jam either.

  12. A pinched nerve…that is so painful. I do hope it wears off soon. We are free of St. Patrick’s Day here in Costa Rica…though i suspect he dumped his snakes here…

    1. Thank you, Helen. We’re hoping for a speedy wear off as well. It’s just so frustrating not being able to get enough sleep at night. Enjoy the lack of celebration-a quiet weekend isn’t the worst thing to endure.

    1. Thanks, Kate. As it turns out, I’m reading your post about it now! To better days for us all.

    1. Thank you, Caren. Hopefully with a nap or two today, she’ll feel better. And she sees her bodywork professional this week for so much needed relief so we’re all hoping she feels better quickly.

    1. This plant is very near and dear to Mum. We hope you have a blooming great St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀

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