Nature Friday ~ March 31, 2023

Happy Fri-Yay, uprights and welcome to the last day of March. Elsa and Norman here to share some scenes from daily walks this week. As always, we’re joining the fur-pups at Adventures of the LLB Gang.

Elsa: It was one of ‘those’ weeks where we had lots going on. Me chasing squirrels away from the trash bins, Mom and Norman hanging out with folks at hospital and miles and miles of combing the neighborhood for photo ops.

Norman: You’re so right, little sister, it WAS a busy week. I was completely swarmed at hospital and visited with lots of people. This is my new friend, Katharine, isn’t she beautiful? She wanted so much to take me home with her and Mum was almost afraid she might have to wrestle me away from her but we promised to visit her whenever we go back. And I even met a newborn baby going home with his parents though Mum didn’t capture that moment. She said something about patient privacy. Not sure about that but did enjoy my time with Katharine. Babies smell so different from grownups; Mum says they don’t always smell good but I like that little boy and gave him a very soft kiss on his nose. Don’t tell anyone, I’m not supposed to do that but I just couldn’t resist.

Pet Therapy

Elsa: Umm, brother….not to be a stickler about things but you do realize that pic has nothing to do with nature, right?

Norman: Of course I do, but you originally brought up the fact that I made new friends when I visited Lutheran. I’m just showing folks some of what I do.

Elsa: Whatever. Come on, let’s share some photos of nature, shall we?

Norman: {harumpf} Okay, happy to share. Mum went to her happy place-Sloan’s Lake as couple of days ago. She really enjoys checking out all the birds at the lake and was surprised all the ice has melted since it is still below freezing at night. The day was filled with swirly clouds and shimmering water.

Sloan's Lake

Elsa: The clouds changed from puffy to swirly the whole day and provided nice views. It’s been windy most of the week and Mom says today is another red flag day with high winds forecasted today. You think the wind will bother all of our sinuses again?

Norman: No doubt. There has been some sneezing in all of us. It was interesting walking around the lake where every place Mum stopped to take a photo, had a different look in the sky. At times, it was barely cloudy, then the wind would pick up and then all sorts of different clouds would provide amazing beauty. Nature sure is ever changing, isn’t it?

Elsa: You can say that again. Makes me wonder how all those Canadian Geese and other birds deal with the wind. There sure were a lot of them at the lake but sadly no new goslings. Hopefully soon. They’re pretty cute as babies then they grow up to be aggressive toward us dogs.


Norman: No floofy babies, but loads of big geese, that’s for sure. And Mum was rather surprised they let her get as close as she did at times. Maybe they’re becoming more used to all the people who take advantage of the path around the lake.

Canadian Geese

Elsa: Close indeed…but they were not very happy about it judging by all the squawking they did whenever she tried to move in closer. I heard more than a few them yawp “yeah, we’re outta here.”

Norman: They are impressive birds for sure, especially when they take off. Mum also followed a couple of the Double-Crested Cormorants who hang out at Sloan’s Lake as well. She followed one guy from one side of the lake to the other and giggled as he ‘snorkeled’ his way across the lake.

Cormorant bird

Elsa: I thought he was a weirdo. He’d float along and then suddenly dive into the water and come up about 15-20 feet away. What’s with that whole submarining thing anyway? Why not just paddle their feet like the geese do?


Norman: Well I’m no bird expert but suspect they’re fishing for crayfish when they dive like that. Did you know that these Double-Crested Cormorants are the only Cormorant species to nest in the Western interior? There are a large flock of them nesting over in Denver’s City Park on Duck Island but it always makes Mum happy when they hang out at Sloan’s Lake. Maybe the fishing is better here and they’re trying to move into our neighborhood along with everyone else.

Sloan's Lake

Elsa: I’m guessing there are enough of the really tall trees they like to nest in. But did you notice how the water was so rippled as you move toward the south side of the park? You can always tell when the wind starts whipping up by the way the waves move across the lake.

Norman:  Mum took these all images between 4 and 5 PM and was mesmerized by the sun moving in and out of the clouds which made for beautiful sparkling reflections on the water.


Elsa: Well brother, looks like another pawsome walk around the lake this week. We always enjoy those ‘heart of the city’  adventures. There’s always something interesting to check out even though there are so many people around. Mom swears she’s going to go to a lake outside the neighborhood where there aren’t as many people so she doesn’t get run over by a bicycler or stroller.

Norman: We’ll see if she finds time to go outside the city limits. It’ll mean a car ride and that should prove interesting with both of us in her car. She says I take up a lot of real estate in the back seat.

Elsa: Hahaha, yeah, I think that’s a nice way of saying you ‘got a big butt’ dude. You know we both like riding in the car. So brother, got any big plans for the weekend or are you still rejuvenating after those busy hospital visits? The weather should be pleasant (the wind should move out by tonight) so maybe we’ll get to check out some new sights. I’ve got my paws crossed. Whatever you do, we hope you take in some of nature’s finer views and have a great time.

Norman: Right-o, little one. Oh, before we go, we want to thank everyone who left such nice comments about our blog-aversary this week. It really touched Mum’s heart. You guys are the best.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

36 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 31, 2023

  1. Fantastic photos! I see why it is your Mom’s happy place! The clouds over the lake are indeed mesmerizing! And now it’s almost Friday again, sorry I was late to the party, but wishing you all a relaxing, tail-wagging fabulous day!

    1. No worries; we’re always grateful whenever you swing by. Going to Sloan’s Lake is almost like a vacation. And to think it’s just a little over a mile away in the city…yet it feels like light years away as we gaze over the lake and see the downtown skyline. Hoping you have a great rest of your week.Hope the post-surgical follow up went well. 🤞🏼

    1. We’d be happy to help you find those tree rats. Just follow the red carpet, Lulu. 😉

  2. Wee apawlogize fore beein so late Sweet Norman an Elsa an Miss Monika. Wee got ‘snowed under’ with so many bloggiess!!! Mew mew mew…….

    Yore vissit an meetin Nurse Katherine an *kissin* baby was so lovelee Sweet Norman!
    An what a furabuluss walk ’round Sloan’s Lake!
    Miss Monika yore fotoss’ are amazin! THE cloud an sky fotoss’ are mezmurrizin! An THE Geese takin off iss purrfection!

    Elsa THE Cormorantss dive fore fishiess to eat……they are funny Birdss aren’t they? 😉

    Hope yore weekend was just as pawsum as yore Furiday 🙂
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. No apologies necessary, BellaDharma. We understand about being busy and snowed under. Speaking of snow, we’re hoping some falls tomorrow. Paws crossed. Have a terrific first full week of April.

  3. Sorry we didn’t “visit” yesterday. Poor little Zoey was a bit under the weather and I ended up having to bring her to our backup vet and securing a last-minute pet sitter to stay with Zen. She’s feeling better, but still tired from her ordeal.

    1. No worries. Taking care of your baby is more important. Hope she returns to her sweet self. 💙

    1. Thanks, Kate. I’d take a ton of snow over the wind. Yesterday there were near hurricane strength winds.

  4. These are all splendiferous photos! Thanks for hosting, you two. Was kinda nice to see you both getting along so well. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with a good walk here and there!

    1. Many thanks. They’ve been doing very well together, Elsa even snuggled next to Norman on the sofa-something he never allows. Guess it’s true, patience is a virtue-it’s only taken 3 years. LOL Have a good weekend and feel free to send the snow you received back here. We’ll need it to counteract the bloody dust the hurricane force winds distributed everywhere (along with trash bins and recycled cardboard strewn up and down the alley).

      1. Whoa!
        As for the snow, it has turned to rain. Allll night was pounding down; now, it’s like a spring rain but it’s still too cold to be enjoyable.
        The wind has been nuts for the past few days here, too.

        1. Argh…guess I shouldn’t complain. Today is finally calm but will likely take all day to sweep up all the twigs, boxes and other detritus that came from miles away.

  5. Norman I bet you make a lot of friends who would just love to take you home with them! I also bet you enjoyed meeting that brand new baby. Human babies don’t have fur on them like dog babies but they’re still cute aren’t they. Love the photos – beautiful!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom

  6. Beautiful photos. You are such a sweetie. It is hard to resist kissing a baby. 🙂 XO

  7. That lake area is gorgeous! And you sure got a lot of amazing sky images, not to mention the bird life.

    We had a new therapy pup in our facility yesterday…another Samoyd…big white and fluffy! Everyone wanted tto fell it…including me!

    1. Ooh, I’ll bet your furry visitor was most welcome.

      Thanks for the kind words. We love that Sloan’s Lake is just a couple miles away and we can walk over there. There’s always something cool to see.

  8. Elsa & Norman, we’re also waiting for our geese to start doing the family thing any day now. It’s always fun to see the little ones tag along, and try to keep up with Mom and Dad. Norman…I bet you just like being fully relaxed in the back seat, and that’s why Mom said you take up a lot of “real estate.”😀 Great photos and a lovely tour here – have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Bruce. We always appreciate it when you come on our walks. Have a good weekend-hope your floofy babies start showing up soon.

  9. Those pictures of the clouds blowing with the sun shining through are pretty pawsome! And so is that one your Mum got of the geese starting to fly. Impressive! XOX Lucy
    I bet I could jump up and catch that old goose! XOXOX Chia
    I bet Angel Lexi is very proud of you, Norman, being such a good therapy pup, well, except for licking the baby, BOL! XOX Xena

    1. Thanks Lucy. She was pretty chuffed since it was taken with her cell phone.

      We have no doubt about your ability to jump up and catch that goose but probably think it best to avoid them. They’re quite cranky.

      The kiss barely touched the baby and thankfully the parents didn’t mind. They said they have big dogs at home and glad he got initiated. Have a good weekend guys!

    1. Thanks, guys, er girls. Watching the clouds morph into cool shapes is always fun.
      Your fur-iends,
      Norman and Elsa 🐾

    1. Thanks Weims! Going to hospital for visits is always great fun, especially knowing we’ll meet such nice peeps like Katharine. Have a great weekend.

    1. Elsa: That’s what I said!
      Norman: Right, mate. We’ll tell Mum to lighten up on the calendar. Our dance cards have been way too heavily filled lately.
      Have a great weekend.

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