Nature Friday ~ September 15, 2023

ElsaGood Friday morning and welcome to another edition of Nature Friday where we join our pals Rosy and Sunny from LLB in Our Backyard. Remember to click on the link to see pics from others.  We got a late start today after a lovely shower last evening. We both slept so well that we were a bit lazy this morning.

Elsa: {Yawn…stretch} Yo, Mom, thanks for letting me sleep in this morning. This walking at oh-dark-thirty is for the birds. Wait…what am I saying…even the birds aren’t out when we take our morning walk.

The Mom: That’s pretty accurate. As we’re moving faster and faster toward the official arrival of autumn (for those keeping track, it arrives in just a week), the days are not nearly as sunny at that time of the day and no doubt contributed to our sleeping in this morning.

Elsa: Probably but then again, I know you didn’t really have a plan for today’s post anyway. Is that what’s called procrastination?

The Mom: Umm, erm…well, uh…maybe. Things have been rather hectic…

Elsa: Hectic? Just admit it, Mom…you just put it off. You should have worked on our post yesterday but noooo, you had to run errands all day. Come on, just admit it.

The Mom: {stuttering} I, er, wait…I’m not going to deny I had some commitments yesterday that took up most of the day, but even when I got home, I just wasn’t up for composing anything. Can’t a blogging mom take a break?

Elsa: Sheesh, a girl just can’t get good help. If I had thumbs, you’d likely be fired but alright…I’ll give you a pass this one time, but let’s not  make a habit of it, okay?

The Mom: {clearing her throat while rolling her eyes} I’ll do my best.

Elsa: Well, so waddu got today? I don’t recall you taking a lot of photos this week?

The Mom: You’re right, I really didn’t so today’s offerings are a bit on the slim side.

Elsa: Slim?? They’re practically non-existent. For being so busy this week, you didn’t get a lot done on the photo-taking part, now did you?

The Mom: Well, it’s that time of year where things aren’t blooming all that much unless you consider the fully in-bloom  Plumbago.


Elsa: Looks like the Hummingbird moth is still hanging around.Pollinators

The Mom: You’re so right; those beautiful blue blossoms must be pretty tasty; I’ve seen some of the Painted Ladies noshing on them as well but those hummers are really particularly fascinating to watch.


Elsa: You may think they’re fascinating to watch but I can tell you for a fact, they aren’t very tasty. In fact, I can absolutely testify they are quite bitter.

The Mom: Silly girl, you’re not supposed to eat them.

Elsa: I thought it was a windup toy, not some foul tasting thing that flits around.

The Mom: {giggling} Oh Elsa…maybe next time you’ll listen and pay attention to me.

Elsa: It’s not funny. Those things are just gross. You know what they say…paybacks are a…

The Mom: {interrupting} Now, now…let’s not get all worked up. Pollinators are our friends.

Elsa: Maybe your friend, but definitely not mine. I prefer more protein in my friends. And they usually have 4 feet.

The Mom: Yeah, we need to have a chat about that. You can’t be chasing protein on the run all the time.

Elsa: Ehh, a girl has to get her nutrition where she can find it. You know what I mean?

The Mom: You don’t say. So what was the motivation for this latest infraction?

Elsa strikes again

Elsa: Umm…fiber, yeah, that’s the ticket-fiber…I needed some fiber.

The Mom: Fiber? Oh for heaven’s sake. You eat more vegetables than I do! What are you talking about?

Elsa: {Erm, stammer…} Uh, I was bored?

The Mom: Harumph! Can’t believe you ate my Av’s coaster!

Elsa: You’d have preferred it if I ate one of the other local team coasters?

The Mom: No-absolutely not!! You’re not supposed to eat any coasters. Period.

Elsa: Sheesh, calm down. So how about you share something else instead of being fixated on coasters…which I might add, have nothing to do with Mother Nature.

The Mom: {steaming now} Ahem…fine. How about this oddly shaped Pfitzer Juniper bush? Kind of looks like a hot-cross bun, doesn’t it?


Elsa: {head shaking} That was deliberate? Seems like just another example of how weird you uprights are.

The Mom: Weird…you think we’re weird? Who circles 87 times before pooping? Huh?

Elsa: {flustered} Umm, moving along. Remember that unusual cloud formation we saw yesterday morning? You drug me around an entire block to try to get a pic without power lines in it. When we first saw it, it was a perfect “X” but then by the time we came back from around the block, it had changed. Still it was kind of cool.

Clouds at sunrise

The Mom: Yeah, it struck me as pretty unusual. Just goes to show it pays to look around when you’re outside-you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Elsa: All I know, is I had to walk an entire block to satisfy your fascinating with those clouds. Next time, let’s walk an extra block to follow trash pandas or foxes or something actually cool like that.

The Mom: Extra steps never hurt anyone.

Elsa: Said the person who drags me out in the dark of night to chase clouds. Ok, I see how it goes.

The Mom: So what did you think about this leaf we came across this morning? A reminder that leaves are about to change and is just around the corner.


Elsa: True enough. I noticed the leaves were most green last week when you went up to Golden. Clear Creek Trail and Park neat sight.

Golden, Clear Creek

The Mom: Non changing leaves for sure, but the light had that golden glow about it. Haha…golden light in Golden, Colorado. You see what I did there?

Elsa: {ugh} Don’t quit your day job, Mom. You might think that was clever, but I can assure you, it’s lame.

The Mom: Jeez, so harsh! Anyway, hopefully this next week there will be more to offer. I’ll be heading up to the mountains to attend the wedding of my nephew and it’ll be a few days of celebration with the entire family.

Elsa: Celebration? What about tomorrow’s celebration. It’s my 7th Gotcha Day! That means I’m at least 9 years old, maybe older. Can I have a rager of a party? How about a keg? It isn’t everyday a puppy mill survivor and epileptic dogster gets an opportunity to have a blow out party.

The Mom: Keg? Umm, let’s just stick with a quiet day of celebrating, shall we?

Elsa: So long as there are treats. Plenty of treats. Got it?!

The Mom: Fine, treats galore and some extra special attention. We hope our readers have a great day and an even better weekend. Don’t forget to check out nature in your ‘Hood.

Elsa: Right you are, Mom. I’m all in. And I hope there are some roaming critters to help me celebrate my Gotcha Day while we’re at it. Paws crossed.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

70 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ September 15, 2023

    1. No kidding, my favorite time of year. Have been out of town in the mountains checking out the changing leaves of Colorado’s aspens and it was chilly in the mornings (35ºF this morning) but ever so beautiful. I LOVE autumn. 🍁

        1. Autumn in Colorado is quite amazing. Warm during the day, cool at night and changing aspen leaves that are just amazing against a blue bird blue sky. It’s simply fabulous!

            1. Thank you. Lunch sounds tasty. Last time I was at DIA in June, it was a crazy mess so glad it’s not bad. Must be Tuesday. 😆

                1. Oy. Didn’t hear that. Let’s hope you get to your destination and back before that happens. Good Luck!

  1. I’m having an issue with mornings currently. Happens every year around this time and it takes a week or so to get over it. Then of course we turn the clocks back and yes, all over again.

    Jeez Elsa, it’s a good thing you didn’t nosh on a Vegas Knights coaster or you would have a wicked case of indigestion!

    1. Sorry the mornings are ruff for you. Us too-it’s that ole sun revolving thing. Phooey.

      As for the return to regular time I thought Marco Rubio was set to repeal DST. Don’t tell me the little mensch dropped the ball?

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Weekend, Elsa! Ducky’s 11th Gotcha Day is today and I miss her so much! WAIT! Zen’s been really snuggly and huggy-bearish all day today. Now I know why…Ducky’s been visiting with his help. ❤️❤️🐾🐾

    1. Aww that’s s sweet of your Zen-boy. He knew what you needed. Ad thanks for the wishes. 💙

  3. Happy 7th Gotcha Day deer Elsa!!! Let’ss Pawty!
    Did you nose Seppytemburr 6th was mee 5th Gotcha Day an sumone (givess BellaSita side eye) furgot!
    So mee iss owed a pawty with a Kegger an treetss!!!!
    Okay Miss Monika jsut treetss an playtime…..
    Wee love yore Nature post with THE Mothss! They are amazin! An THE cloud fore-mation iss breathtakin!!!
    An that Plummy-bago flower bush iss gorgeeus! See Elsa you an Miss Monika did a GRATE Nature post!
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Thank you! They are quite fascinating to wAtch as they drink the nectar from the flowers. Have a nature filled weekend!

  4. Nelson is quite happy to see he is not the only pup in the dog house this week for shredding something! Love that hot cross bun bush, that is funny! Have a Grand weekend.

    1. Nelson and Elsa could be paper pals! Yeah I thought that bush was rather odd, but nicely manicured. Here’s to a wagnificant weekend!

  5. River had her birthday yesterday. To celebrate, she stole a chunk of cheese and then ate it. Later, she threw it up on my husband’s side of the bed. The smell was…horrendous. Please have a better gotcha day, Elsa!

    1. Oh no! So sorry about that. We always forget these athletic dogs have sissified tummies too often. Happy Barkday to River. 🐩

  6. Lucy: Those blue flowers sure are pretty.
    Chia: I wanna eat one of those bugs, too!
    Xena: I bet there’s some critters in the little paths between those bushes!
    Everyone: Happy 7th gotcha day, Elsa! You rock!!

    1. Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes. Trust me Chia…you do t want to eat those things. They’re gross tasting! Have a good weekend, guys!

        1. Umm, technically it’s protein but blech…I sure wouldn’t want to eat one. Despite what some people say, they do not taste like chicken.
          Your fur-iend,
          Elsa 🐾

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Elsa! And that photo of Golden Clear Creek Trail – just stunning. Great light. (That comments for your mom, Elsa, but still – happy Gotcha Day!

    1. Thank you. It was such a beautiful day. In Golden but there were way too many tourists for me! And thank you for the Gotcha Day greetings.

    1. Thank you for the gotcha wishes. I’m practically gaga over Plumbago. It’s my favorite ground cover.

    1. We’re thinking the leaves might not be as colorful as in the past due to the hot temps but hope they’re better in the mountains 🤞🏻

    1. Thank you, John. Rain and cooler temps… what could be better? Here’s hoping they last for a while.

  8. Elsa we hope you get some sort of extra treats for your GOTCHA – maybe not coasters as they’re a little rough “on the way out” (if you get my drift) but perhaps a suitable goodie of some sort. Your ‘hood looks pretty even if flowers are beginning to wear out after a long summer. We think that cloud formation that started out as an “X” looks a bit like a flying fish. But then we have REALLY vivid imaginations!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. So does my Mom! I’m not sure what made me chomp on the coaster, I usually go for Mom’s glasses. 🤣 Have a good weekend!

  9. Oh, Elsa, you’re such a funny girl😸 Really 87 rounds before you sit and do your thing huh…MOL…We like butterflies, *mumbles* and they’re very tasteable🙊 Fall is just around the corner, in our garden too🍂 but we’re having a few extra warm days, so we’re not complain, at least not yet😸 Thanks for the morning walk, we liked the tour and the pictures and your conversations💗Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to you and your mom…Oh, and before I forget Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl🎉🐾😽💞

    1. Glad you like the taste of butterflies, they are too bitter for me, plus I don’t like them trying to escape the jaws of death! Many thanks for the Gotcha Day greetings. You guys are the best!

    1. Thanks. It’s our favorite time of year and there’s no light like the Golden lighting of autumn.

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