Surviving July 4th with an Anxious Pet

Photo Courtesy of John Leyba, The Denver Post (Getty Images) from the July 4th 2017 game

Every year I dread July 4th, the US holiday celebrating its independence from England. Please know it’s not that I’m unpatriotic (as a naturalized citizen, I believe patriotism need not to be measured by the size of your fireworks display but by your civic action) and in spite of bans and fire restrictions being in effect for many cities and suburbs, there will be loads of knuckleheads fools shooting off what sounds like military artillery fireworks throughout the Mile High City. My own neighborhood has been a big offender ever since I moved here 16 years ago. The ‘Ranch’ is a mere three miles from downtown so we’ll hear three consecutive days of professional firework displays from Civic Center Park to Coors Field. This being the 25th anniversary of the woeful Colorado Rockies (FYI occupying the second to last place in the NL West), that show will probably be even bigger and louder. World Cup enthusiasts will be able to celebrate with the Colorado Rapids club who are offering their own boom-fest in Commerce City, a nearby suburb. Personally I’d wish all these displays would go away, opting in favor of concerts with laser or drone shows, especially since Colorado is in midst of one of the more active fire seasons in recent years with severe drought conditions throughout the state.

It’s well documented that more pets go missing this week than any other time of the year. Trying to survive this easily can pose some special challenges but you can make it somewhat easier for your pet. How you ask?

Enter CBD oil. Did you know that all mammals have an endocannabidiol system and their organs, glands, connective tissues, immune cells and even brains have cannabinoid receptors. Cannabadiol (CBD) is a substance found in commercial hemp plants and can help treat stress, pain, anxiety, fear, seizures, arthritis and other conditions. I know first hand the efficacy of this miracle product, as CBD oil has allowed a reduction in Elsa’s anti-seizure medication and has also helped calm the hyper-activated nerves when Sam rides on lengthy car trips. While CBD infused treats may contain several milligrams per treat, the oil contains much higher doses and will be far more effective for fireworks. Because no THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) is contained in CBD products, your pet won’t have a ‘stoned’ experience, but instead experience a calming effect. A few drops on a biscuit may just be what the doctor ordered to calm your stressed pet during the celebrations this week.*

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

*Please check with your family vet before administering CBD products and always use high-quality extracts. Not all products are equal and some brands may use inferior ingredients or extraction methods.

81 thoughts on “Surviving July 4th with an Anxious Pet

    1. We are huge fans for CBD oil and plan to sell a local organic brand on the blog soon. 💜 I was recently told copaiba essential oil works for seizures and metabolizes differently than CBD (which metabolizes like phenobarb). I’m still looking for more research on it, but it’s promising. Have you heard anything on it?

  1. Such a good thing to talk about! Luckily we’re living pretty far away from all of the commotion so our little ones were just watching fireworks from the window on Canada Day minus the loud noises!

    1. Seeing them is one thing, hearing them is quite another. One of the neighbors was shooting some off last night. Stupid uprights…the houses here are built pretty close together, a spark could easily set a fence or roof on fire.

  2. I’m SO glad the CBD has been helping Sam and Elsa! We are currently trying a new brand with Luke and I am happy with the results so far. Things were far worse at our other house. We had close neighbors who liked to shoot off fireworks, and our beagle Cricket was petrified of them. They also did them late, interrupting my sleep. Here at our new house, things are much quieter. We heard a few last night but they were far enough away that they didn’t bother Luke. We might hear the town ones tonight since we’re close as the crow flies, but it all depends on how the air is flowing. Hopefully by then we’re in bed with the fans going and won’t hear much at all.

    1. Because I believe in it so much, I plan to start selling it on the blog as soon as I can navigate a reasonable pay mechanism. Stay tuned. This is good stuff. Good luck with Luke tonight.

    2. Hope your evening was quiet. Some neighbors shot off several loud ones last night, I almost went out to find exactly where they were so I could report them to the police. It’s been so incredibly dry here, one spark could set off a fire on someone’s roof. #stupidpeople

  3. Happy 4th of July! We hope it is a relatively quiet and uneventful one for you with regards to fireworks!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. CBD Oil. This product is not legal in Australia. It is illegal to purchase it from overseas, but the web site I went to maintained that no one has been prosecuted for doing so.

  5. On the Saturday evening of the Show ( City Fair) in August there is a fireworks display at the Show grounds – which is less that a mile away. However, Benji is not bothered by the fireworks but Chienne was – very much. Even so, we still keep an eye on Benji when the fireworks are exploding in the air. The only other fireworks here are on the evening of Australia Day, but that’s at the foreshore and far enough away not to cause any bother. I understand your problem and we had a similar problem for the 14 years we had Chienne

    1. Sam never used to be bothered by them or thunder, but in the past few years, he’s become more sensitive to both. With CBD oil, I can make his senior years as comfortable as possible. His puppy-ish ways belie the fact he’s close to 13!

  6. Ugh we feel your pain with the noise!! I usually crank the TV up LOUD………..that helps drown out a lot of the hoopla. Cody isn’t bothered by the fireworks but Dakota sure is! Thanks for the tips! Have a happy, safe, quiet and CALM 4th! xoxo

  7. When my Rescue remedy doesn’t help anymore, I will try this Cbd oil👍Glad to hear that it works for you. Fireworks are terrible! Pawkisses for a Happy and Safe independence day🎆🎉🐾😙💙❤💙❤💙❤

    1. Thanks for sharing the link. Interesting info/website. We are working with a local organic hemp farm and hope to begin offering it on the blog soon. I was amazed at how well it worked for last night’s boomers. Happy 4th!

  8. Our last pet hated fireworks and thunder. Our current dog, Blue, only barks and seems bothered by loud noises that are far away. She is bothered by thunderstorms that are far off, but once they come in full force she seems to ignore them. Great post. -Robert

    1. Thank you. Fireworks are very hard on pets as well as veterans suffering from PTSD. Sam and I visit a mental health facility and have talked to folks who dread this time of year along with us. While not much upsets Sam (if you don’t count the pesky Ninja little sister) as he’s gotten older, he is becoming more sensitive to it. With the Ninja, stress can trigger a seizure and that’s no picnic in the park. Luckily the CBD oil works great for anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy as well as pain relief. Seeing how well it works on all those fronts, I’m a big believer in it’s magic.

  9. This is so interesting. I have been wanting to experiment with CBD oil for Ottie’s arthritis but I can’t find a consensus on how much to give. Maybe I should just start small and see? I hate fireworks because I live in a high risk area for fires and morons abound. I saw this morning the park near my house is being closed by the police starting at 7 so hopefully the idiots will be forced to leave.

    1. I’ve never been a fan of fireworks, they terrify me as well as the dogs. And with fires everywhere and extreme temperatures, it’s just dumb allowing them. Here’s to a safe holiday.

  10. We hope it is a quiet day and night there for you and here for us. Angel Ciara had a terrible time with the fireworks – they would set off days and days of seizures:(

    Enjoy the rest of the festivities of our nation’s birthday.

    Happy 4th of July

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. LOVE your ASCII art! So much so, I ‘borrowed’ it on a comment. Hope you don’t mind. It’ll be noisy but the CBD oil makes it possible to get through it. Noises like that are really ruff on Epi-warriors. Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!

  11. I’m glad Tippy isn’t bothered by loud noises. We’ve had people setting off fireworks all week. Living in the county, we have people shooting guns all of the time too. I’ll be honest and say I do like a good fireworks display. They are so pretty and, when paired with patriotic music… But, I understand how it affects some animals and people and an alternative, like a laser show, might be just as good.

    1. Sam never used to be bothered by them either but the past few years has seemed to develop a sensitivity to both fireworks and thunder. I’m just grateful to have found a solution to anxiety especially when he rides in the car for long periods.

  12. I’m actually going to try to sleep through the war zone this evening. Given all the thunder we’ve had lately, I’ve at least had practice…

    And now all I can think of are dogs getting stoned…. sounds like a SCT plot in the making!

  13. I always worry about our four legged family members during this time of year. So many go missing never to be seen again. Heartbreaking. Great advice here.

    Happy Independence Day! ♥

    1. It is rough on pets as well as many human veterans, too. This is the one week I completely dread every year because I know some poor dog will be traumatized and run away from his family and too often in front of a passing car. 💔

  14. Unfortunately a lot of good organizations in our town in California depend on the sale of legal fireworks

    1. Hopefully those organizations can come up with other creative and less dangerous revenue sources especially during drought conditions. I think small grocery stores worried about cigarette sales hurting their bottom line with the Surgeon General’s warning but they have managed to find ways to deal with the regulations surrounding their sales.

  15. Fireworks are banned in most of California, and have been for years, but that doesn’t stop some people frm exercising their god-given right to burn someone else’s house down. Have you noticed how it is rarely the criminal’s house that burns? Fireworks and firecrackers are advertised openly on Craigslist, one could say thank goodness for stupid criminals. We now have task forces devoted to hunting down the sellers. This week one was arrested with $150,000 worth of illegal fireworks in his garage. Sure glad he didn’t live in my neighborhood.

  16. My peeps are naturalized also. They’re from Mars.
    The best pitcher in Rockies’ franchise history is Iron Mike, the batting practice pitching machine.

  17. Good luck making it through the barrage of boom booms. Fortunately up here in the foothills not even the most foolosih of fools would dare to shoot off fireworks for even one sparkler would ignite the forest. That said there may be some who choose to shoot a rifle or two in the air. Amen to the CBD oil. Although we took Kali off of it for her hoping and went back to the meds we recognize the medicinal value in this potentially wonder drug. We will be getting g some more for Kloe’s new found anxiety with car rides.

    Golden Kali has been silent on the blog front much to my frustration (my professional life has kept me quite busy recently (which is a good thing) but the girls and I hope to back on the blogosphere soon.

    Have a happy and safe 4th at The Ranch! 🇺🇸

    1. Happy Fourth to you and the girls, Michael. While we’ve missed you in Blogville, we understand the busyness a successful job can create.

      I give Sam a dose for long trips in the car. He ‘loves’ the idea of a ride but as soon as the key is turned, he freaks out to the point I thought he would stroke out. Within a few minutes he’s calm and relaxed which make the driver (me) much more calm and relaxed. I am working on a few posts about CBD oil and its benefits. I’m such a firm believer in its efficacy, I use it on a torn rotator cuff injury for the pain. It’s been miraculous!

  18. I am fortunate that my cats don’t seem to get affected but it’s because the fireworks aren’t too close. I’ve seen the displays created with drones and am looking forward to a day when they are replaced by drones completely. I’ve been reading that some place in California are banning fireworks because of fires.

    1. They are banned in a number of cities in the area but you still see fireworks tents all over selling them to residents. People set them off and there are always accidents or minor fires at people’s homes. It’s so maddening!

      1. Locally both our animal rescues and the big orthopedic group (odd combo, right?) have been doing articles about letting fireworks to the pros. Our state recently removed the ban on purchasing and using fireworks by non-pros. There were even pictures of half blown off hands. You wouldn’t get me near them.

  19. Nothing ever bothered Lexi, but this will be Xena’s first fireworks year, so don’t know how she will react. Lucy is pretty laid back with loud noises.I am wondering, though, if it might help some of my more anxious dogs who come to get groomed. How long does it take for the affects to kick-in?

    1. It would be pawfect for your grooming clients! I usually see a calmer pup in about 15-20 minutes. I’ll be doing a series of posts on CBD oil and it’s effects on pets and hope to start offering it on the blog. It will be sourced from a local organic hemp farm I’ve been working with.

      1. that is too long a time for after they get here. 🙁 I do look forward to your posts, though, as I realize from other reading that it can be beneficial in many ways.

  20. Here in Virginia, smaller fireworks are even sold in the grocery story.

    Good luck keeping the pups calm. Hope you have a quiet night.

    1. It’s one of those maddening things here; fireworks tents are set up all over and yet it is illegal to shoot them off in the Denver city limits. With the tinderbox conditions, it makes even more sense not to have them but it never seems to make any difference to individuals.

      Last night the fur-kids got a small dose and calmed down enough that it was a pleasant evening, at least for them. I’m thinking I’ll try it for my nerves since I too stress react (before moving to Denver, my kids and I were at a professional show put on by the town with the fire department that partially blew, up sending everyone scattering for safety-it was terrifying).

  21. I agree about the fireworks. I guess context- wildfire season- ain’t gonna stand in the way of peeps blowing crap up.
    Never heard of this oil, but wow, that’s some great education I can pass along, thank you!

    Happy 5th! 🙂

    1. Fireworks terrify me (I was hit by errant rockets at a professional display back in the 80’s) so I can only imagine how pets feel about the loud noises.

      As for CBD oil, I’m working on a series of posts on it with the ultimate plan of retailing it from the blog soon (I’m that much of a believer). When they started up again last night, I put 6 drops on a biscuit and within 10 minutes both dogs stopped panting and pacing. Seeing the transformation is like witnessing an incredible magic act.

      1. That IS terrifying! Yeah I am writing a post for tomorrow in which I opine the fact that fireworks wouldn’t work in space, because I would totally be down with that.
        Does this CBD oil work on cats as well? I told my sister about it already because her dogs are affected by the fireworks.

  22. I totally agree with you re the devastating effect fireworks have on pets. But besides this, I have been against fireworks for a long long time, just because they’re a waste of money. I’m always horrified when I read how much money people spend of fireworks and what a lot of good could be done elsewhere with that money.
    The only good that has come out of the drought we’re in just now is the total ban on fireworks within city limits here. But we still have the official one in the municipal park tonight. And even if that’s about 4 miles away and won’t bother our cats very much – hopefully, as we keep them inside – there are still so many other pets closer by, and I feel for them.
    Still, I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July,

    1. Fireworks, whether put on by local municipalities or individuals have the potential to stress pets, some farm animals as well as returning veterans. We’ve talked with a number of PTSD patients at West Pines and fireworks can be a real threat to their well-being. Add the potential for an errant spark in tinder dry conditions and the ridiculous costs, it seems clear that people need to ‘celebrate’ in smarter ways. Happy 4th to you and Mary, Pit! 🇺🇸🇩🇪

  23. We have the same issues with our dogs. We use a product called Composure by VetreScience which helps somewhat, along with constantly reissuring them that they are OK. Bad time of year.

    1. So you use a treat version? Drops have a greater concentration and would probably help calm your pups better. Seeing a dog or cat react to fireworks is heartbreaking. The last OES I had would absolutely go insane during fireworks or thunderstorms. I so wish I had known about CBD back then, it might have saved him loads of stress which ultimately led to his premature death.

        1. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. Check with a local vet (or you can order it online). I will be carrying a local organic brand soon on the blog presuming I can navigate the PayPal setup. Paws crossed.

  24. OH yes … this time of year is tough of pets – too much noise! Surprising that given the fire threat, fireworks continue. I would if that is the case in rural communities. Nonetheless, have a good Fourth … and stay cool!

    1. It’s challenging for veterans as well. As for rural areas, at least in Colorado they seem even more attached to the idea that a strong ‘Murica has to blow up stuff and damn the consequences. Although I note there have been a few cases of small towns coming to their senses. Glenwood Springs (among other small towns) cancelled their display in favor of lasers. I’m hoping this becomes a trend that catches on. Having been a victim of a professional display going awry and blowing up, it’s hard to harness that kind of potent explosive power, especially in super dry conditions. It only takes one small spark or hot piece of ash. 💥

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