‘Mutts Going On’ Monday

If only I could talk to the animals à la Doctor Dolittle style like Rex Harrison. Oh, what a neat achievement that would be.

Elsa ‘found’ her voice a number of months ago and then kind of let it go dormant for a while but lately she’s back in the groove coming to me every morning barking her fool head off. She’s had breakfast, had her AM walk and taken care of business so I have no idea what these musical notes mean.

Do your pups ‘talk or sing’ to you? What do they say? Have a ‘wagnificent’ Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

65 thoughts on “‘Mutts Going On’ Monday

  1. Ruby is not a talker. She only barks once in a blue moon and usually at the plumber or UPS guy and that’s it. Our cat Rosie, however, is quite vocal!

  2. Ottie has begun to talk every afternoon at 6. He has been fed, walked and he sits, looking out into the yard and starts a conversation I am not too sure what is about.

  3. If I can substitute cats for pups… Ody is a real talker. If he could communicate in English, I’m sure every sentence would start with “Gimme.” Biskit only meows when something is wrong… either he’s real hungry (That’s what you get for not eating when I put the food out and let your brother eat it all) or he’s about to hurl. And he goes nuts with his distress meow every Fall the first few weeks I have to run the furnace. There’s something about it he doesn’t like…

    1. Substitute away! I’m guessing if someone where able to translate Elsa’s barks, they’ all start off with “…and another thing…!” When I owned a house with a forced air furnace I noticed the dogs were a little put out about it initially each autumn-maybe it’s the smell they emit the first few times. That or the noise. They eventually get used to it. Now that the current house has hot water heat, there’s no noise, so no problem-o.

  4. Schooner and Choppy pretty much say the same thing: “I’m going to STARVE TO DEATH unless you feed me RIGHT NOW.”

    (Although sometimes Choppy also informs me that we’re soon to be faced with the plague of the mailman.)

  5. Bentley is a moaner but Pierre definitely talks. He “asks” to play or to get up on the bed.

  6. Benji doesn’t “talk” much – a few barks when it’s time for his dinner, or when I start to get ready to take him out, or when someone comes to the door. Other than that he is quiet and I think – well I hope – happy and content with his life with us.

  7. We all give Mom and Dad a real rowdy singalong when they come home after being gone for a long time. They laugh all the time:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. So Elsa is a “talker.” I usually knew what Lexi wanted when she talked to me, but the times I didn’t, I would say, “Show me.” And she would. There were a few times that she was just chatting, though, but when I asked her to show me, she would tilt her head and think, realizing she could now get something. Then she would show me what she had though of!

    1. Talker is a bit of an understatement. She goes through this barking her fool head off routine at various times during the day. I’m starting to wonder if she’s jealous of me not spending 100% of my time doting on her. 😇

  9. Luke’s form of communication is whining and staring at me with his big eyes. He’ll dance around a little and try to lead me to where it is that he wants something. Sometimes I can figure out what he wants, other times I’m saying “What, Lassie?”. LOL. Yes, I sure do wish he could talk to me!

  10. Yes our Little Bit would talk to us. She sure would let us know what she wanted.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays. Elsa sure qualifies.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. Milo is loud. Nearly all his barks are the same, “I LOVE YOU! I WANT TO EAT! I WANT TO CHASE A BUNNY!” DH will turn to me, hands over ears, and ask what does he want?? I knew what Cole wanted, but this one is inscrutable

      1. well, they look just alike. He met three standards in the ‘hood last night, and ran with the younger one, no barking at all! He was kind of scared so he was not about to scream in their faces! Just ours!

        1. My last black standard was as quiet as a church mouse. Elsa is soooooooo very different. Unless she’s gnawing on a knuckle bone, there’s a good chance she’s standing with her front paws spread barking at me, Sam or one of her toys. Weirdo dog! 🐩

  12. Ducky likes to wake me up in the morning to tell me “Mom, tell Shadow to get away from my bedroom.” So, I call Shadow over to me so her little sister will go back to sleep. And, when we’re all finally up and moving about, little miss has to make sure we know she’s here. Goodness, this dog is a chatty little mess! She has to be THE MOST TALKATIVE dog I’ve ever had in my life, including the miniature poodles I grew up with. That morning chattiness drives me up a wall, but I wouldn’t give her up for all the money in the world. I love her just the way she is.

  13. my tuxedo cat, Georgie, is a regular “meow-a-potamus”. We even have a regular “conversation” when I get home from work …. did you have a good day .. “meow” … were you a good kitty … “meow” …. you didn’t fight with your sister-kitty, did you … “meow” …..

  14. BOL!
    You bet your sweet wags & wiggles I bark at huMom.
    I bark for treats to be filled in my treat bone or puzzle after each meal & when I’m bored. The only time I don’t bark & huMom wishes I would is when I’m on the other side of the door & want in; I thought she could read minds 😉🐾
    💜nose nudges💜

  15. The thugs disapprove of anyone passing the front gate and take off en masse, barking. Except for one. Auntie just sits on her chair and wolf howls at her leisure…
    None of them are very talkative…perhaps they have us perfectly trained to obey…

  16. Well.
    There is the “I hear a suspicious noise or see something suspicious” bark.
    there is the bark she does when we are doing a trick she really likes. Oh my gosh, if I get out the tennis ball and start having her do the fun tricks like running circles around me and leg weaving and jumping over me, she barks the whole darn time.
    There is the little yip that I’m confused as to what it means. If she’s digging at the beach, she will stop digging for a moment, yip at the hole, and continue digging. Same thing if she’s trying to get a toy out from under the couch. Stop, yip at the toy, back to work.
    There is the completely overstimulated/freaking out bark directed mostly at motorcycles and kites.
    When she is happy to see me she growls. Really. She has a growl to warn of suspicious happenings, and this is not that. It’s funny to come in the front door and be met with ” rrrrrrrrrrrrawrawr” or “rrrrrrrrrrooroo!” Growly talk I call it.
    The many vocalizations of the beast.

  17. Ray’s voice is quite good in that a single bark = “Hey … what about me?” Typically he wants somebody to open the backdoor so he can come in, although it could also be “You have food and I don’t!” A quick double bark = “Hey … I’m still here. How about letting me in?” Our problem with Ray is his belief in mental telepathy. He will sit and stare; tip his head to one side; blink; tilt head to other side …. and we’re supposed to know what it all means! 🙂

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