Nature Friday ~ November 3, 2023

Welcome to the first Friday of November. My goodness, any idea as to how in the dog did we got to November already? As always we’re joining our friends from Adventures of the LLB GangMake sure you click on the link to see what else was shared.

The Mom: Yoo-hoo, oh Elsa…time to share pics from this week for Nature Friday.


Elsa: Nope, not coming out. I’m still recovering from the humiliation I suffered from wearing that ridiculous Halloween outfit.

The Mom: Aww come on, everyone thought you were cute.

Elsa: Cute?? Baby ducks are cute! I am a Ninja.

The Mom: Ahh sweetie, I’m sorry if you’re feeling bad about your Halloween photo. I was super proud of you for posing so nicely. You did well, Ninja.

Elsa: Of course I did well. Remember, I’m a total professional.

The Mom: And professionals don’t pout. They lift their head, put their big girl pants on and get back to doing what they are extra good at.

Elsa: Nope, I told you already…I’m not doing it.

The Mom: {begging while pulling out the extra high value treats from the cupboard} Please? For me? {crinkling the package}

Elsa: Oh man, you don’t play fair, do you? You know I can’t resist those dehydrated fish skins. They are so addictive and I absolutely love them. Ok, but you better keep ’em flowing if you expect me to share this week’s nature looks from around the ‘Hood. Got it, Kemosabe?

The Mom: Deal! So other than Halloween, what have you been up to this week?

Elsa: Well, there was that 6 inches of white stuff that hit us over the weekend. That was kind of an adventure. And then there was the cold that followed. But I gotta admit, I’ve been having a blast eating my weight in snow on our walks.

Elsa eating snow

The Mom: Yeah, you have been obsessed with chewing snow along our walks. What’s up with that?

Elsa: IMy new job-I’m on water quality control recognisance. Denver Water contacted me to check it out for dogs everywhere in the metro area.

The Mom: Uh-huh…sure. I don’t think that’s a real job.

Elsa: It is for me. I can’t let snow that’s built up next to sidewalks go un-tasted. Plus, I’m keeping hydrated-very important for us canine ninjas.

The Mom: {eyes rolling} Maybe we ought to move along. So what would you like to feature this week?

Elsa: Well, let’s go with the obvious. Like I said, it snowed about 6 inches of white stuff but then it also added about 87 inches of green stuff.

The Mom: Don’t remind me. The Silver Maple and the Catalpa trees didn’t appreciate the weather and kinda went crazy shedding leaves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Elsa: Thanks for raking them up from the sidewalk…you know how much I despise walking on them…although I noticed they aren’t crunchy, but they are gross and mushy. Still…no bueno in my books.

The Mom: I agree, they stick to my shoes and your paws and we both end up dragging them into the house. Definitely no bueno. Vacuuming every 12 minutes is not my idea of fun and games.

Elsa: You’ll get no argument from me on vacuuming. That noisy beast scares me.

The Mom: And then as if on cue, the wind came up and dropped another ton. I need to figure out what to do with them in the interim since it’ll be next week before the city will collect leaves for the compost project. Sigh.

Elsa: Ugh. Don’t tell me things like that. I’ll worry my pretty little head off.

The Mom: Oh no, don’t do that. It’s just that it is that time of year where leaves fall; we just have to accept this part of Mother Nature.

Elsa: {boo…hiss} I vote no.

The Mom: Sadly, it won’t make a difference on that kind of vote.

Elsa: Harumph…so much for democracy.

The Mom: {shaking her head} Oh sweetie…what else you got?

Elsa: Well I was thinking we should share pics of those funky critters we encountered. I still can’t believe why some uprights put this kind of stuff in their gardens!

The Mom: The first one really cracked me up. Everyone around here has jumped on the Colorado Buffaloes bandwagon and their notorious Coach Prime…aka Deion Sanders. Lo and behold when I walked over to the Post Office, I came across this new sculpture. It took me a second to realize it’s a buffalo! Interesting metal work, don’t you think?

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Elsa: Hmm, not sure I get it but this just goes to show art is in the eyes of the beholder. I was pleased to see you were brave enough to walk up the stairs to photograph that giraffe but glad you captured it quickly. That guard dog was none too pleased with us scoping out his giraffe. Speaking of giraffe, isn’t that the one we saw through the trees back in August? You can see that post here.

The Mom: Good memory, Ninja. Yes, it was obscured through all the brush but I decided to get closer now that most of the leaves have fallen. I really do like that piece. So unusual.

Elsa: Well as long as I don’t have to give that guard dog a piece of my mind, I guess it’s ok. Sheesh, not very hospitable was he? You should have let me teach him some manners.

The Mom: Umm, no..that’s fine. Besides, he was just protecting his giraffe. That’s his job and you wouldn’t want to deprive him of his job, now would you?

Elsa: {pondering for a moment} Yeah, you’re probably right but I was ready to go Rocky on his butt. Nobody talks to my Mom like that and gets away with it.

The Mom: Aww, aren’t you sweet? So I went back to Sloan’s Lake a couple of days ago to see how things looked after last week. All the gold and reddish colored trees have dropped their leaves but the cattails were kind of interesting. I also noticed the squirrels and birds should get nice & chonky this month with pumpkins and fruit setting on trees.

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Elsa: Mt. Evans in the distant with the snow was kinda cool. Too bad you couldn’t get a better angle from the hill. It was much prettier than this pic lets on.

The Mom: Sometimes you just gotta go with what you can get. Still, it was a pretty morning looking west from the lake instead of toward downtown.

Elsa: Well that’s it from me. So…got anything cooking for the weekend? I think we’re just gonna chill (though it will be nice around here for a few days). Whatever you do, we hope you get outside and check out what Nature’s got going on. We realize it’s that time of year where things get busy as folks gear up for the holidays, but trust me…it’d be good to look around and see the beauty out there. Have a ‘wagnificent’ weekend.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

58 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 3, 2023

    1. Thank you. I’m always on the lookout for unusual yard art and this certainly fit the bill.

    1. We did, but it was typical for the week of Halloween though. It was in the 70’s today. 🙃

  1. Gosh Elsa I thought you looked adorable in your Halloween outfit…..thankfully Mom didn’t make ME wear one though! Looks like Fall is falling in your neighborhood – we have so many leaves in our yard I have to wade through them no matter WHERE I walk. Mom says I’m the same color as most of the leaves so if I lie down she can’t see me – that’s fun!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Thanks, Teddy. Being camouflaged in leaves sounds like fun…or at least it would be a way to keep your mom on her toes so you don’t get lost. 😉

  2. lost my comment again.
    We have three catalpa trees and the neighbor has a huge one…what a horrible mess each fall. WE try to mulch the leaves with our mower…but if they are wet, it is not a good method…

    That is an interesting buffalo!

    1. So sorry about the list comment. Doggone it.

      Catalpas are beautiful trees but what a mess with the leaves and those dang pods. And the leaves don’t compost easily if they’re not mulched.

  3. We have a totally obscured lawn in some parts of our yard…the catalpa tree is only pretty when it blooms…now it made a huge mess with those dinner-plate sized leaves…UGH! (and we have two of them, and the neighbor has more…if we were inside the city limits they would like be cut down as thy are a banned species…not sure why, maybe they clog up the drainage systems on the roads?

    1. My neighbor has a 60 footer and the leaves seem to search for my yard. A few years back the city made me remove a large silver maple because they hollow out with disease and prone to falling down. Then they decided to replace it with a catalpa so now I’m battling 2 of them. Argh.

    1. Thanks! She’s a complicated one, that Ninja girl but you always know where you stand with her. 😉

  4. That’s a big giraffe! We only got a few inches of snow, but it is mostly gone now. It will be nice when it snows and stays for the winter. None of us eat snow, we just enjoy staying in it. Mountains always look better with snow, don’t you think? Happy Friday!

    1. We love seeing the mountains covered in snow-they are so scenic. Several ski areas have opened up this week. And we’re looking forward to see snow on that giraffe! Have fun this weekend.

  5. Mee-yow 6 inchess of snow!!!! EEKKK!!! Wee had 2 innchess n Halloweeny day an nite….it melted next day. An same thing happened with our treess. Leevess were holdin on so well an then once snow came; THE leevess leeved fore THE ground….BellaSita iss usin fallen leevess to put inn wee garden to innsulate THE plantss…..
    An wee thott wee new THE Giraffee! Miss Monika wee LOVE THE Buffalo statue! It iss furabuluss!
    Elsa yore a Grate water innspectur…..guud on you……
    Where DID THE yeer go??? Iss a mystery rite???
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Thanks. Yup…6” of white stuff and 87” of green stuff. 😲 We’ve had gusty winds which make leaves fall even more. I think I’ve raked the patio dozens of times, go back inside and it’s covered again in minutes. Awk.

  6. Elsa really is a pro, and a total beauty to boot.

    I know our gal pal to the north got some snow recently. My daughter has had a small dose as well.

    1. Thanks, Marco. Snow is always a good possibility around Halloween. Nature just can’t seem to stand trick-or-treaters. 😂 I’d take snow over the switching back to regular time. This whole DST thing is w complete pain.

  7. Great walk Monika and Elsa. We’ve had some mid 30s for the last two nights. For some reason our sweet potato vine took a hit and it must have been the wind. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks. Sorry about the sweet potato vine. There a favorite annual of mine. Here’s hoping the weekend weather is mild and fun of beautiful sights.

  8. It got down in the low 30’s here during the nights this week. Glad the 3 adjoining offices at work have a newer HVAC system cause the rest of the church hasn’t been changed over from A/C to heat. Supposed to go into the 70’s this weekend. Hope so for the folks that attend there.
    Elsa, that first picture of you is heart-warming. 🙂 We all know you’re a Ninja, so no worries there. But eating snow? Doesn’t it make your tummy cold?

    1. Thanks. Elsa has always eaten snow since she was first rescued. My first female OES did the same thing. Strange, don’t you think? Maybe it’s a girl thing? 😉

      Hope the temps warm up for you for the weekend. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for sharing your beauty this week!! It’s been chilly here in NM but luckily we didn’t get any snow and the temperatures will be rising a bit next week.
    Rosy & Sunny

    1. Thanks. It’ll be lovely weather for the next week which will slow for lots of leaf raking. Enjoy the weekend. 😄

  10. First snow always takes a bit of adjusting, a reminder of what is coming! Our few inches is lingering and lingering, c’mon melt already! Loved the shots around Sloan, very pretty!

    1. Sloan’s is my favorite nearby park. It’s always so scenic with the Denver skyline to the east and mountains to the west. Our snow melted fairly quickly but then it has been very mild. Today almost 70 again but breezy. The catalpa is almost completely de-leafed but the maple is still full and shades the front of the house. I’ll be raking those babies up for the next 6 weeks. 😵‍💫 Enjoy a pawsome weekend!

  11. Elsa you looked so cute sleeping, but I am glad you woke up to help your Mom with Friday’s post. You guys did another great job!
    I think I need a giraffe for my yard. LOL!
    Haha on the buffalo.
    Yes, Elsa way to stand up for your momma, against that guard dog. 🙂 Your mom is so lucky to have you.
    I like how small pumpkins lined the walk in one of your photos of the lake. Pretty!
    Happy Friday! And wishing you both a wonderful week-end!

    1. Thank you Carolyn. I just love that giraffe, especially since we can see it better. Autumn is such a pretty time of year, too bad it gets marred by fallen leaves. Where’s that doggone magic bell when you need one? Have a super weekend.

  12. I like that Elsa is her own woman… doesn’t succumb to pressure of any kind! Her hair curls are pretty too. Milo had to wear boots on night walks and was not happy at all. There were times dad had to chase him to put on those boots. what a fuss! it’s all but melted or evaporated now though, and headed to mid 70’s in the shade over the weekend in Aurora. You have lots off cool halloween decorations there, and many more trees than here, We raked and bagged so many leaves from our three trees just before the snow.
    you’re welcome Ellsa! Of course none of our neighbors did so there are plenty of gummy slick wet leaves to walk over still

    1. The leaves will be around until well into winter. It’s just a fact of life we deal with but are being more careful walking on them since they can be slick. I don’t relish the thought of fallen on my keister any time soon! Have a great weekend and enjoy the mild weather.

  13. Glad you got nudged off the couch! We got some snow, too, but an inch if that much. All gone in the same day (except my back balcony – took two days 😉
    It’s coming close to that time of the year that is so depressing. Leaves almost all gone an no snow yet to brighten things up. You guys have your Thanksgiving and we have a whole lotta nuthin’. Mind you, I will be getting a delightful visitor for a week so my woes will be held at bay 🙂
    This weekend is supposed to be nice on Saturday and rainy on Sunday. Will try to take advantage of both!

    1. Awk…I somehow missed your comment! So sorry. Thanks. November is not a pretty month…always grey and gloomy while Nature decides if winter arrives early or just taunts us. A visitor eh? Awesome-enjoy!

      1. You didn’t miss it – you’re right here 😉 November is usually so awful. With the lateness of the colours this year, however, it’s still surprisingly pretty – for how long? That remains to be seen. Yes. I can’t wait!

        1. It was way deep in my emails so I figured I was late. Yeah November isn’t an especially scenic month. Maybe that’s why they started installing a Christmas tree pop up lot?! What the ever loving heck? Skellies are still all over the place and Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived. 😲

          1. Nah. No worries even if it had taken you two days 😉 I’m often so behind! I just can’t appreciate Halloween and Christmas all stuck together (thankfully, our Thanksgiving is before Halloween and it’s not as big as yours is.)

    1. Bwahahaha! I actually thought about it and realized I was just not up for that kind of photo shoot! Have a wonderful weekend, Helen. Cheers to Leo and the Thugs as well.

  14. That storm slid right by us to the south! Dumped on Aspen and Vail, but barely an 1” in GS. However, the temps plummeted and we were sitting at 16 degrees 🌨️🥶. Luckily I escaped that cold and have been enjoying beautiful 75 degree days here North of San Francisco!

    1. Whoa…that’s wild. Glad you were able to escape the cold (though I’m sure Mother Nature will catch up with you). Hugs to the folks. Sending loving thoughts your way. 💙

  15. I love the pumpkin trail, like the bunny trail song! Chester would walk right by his water bowl to lick sno. We had a dusting but we are by Lake Erie so we get it later, lake effect and all. Elsa could not be sweeter all curled up, I want to cuddle up with her!

    1. I had to double back on the walk to capture it-it just blew me away. I kept thinking boy their car was full when they bought all those!

      When Elsa sleeps, she looks so peaceful…truth be told, she snores like a stevedore most of the time. 😂 Have a great weekend and give sweet Chester a nice ear rub from me.

    1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean and completely agree! Don’t those berries look luscious? Almost makes me want to be a bird. 😊

  16. We’ve had our first light frosts here…just a reminder of what’s to come. But I do love sleeping under lots of blankets this time of year, wrapped in my flannel nightgown. I was probably a bear in a previous life and still inclined to hibernate this time of year!

    1. 😲 I love sleeping under a couple of comforters myself. Wishing you a terrifically cozy weekend.

  17. I have felt this entire summer that we were a month behind — June felt like May, July felt like June. I think we just made it up by skipping most of October and finishing with a Halloween-ish snowstorm. And it is NOVEMBER!
    And yup, the sunflowers in my corner plot are dead dead dead and will need to be pulled up this weekend or I will have nothing but sunflowers in there next year.
    But good to be back on track!
    Thanks for the update, ninja!

    1. Summer seemed to drag on and on, especially September when it was so hot. Nature must be trying to catch up now. Like you, I had a spot with sunflowers and they took over-worse than the lupine. I spent spring plucking out those puppies and sending them to compost. How something so pretty can get so out of hand is beyond me. My bins are now full of the first round of leaves and won’t be able to fit any more leaves or clean up the beds for winter until the next go ’round. Darn. 😉LOL Have a great weekend-should be perfect weather.

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