The Carnage Continues

Well…it was bound to happen. Again. Right? Sam here. The sister who shall remain nameless is back at it again. No, it’s not that she’s having seizures (she has been seizure free for just over 6 weeks now) but she is on another spree of destruction. Recently yet another pair of reading glasses (Oakley’s no less–gah!!) fell victim to the massacre inflicted by those chompers of her’s. What IS it about eyewear that so intrigues that dog??

She also managed to destroy an alligator watchband. An $85 watch band that was a special order last year. Could that be karmic? I mean, no doubt the folks at PETA would be very unhappy with her knowing about that watch band.









When mom first saw the carnage, she though perhaps the glasses could be salvaged but once you put on a pair of glasses that aren’t defective, you can see the deep scratches/pits on the lens and she also left the deep teeth marks on both of the temple pieces (even if they were able to be straightened out…which said puncture marks end up scratching the skin). The glasses were relatively new as well. #ohthatdog!

If that wasn’t bad enough, she ate mom’s breakfast over the weekend when we went to visit my Grandma who had surgery about 10 days ago (P.S. it was a success-yay…color me one happy hound dog…I 💗 Grandma!!). Mom was helping her out when that sneaky little nameless Ninja scarfed down her breakfast muffin in a nano-second. When mom went to eat her breakfast, all she saw was the upturned plate on the floor and a couple of crumbs. That little monster just blinked at her like she had no idea about what had just happened…not to mention not showing the slightest bit of remorse, I might add. At least mom’s got religion about disciplining her especially where food is concerned. With the ‘howlidays’ around the corner, it’s even more important that she doesn’t ingest something toxic from our recent article about foods dogs should not eat.

Have you ever had such a knuckleheaded brat for a sister that causes all sorts of havoc in your household? What did you do, short of exiling her to an abandoned island?

Live, love, bark! <3

66 thoughts on “The Carnage Continues

  1. Ducky sometimes gets banished to the room downstairs if she refuses to settle down, but usually all she really destroys are her Kong Wubbas so no problem. I just go to Chewy and order a new one whenever she needs it.

  2. Yup, we’ve had some of those, and they are incorrigible! All we can do is keep putting things higher up and further back on tables. If I have to leave a meal unattended, I usually stick my plate in the microwave, as sometimes a door is needed to keep anything out of Luke’s long stretch!

    1. Thank you for the good wishes for my Grandma. We think she’s gonna make a full recovery! We’re trying to get better with playing with the li’l sis. At least I’m wagging my tail and trying to get her to chase me. 😉
      Your fur-iend,

  3. Oh dear… sorry to read that… but hey: kids also behave bad most times…. is my statement relieving?: I don´t know 😉 o_O But, well … maybe you are right as to karmic issue floating above here !!!! (loved that point, By the way! 😀 )

    1. I continue to be blown away with the ‘optics’ of so many bloggers sharing similar stories about their own eye glass-munching pups. Seems like the strangest obsession for a dog to develop. Who’d have thunk it? 😉

  4. is it possible she is getting comfortable enough to be testing you? do you do time out crate training?
    i agree with the reader who posted better the english muffin then a scone. but had a warm english muffin with melted butter and jam that was ment to be savored not wolfed down. sigh.
    i know i know there are glasses involved and expensive watch band which i feel sad for you. it’s just that the muffin was warm an toasty waiting for you. sigh heading off to my kitchen now.

  5. This is the first I’ve ever heard of a dog chewing on eyeglasses. Glasses just doesn’t seem like something that’d even be chewable to me… (nails on chalkboard effect here!)

  6. Elsa isn’t the only one who loves glasses. When I first came here, I took Mom’s glasses off the piano, brought them on the couch, and tried to hatch them like an egg. My hot belly managed to melt and twist them so much that they had to be replaced. Glasses are fun!

    Love and licks,

  7. Me and Stanley don’t do that stuff EXCEPT for the reading glasses. Mom has some by the side of the bed and if they are there when our pawrents leave Stanley gets them every time!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. My rescue Riley was a cloth chewer. Just think of all the towels, blankets and comforters in your home. Not one of ours remains hole-free. I picked up a pillow and chased him with it one day. All that did was make him afraid of me anytime I have a pillow in my hand. Big woosie.

  9. She’s not the only dog that likes glasses–Cognac the pill puppy chewed up the ends of my newest reading glasses. I now use an older pair. Thankfully my prescription didn’t change that much. He has also chewed on garden clogs, sandals, slippers, and every scrap of paper he can reach, among other things. He’s a foster dog, and I keep hoping some unwary but forgiving soul will want him.

  10. hmmmm terrible twos revisited. It’s all new to her, this being out in the open. I had a neighbor who tied their pup to their belt, so they went with them everywhere they walked. If you felt a tug, you’d know she was trying to figure out how to wear the reading glasses again. Maybe you should buy her a pair of glasses of her own for Christmas. Maybe she’s trying to tell you her eyesight is failing! LeeAnna

  11. Cue Paul Lynd in the movie Bye Bye Birdie:
    Kids, I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today
    Kids, who can understand anything they say?
    Kids, they are disobedient, disrespectful oafs
    Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy, loafers
    And wile we’re on the subject

    Hang in there mom.

  12. Why is it they go for the expensive things???! I think with Oakleys (since we had a little terror chew up my fiances sunglasses) there’s a two year warranty–don’t quote me though, but maybe look into it!

      1. When we told the sales associate at the store what happened she laughed and said well we do have a warranty on broken or stolen items! Except by the time we got around to going to buy new glasses the two years was up and we didn’t have the receipt..Alcide probably ate the receipt too.

  13. In our house there are only cats. They like to “redecorate” and move things around…breakable things. Every cat has at least one valuable thing that they broke as it smashed on the floor. Fortunately they only chew on humans.

  14. Oh sweet friends – I have to snort here/there with a little laughter. We went through this phase with Houdini. Mom came so close to losing her mommy mind with that boy on his destructive ways. We don’t talk about the pillow massacre of the new furniture. Shaking my head. But at last he got better – not completely over it but better. I send you well wishes and lots of luck and mommy strength. XOXO – Bacon

      1. Time. Stick in there. Lord forbid… mom just reminded me of when I was small. You don’t even want to know what I destroyed – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

        1. She was prepared for the typical things that pets sometime munch on, but reading glasses sure wasn’t on that list! She’s such a knucklehead! Sisters…can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em!

          1. Amen to that my friend – AMEN! Once when I was little of course – snorts with piggy laughter, I redecorated my bedroom while mom was at work. I pulled the curtains down – rods and all – my bed blew up – lots of white snow everywhere from my comforter and toys everywhere. It was hoot – really. XOXO – Bacon

              1. I’ll have to find it… trust me mom took a picture for my baby book to always remind me of my bad behavior. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  15. We have puppies….who are just at the ‘gnaw it and see’ stage.
    Their sleeping box is an Aladdin’s cave when excavated every morning, but so far they are too small to reach tables. Luckily….

  16. wow it seems you have to join the monday-mischief crew now LOL. that’s sad that the things you liked ended that way .. I wonder why dogs are addicted to glasses… the terrier of my parents ate the brandnew bifocal glasses of my mother the first night she brought that glasses home. my insurance paid and she got new glasses. she had to learn to use them first and while learning she had an accident on the stairs (two broken toes)… the terrier probably guessed it in advance and tried to avoid the accident with eating the glasses…

  17. Oh no — Not another pair of glasses??? Leaving aside she who shall be nameless for the moment, I think you should have a word with mom and see if you can convince her to get a lanyard and wear her glasses around her neck, that way there is no way “she” could get at them. Pity about the watch-band though. Still it could have been worse – much worse – it could have been a scone rather than a muffin..

  18. Well Sam, it is obviously up to you to train your upright to put stuff away so that nameless one cannot be tempted. Sadly, it will also be up to you to get your upright to teach nameless one “Leave it!” or other such instruction such that she gets to know that there are things she shouldn’t touch. Don’t be disheartened though because it took me 3 years to grasp some stuff… and how long has nameless one been there? Woof! Ray.

          1. Excellent idea Sam. Having your upright in a padded cell will stop her from getting all wound up over nameless one’s inquisitive nature and, if she loses her mind, she cannot come to any harm. You’re one very smart dog Sam. Woof! Ray.

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