Wish You Were There Wednesday

I’ve been day-dreaming a lot lately. About traveling. Oh, to pack a bag and freely roam the world. Ok, cue the skid mark sound of reality now: Two dogs, one who freaks out when he’s in dog prison kennel care and another who has health issues which may be exacerbated by being cared for by strangers. Not to mention airline companies who make travel ridiculously unpleasant, not to mention absurdly expensive airfares.

Still, there are fewer places I’d rather be than here. Neuschwanstein. That magical castle located in Bavaria which was the inspiration for Disney’s fairytale castle. We’ve all seen views of the castle from the Marienbrücke Bridge in summer or in autumn, but to see it shrouded in winter snow is just magical.


Have you ever been there? Did you surrender to its magic and charm?

Live, love, bark! <3