It seems as though ‘dear, sweet’ Sam is going through some sort of regressive mental state again. A couple of nights ago I heard a faint but odd noise but after a long day of listening to people babbling about nothing and the usual sounds of a city, I didn’t think too much about it. You know how it is–your mind is on auto-pilot and you kind of turn it off as just part of the mundane noises of life.  At first I thought it was something going on in the neighbor’s yard.  But it persisted and it got louder.

What in the bloody-blue-blazes was that noise?!  Grr–it was driving me crazy.  When I pinpointed where that sound was coming from, this is what I found…Sam standing near my beloved GoldPfeil and freshly assassinated wallet.  It was especially treasured by me because (1) it was made in Offenbach, Germany, a suburb near my hometown, Frankfurt and (2) it was a very expensive gift from my son when he first started working at a luxury leather shop as a young man, many years ago. It was such a beautiful wallet, so soft and sumptuous, small but well-organized and beautifully worn with a whole history with me.  I had planned to switch it out that evening and had left it on the guest bed in the morning and was going through the mail after I got home (I know my bad).

The crime scene :(
The crime scene 🙁

And a very contrite looking face was standing near the remains.  Sam knew he was in trouble the second I asked him “what the [blank] did you do?” He dropped his head and immediately left the room.  Crestfallen, I mumbled something like “oh god, where did I go wrong?” or something to that effect with a few more expletives thrown in there as happens often with this silly dog.

Sorry, I just can't help myself
Sorry, I just can’t help myself

At 9 years old it seems inconceivably weird that Sam has regressed back to being a 3 month old puppy trying to relieve tender gums from teething.  I don’t know what it is, but he has this absolute love affair with murdering soft buttery and beloved leather items.  This latest incident was not a first though.  He’s chewed up a black clutch I’d had for eons, an equally loved day-timer case as well as a few more notables.  All in the past couple of years.

What’s a poor fur-mum to do?  Has your pupster destroyed something in his later years?  Any suggestions short of not ever reading the mail again out of sight of that stupid dog??!!  😉

18 thoughts on “Regression

  1. I feel for you, I really do. Delilah will go months, MONTHS without chewing, then something that has been lying about forever will be destroyed. She will be nine next month and has never outgrown this. I hate to say it, but we’ve decided the blame is ours for leaving it out to tempt her and set her up to fail. We take great pains to make sure we don’t leave things lying about.

  2. Oh I feel sadness for you, Monika. I guess Sam is not a vegetarian and he appreciates as good leather!

  3. Oh my……it is when I read this that I am glad that my girls only have an obsession with de-stuffing everything. At least I can put up barriers that they can’t get over to the spare bedroom where my Boyd Bear collection is. The leather obsession passed with Oskar the Samoyed bless his fluffy heart 🙂

  4. I once read in a dog training book that having a dog is like having a 2-year-old child … forever. It said we assume they mature as they age but that dogs never really get past the trouble-making, boundary-pushing toddler phase. Yeah, if that’s true then boxers are like toddlers with special needs. But this idea has helped me be ever-cognizant of what I’m leaving around available to them. Because if I leave it, they will chew/destroy/eat/kill/get-hopelessly-tangled-in it. Guaranteed.

  5. Bad Mommy! Shame on you – you should be trained to put those lovely smelling, wonderfully soothing buttery leather items away by now. They are like a soothing sickie thumb to my Zeus!!!!

  6. Lately, it’s tv remotes with Eugene (though, he’s technically still a pup) and his absolute ADORATION for my undies. I seriously need to buy more, and we have no idea how he gets them. So fun to be hanging with your daughter and her boyfriend and have the dog trot by with very saliva soaked and ripped up panties.

  7. So sorry about your loss. This must happen a lot, I hear about it all the time. Max (my first grandbaby puppy) has lost his hearing and can’t see very well anymore but hasn’t stopped his urge to “steal” the kiddos tresured items and hide them out in the yard (never never land)! Candy has to be locked up….and not from the kids!
    Hope you can replace your wallet with one just as nice!

    1. Thanks, it’s so bizarre what our fur-babies come up with at times to show their love and affection! 🙂 I know about that locked up candy thing; yesterday Sam snagged a chocolate chip cookie off the table…luckily I snatched from him before he had a chance to eat it. Little toad!

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