Hot Water Tuesday

We returned from a fabulous Hawaiian holiday and bailed out his sorry butt picked Sam up a few days ago and all 3 of us are trying to get our Mile High legs back. The weather has been mild, the garden coming to life and we’re slowly easing back into old routines. Including some of the bad ones apparently.

It seems that our boy Sam is the least discriminating dog on the planet. He has successfully christened Wayne into the family by the same intractable behavior he assured me was ancient history.

We were enjoying a lovely meal Sunday evening and all of a sudden, there was some bizarre crunching sound. OH GOD, nooooo…I am way too familiar with that noise (first comes an eery silence, then a weird smacking/chewing sound and as your brain is trying to wrap your head around it and then finally the oh-too-familiar realization that the tearing, munching sound you’re hearing is your worst nightmare and will soon greet you once you find that idiot dog). Immediately running into the guest bedroom where Mr. I’m-So-Proud-of-Myself had managed to eviscerate the lining and corner of a small leather portfolio that belonged to Wayne’s grandfather. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!?!?!?! He’s gone and done it again! I can’t believe that stupid knucklehead dog went in that room, sniffed out said portfolio on top of the bed and then proceeded to pull it down to chew the living corner out of it. Gah!!!!!

Does anyone else notice the lack of remorse on the miscreant’s face?


I can’t decide whether to be pixed at him for the misdeed and shifting his attention away from my stuff or, grateful I’m no longer the target of these antics. Either way, I’m sorry Wayne is now part of the victim’s club a member of the same group as I’ve been…that of undeserved canine attacks on sentimental leather items…also known as fair game on the uprights stuff when they leave me in dog prison. That or he likes him better. With this hound, you just never can tell.  All I can say is we both need to be diligent about this little pill of a monster…that and keep all valuables put completely away from inquiring noses. And here I thought I was finished raising kids. Apparently not.

Live, love, bark! <3

49 thoughts on “Hot Water Tuesday

  1. Oh Sam, I’d have thought you’d learn by now. But then again, like Jodi said, it’s never the dog’s fault. Sorry the victim had to be a treasured keepsake, though!

  2. I just laundered the duvet in the guest room, the one on the bed where Portia goes to nap and has adopted as hers despite being scolded countless times. And what do I know? My husband forgot the door open and up she hopped again. Why do I bother?

  3. Nala literally ate (we can’t find a lot of the pieces) Hailey’s DirecTv remote last night… Did ol’ Sam get on the bark line and let her know it was (Hawaiian) time, or what?

  4. Sam might still be a little miffed at not going on vacation with you. We kenneled Bentley with our vet once and he went in the back yard, turned his back on us and sat there ignoring us. We got the message. LOL!

  5. Ha ha! Maybe Sam was trying to welcome Wayne to the family. After all, dogs are particularly attracted to chewing things belonging to the people they love. <3

  6. Oh my dear. It’s never the dog’s fault. 😉 I get mad at myself because I know the things that tweak at Delilah and if I leave them out…..well then I’m mad at me. I know, not everyone has that philosophy. I hope the damage wasn’t too bad.

  7. Here’s a cat one: We bought a $$Stickley$$ coffee table and I was totally paranoid about something happening to it. Sure enough, about a week after we got it, one of our cats spotted the comb we were about to use on him, and he did a freak out…on the coffee table! We now have 3 foot-long scratches on the top from his back claws. The upside…I’m no longer so worried about damaging the table.

  8. he hasn’t gotten the anger and fear out of being left… Cole was about his age when he started his reign of terror too. It was after the dance shoes incident that he met the baby gate. Now he’s not to be left outside the gated area when we aren’t home… and leather… it is nearly irresistable. We do give them beef chew toys, and bones and our leather goods must be enough like it to remind them of a bully stick. LeeAnna

    1. oh, and when my lab was a puppy and by puppy I mean up to a year old, she took a bite out of nearly everything in the house up to and including the dining room chairs. LeeAnna

      1. it’s got to be a cherished item… my dance shoes take months to break in so they slip over the floor when twirled. It put a stop to going to a dance for a long time, grrrrrr
        The legacy was we have to clear the room of leather when we baby gate him in now.

        1. None of my other Spoos behaved like Sam, I just consider it one aspect of his personality. At times annoying, but then as the real adult in the room, I need to understand his ‘shortcomings.’ BOL

  9. I have used a Filofax for many years and I learned long ago that leather and dogs are not a good mix and Filofaxes are expensive. I keep my Filo up high well out of dog reach – and I don’t have cats.. Perhaps it’s Sam’s was of saying “just to let you know it’s really me and I’m home”.

  10. Oh no! I hate that Sam decided to eat such a precious piece of your families history! Looks like you WILL need to continue to put everything out of his reach. It’s hard having a perpetual 2 year old in the house.

  11. He keeps your mind active…. which is a good thing! He was probably just testing your reactions to ensure that you were still functioning correctly after your trip away from him. Look at it from his perspective – he is there to look after you, and then you disappear for a long period of time. He was just doing his job… at least as he sees it! 🙂

  12. But then, he does look cute in that picture, doesn’t he?! Blithely innocent. 😉 And mind you, who let this portfolio lying around in the first place?!
    Have a great day,

  13. maybe it was Sam’s way to say welcome to my furmily :o) I wonder why they always pick things what are precious or eggs-pensive… maybe they have a special sense for that?

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