Happy Father’s Day

image Happy Father’s Day to dads of both two and four-legged kiddos. Sam and I went to southern Colorado to celebrate Father’s Day with my parents and Sam is living the high life with his grand ‘pawrents.’ They love him as much as he loves them. A special Father’s Day greeting for my Dad who has been my lifelong inspiration and rock.  I am very blessed with this amazing man as my moral compass and life guide. Thanks, Dad!  Love ya so much.

imageWhen I come down to see my folks I realize Sam reverts back to his earlier life of living in the country where he transforms back into a scent-searching Bloodhound. My parents have a home on the far western edge of Pueblo West, a bedroom community due west of Pueblo about a 100+ miles south of Denver.  This vistas of the Greenhorn Mountains to the west and Pikes Peak to the north are beautiful and wide open. Far to the south and directly behind the Greenhorns, the Sangre de Cristos rise. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle for some outstanding vacation options, these are fabulous places. The views are incredibly spectacular and I totally understand why they live here and why it’s always good to ‘come home.’

There are loads of little critters around that intrigue Sam. Even though he makes himself at home here settling in like he owns the place, he could give a whit about the amazing variety of birds, most notably the little ‘Bobwhite’ quail with the cutest little head tuft feathers pointing upward like exclamation points. They are noisy little cheepers and scurry around in winding little paths every bit as much as they fly but he gives them no notice whatsoever. They are so entertaining to watch when they scurry hither and fro with babies in tow following behind them in a single line. The adorbs factor is definitely high when you see a line of babies following their moms. Then there are the songstress Meadowlarks, my favorite Great Plains bird. Their yellow chests and soothing song melt just away the week’s aggravations and sooth the soul. I love waking up to their sweet early morning refrain.

View of the Sangre  de Christo Mountains
View of the Greenhorn Mountains

What Sam does take a huge interest in are all the rabbits and this year there seem to be jillions of them. Big fat rabbits with their tiny adorable bunny offspring; their scent is apparently pure nirvana to Sam’s big nose. He acts like a total Bloodhound and would go crazy (if allowed off leash) tracking back and forth across the paths of these little fluff ball creatures. Because there are also snakes around, he is not allowed free range and shows displeasure at me with the ‘look’ when I jerk the leash to get him closer toward me and the road. You know that look, the disapproving one that says “sheesh, can’t you let a guy have a little fun stop being such a helicopter mom!” He has a really tough life doesn’t he? 😉

Here’s hoping your Father’s Day is celebrated with loads of love and smiles with your Dad and family. How did you celebrate the day with dear old Dad?

Live, love, bark! <3


14 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. You make Pueblo West sound lovely – I know how much you love that area. So glad you got out of town to see your dad (and avoid a certain neighborhood street fair!).

  2. Happy Father’s Day to you too. Great to know you had a wonderful time with your Dad. Mine is no more…but I relived all those wonderful years with him.

  3. Misty the alpha Poodle has all of the hunting instincts that Poodles once had. She is at her best when she is tracking and retrieving. She would love the place you described so well.

  4. My Dad is celebrating his 9th Father’s Day in Heaven; my father-in-law his 16th. My Dad’s only brother, Robert, is the patriarch of our part of the Rabe clan now. Which reminds me, I need to call or email him today. So, we are just relaxing. It’s too hot and humid around here to do much of anything.

  5. that were wonderful words you found for your dad and I enjoyed the way you described your beautiful country. We noticed the rabbit-flood too, seems that’s a worldwide phenomenon… sadly too much rabbits are bad for Easy, before he is sure which one he will get, the whole rabbit army is over the hill :o) I’m sure Sam would love it to hunt them, his ancestors were famous hunters:o)

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