Wordless Wednesday



Lap creeper. It starts out innocently enough but left unchecked, will result in a nearly 60 lb. dog smack in the middle of your lap.

Live, love, bark! <3

26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Holy moly look at those feet! You could hide a Maltese behind Sam’s left foot. Lap jumping really varies by breed – you deserve an award, OOMPH.

  2. Two two pups are just exploring this possibility…..Bunter’s attempt to slide onto my husband’s lap ended with both of them on the floor as my husband was sitting in the dodgy garden chair at the time….

  3. Dear Sam,

    I love to sit on my mom’s lap, and I weigh about the same. Life is short, sit on your mom’s lap, one day she will miss it.


  4. It starts so innocently when they are tiny puppies and then they don’t get the idea that they have grown into large creatures.

  5. that face… at least he wants to be with you. Cole wants to know where I am but then find his own space. He’s always been that way

  6. And why shouldn’t that nice cushy lap have a beautiful poochie like you in it? I say go for it and get some snuggles and cuddles. XOXO – Bacon

  7. your paws look impressing Sam :o) I’m a lap dog too… and I love it to ride in the car while sitting on my mommas lap (therefore we never can go to formal events, she always wears a pawprint-pants)

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