Sam’s got a boo-boo

IMG_1947     Sam here. Mom was all ready to do a totally different post but I asked her if I could hijack change her game plan and share this with you.

IMG_1954    So something weird happened last night. I was minding my own business being a good boy and all of a sudden got this itchy spot on one of my back toes and spent the greater part of today licking tending to it while mom was at work. Mom’s not sure just what caused it to flare up. Initially she thought it might be one of those nasty foxtails she told you about HERE; it has been hot and dry lately and those bad boys are everywhere but after she checked it thoroughly, it seemed like that wasn’t the case but still can’t stop licking it and making it even more angry at me.

IMG_1954Thank goodness mom cleaned it up really well and put some antibiotic cream to make it feel better. Then she pulled out one of the dreaded snow booties to keep me from licking it. Really? How could you, mom? You know I hate those things. So now I’m walking around flicking my foot hoping I can get that stupid thing extracted from my paw, but mom’s gotten too clever with the fastener. Maybe when she’s asleep or at work I can figure out a way get it off. Till then, think good things and hopefully this thing clears up quickly. Mom said something about going to the vet but I started singing the “la, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you” song and hope she forgets that. In the meantime between getting better and getting that dang thing off my foot (the blue thingy in the lower right hand corner), I’ll be doing lots of this (even if mom’s shins are kind of boney).


Live, love, bark! <3

36 thoughts on “Sam’s got a boo-boo

  1. Man! I hate it when that happens. There you are, using the bestest medicine, dog spit, and a human shows up and you end up with a bootie on. Sheesh. Hope it’s all cleared up now. If it is, we know it was the spit. Cole Porter-Poodle

  2. Yikes – hopefully it looks worse than it is. Hopefully it heals quickly. Meanwhile, Sam will I am sure (as any male worth his weight from any species) will play this up to the max and get lots of sympathy from Mom.

  3. WOW! That looks like a really bad owie. I hope it feels better soon. I’d also like to inform you of mom’s kindness, she could have used the cone. 😉

  4. Oh dear, we hope it is not one of those foxtails. They are EVIL!! We hope it is better very quickly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Once those ‘lovely’ seed heads get dried out, they are a real bear to remove–there are almost like velcro and stick to whatever surface they can attached their little evil barbs.

  5. Oh no! You poor thing. This screams for extra snuggles and treats my friend. You make sure you get them and some HUGE TLC while you are at it. Sending healing vibes your way. <3 Houdini

  6. Aw, poor Sam! That looks painful! But you’re in good hands little buddy! Your Mom is a good nurse. If she thinks the vet needs to check your boo-boo, be a good boy and cooperate. Okay? We Moms don’t like to have to take our furry kids to the doctor any more than you like to go. But we do what we think is in your best interests. Hope your paw heals quickly!

    1. Thanks. Mom said we’d probably have to have it checked it this evening at the after hours vet clinic. I hope there’s magic today so we don’t have to go. 🙁 On the bright side though, I’m getting outstanding treats for my ow-ie. 😉

  7. You poor thing! Those toe irritations are no fun, and snow booties are even less fun. I hope it gets better and you don’t have to go to the v-e-t.

  8. What a bummer Sam. Mom always know how to hurt us to help us. I had an itchy spot on my ankle last week, so I licked it till some furs came off. Mom TAPED A SOCK TO IT for the night, and I went straight to the vet in the morning. She put cortisone cream and vet tape on it. Mom tended it like that for a few days and now it’s better. Socks and booties are miserable for us, but make moms crack up with happiness for some reason…. Good luck, buddy.

    Love and licks,

    1. Yeah, mom’s can be so cruel with footwear! I hope it gets better while mom’s at work. She looked at it this morning and cleaned up again and said that terrible word to me again (vet) along with others but I didn’t hear them only the vet word. Gah!

      1. My last Standard used to get them and they were a pain to treat. I may go and get one of those soft ‘satellite dishes’ collars to keep him from licking it. The licking seems to make it worse but I know when you don’t have a thumb, it’s hard to scratch things that itch. Trust me, he’s been totally working the ‘whole woe is me’ look like an Oscar was on the line. Silly dog.

  9. Oh no, looks like the dreaded interdigital furuncle. (what a name!) Lulu would get them after walking through a particular field so we decided it’s a weird reaction to a grass or weed or just from the standing water there. Needless to say we don’t go in that field anymore. Not to worry Sam, you’re in good hands and you’ll be pogo dancing around like normal in a day or two. Meanwhile, work that boo-boo face for all kinds of treats and lots of attention. 🙂

  10. POTP for your paw Sam… I hope it heals up without problems and you haven’t to see the vet… maybe that darned grass mites attacked your paw? do you have that evil critters in CO? We have them everywhere and my mom used Ballistol for my paws that this mites can’t bite me.
    All other dogs think I’m a monkey because that stuff smells like rotten bananas…ewww :o)

      1. Oh I hope it wasn’t a spider… that cn be dangerous for pups… (a spider bit my mom in her finger once, you wouldn’t believe what embarrassing things she did… the whole er-team got a laughing fit)

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