Wordless Wednesday

Summer Moth

Happy Wordless Wednesday. Summer flight before a snoopy Standard Poodle disrupted a pollen filled breakfast.

Live, love, bark! <3

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a fabulous photo! I absolutely love butterflies and when we were doing up the nursery for my daughter many years ago now, we had butterflies on the walls.
    Do you get the masses of Monarch buttlies where you are or have you seen them? I would love it. It would be amazing, don’t you think! xx Rowena

      1. They are beautiful. I went to the Butterfly Place in Coffs Harbour a few years ago and the idea is that the butterflies land on you and you can get some pretty sensational photos. It didn’t quite happen that way but it was still an incredible experience. I’ll have to do a post on it soon xx Rowena

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