Now Where’s that Dog?

If you follow us on Instagram (wait, what…you don’t…well click on the Instagram link on the right and check us out), you probably saw a camouflage photo of me on the new carpet with a feeble attempt at humor from mom. Sam here. For those of a certain age, we use to read Highlights Magazine and go to the page where you had to find certain objects in the picture.  Well I can tell you if I wasn’t wearing a bright new bandana, I’m sure mom would end up vacuuming me up. Now I understand why my sister, Elsa the Ninja complains she has it rough being a black dog on a black dog bed, but I didn’t appreciate what she was talking about. I mean, I’ve got hospital duty next week mom, so don’t vacuum me up, okay? I think I heard her reply something about ‘turn-about is fair play, dude’ but I could be mistaken. Should I worry?

Day 3 and mom can’t find me but for the bandana and nose.
Is this like Where’s Waldo?

Live, love, bark❣


69 thoughts on “Now Where’s that Dog?

  1. You knows, Ma hasn’t check my IG in a couple of days!!!! DEMERITS!!! Anyhu, that IS some FABulous camo dude!!! I KINDA blend into our rug, butts Ma still makes me move to vacuum under me. rude.
    Ruby ♥

  2. When mom got new carpet several years ago she brought home a sample to make sure the pug hair blended with it!
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. OMD your Mama is soooo silly!! Sadly I DO remember Highlights Magazine, (It was always in the dentist or pediatrician’s office) and I used to love to search for things lol. Remember Goofus and Gallant??? I must have focused too much on Goofus to turn out the way I did! lol. As for Instagram, you are soooo good at posting regularly there, I haven’t been there for over a week I think. Every time I start to be there regularly I disappear lol.

  4. I remember “Highlights for Children” too! Loved it as a kid, until I reached a certain age. But gave my stepson a subscription the first Christmas after Sam & I started dating. Now he has his own kids. That REALLY makes me feel old! Watch out Sam! Especially if your Mom starts wearing sunglasses while she’s vacuuming! 🤪

  5. I think this is pretty clever of both you and your mom Sam…. it is rather remarkable how “rug-ged” you look lying there. 🙃. Unfortunately I remember Highlight magazine all too well, meaning yes I am that old. It was the only good thing about going to the dentist when I was a kid. The dentist had many back issues in the waiting room. Cheers!

  6. aaww my friend. You join the ranks of the best hide and go seek peeps. You are right up there with Bigfoot. Often talked about but never seen. Thank goodness you had your bandana on. <3 XOXO – Bacon

  7. We think your Mom was being very clever when choosing that rug….your fur won’t show, so she won’t have to vacuum as often! 🙂

  8. Yep – you definitely amused Mom … Because she purchased a carpet that matches you, does carpet elsewhere match your sister? P.S. Many thanks for swinging by again and for the follow. We ❤️ visitors, especially Tango dancers. 😊

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