Wordless Wednesday

It’s not quite Wordless Wednesday. There are some big deals going on today that need to be celebrated. The French-born Chinese-American musical giant, Yo-Yo Ma turns 60 years old. Hard to believe the remarkably youthful and talented looking cellist is actually 60!


But then there’s another big birthday celebration happening today. ‘Supermodel Yosemite Sam’ turns 10 years old today. Sam was born on the Great Plains in Eastern Colorado but moved to the Mile High City nearly 8 years ago. He’s been with me making wonderful music ever since. Here’s wishing the music continues for a long time from both of today’s birthday boys. 🎼🎶🎵 Happy birthday, Sam! You sweet, goofball. We love you.

Live, love, bark! ❤

49 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

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  2. Anna

    Happy birthday Sam!!! Sorry we’re running late over here, the famous Japanese wind kicked up and sent our internet connection somewhere into Siberia! (it happens much more than I’d like) Hope it was a fabulous birthday, you still look (and act) like a pup so you’re doing something right. What’s your secret? Big birthday hugs from all of us over here on fantasy island.

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  3. Michael Morales

    Happy Birthday to you Sam! You look absolutely marvelous for your age; for any age actually. Coincidentally I saw Yo-Yo sitting with the Tonight Show Band recently. What a jovial and good natured guy he is for a long hair… 🙂 Have a great birthday week!

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  4. Susan

    Happy birthday, Sam! Best wishes from two 8-year old cats who were born in Africa, now living in Australia. Neither of them has a definite birthday because they were both rescue cats, so their South African vet and I decided on the closest approximate dates. He wrote those onto their vaccination records, and I wrote them on my birthday calendar. Hope Sam has a fabulous week – birthdays should always last at least a week!

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      1. Tails Around the Ranch Post author

        That’s exactly what we did with our 2 Old English Sheepdogs that we rescued. We called it their birthday and that was that. The dogs didn’t care one whit though but they appreciated the extra attention and treats that day. Then they expected it EVERY day for which we happily supplied it. ❤


  5. lapaylor

    oh Sam! You don’t look a day over one! Here’s to many many happy years, treats for everyone! Love, LeeAnna and Cole, your elder you young whippersnapper

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