Smile…it’s Friday


Whatever you do this weekend, Sam and I hope that your barking is loads of fun. Any special plans?

Live, love, bark! <3

24 thoughts on “Smile…it’s Friday

  1. Perhaps they thought, “Less bark, more pizza.” About the mail lady, I have no idea! Enjoy the end of the hot weather while it lasts. 🙂

  2. We planned to get the bedrooms ready for winter but the rain stopped play. So as it is a rainy day we revert to TV watching, dog paw cleaning and dog bath at the end of the day as Barney (our younger dog) seems to have this way with rain and mud. Yes he rolls in the wet mud and then runs around in the rain. We’ve tried stopping him but we just got more mud on us. And you can’t keep a dog in just because it’s raining so towel at the ready, doorman’s hat on so we can keep getting up and down to let them in or out. Bruce goes out trots to the gate, checks the street them retires to the settee under the porch to watch his silly brother playing idiot. So I hope you and Sam have a lovely weekend.

  3. any weekend without a bath is a good weekend. Momma is busy getting ready to go talk to other quilters, Dad will be practicing the same ole songs on his guitar, I’ll be on chipmunk watch. Sam, want to come watch with me?? We could catch a few working together. Cole

  4. Hi Monika,
    Love the cartoon. If only Bilbo could read it!
    I thought of you and Sam on this week. I give a friend’s daughter a lift to school once a week and she gets separation anxiety and being the start of a new term, she was quite teary. I gave her a hug and then I thought I’d hand her over to Lady to do her cheer-up doggy routine. Well, Lady ended up getting over-enthusiatic and jumped up on her lap and stuck her nose in her face. Way too much. Lady has a bit to learn.
    It’s been quite a shocker returning from Byron Bay. Our fridge broke while we were gone so we had to trawl through the shops looking for a replacement. This meant have to make so many decisions and it was the same with every item in the fridge. In or out? My brain was spinning. Then, Geoff worked out that ice had blocked up the freezer and now it had defrosted, hey presto it worked. So we now have the old fridge in the laundry and the new one in the kitchen.
    There have been other weird incidents this week like losing my keys today and having more troubles with the cough.
    On the positive, I read Geoff Le Pard’s second novel: My Father & Other Liars”. I’ve been following his blog since April and we keep in close contact. I’ve been emailing him daily as I read the book and making comments and he replies. It’s been quite fun. his blog is at I took the book with me into the city and photographed us under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ll be doing a post next week.
    Hope you have a great weekend xx Ro

  5. I plan to bark at nothing a lot this weekend. Also, our TheraPet group is invited to The Blessing of the Animals at church, and Mom and I are visiting old soldiers at the Veteran’s home.

    Love and licks,

  6. Running a fundraiser for the RFDS on Saturday, Church on Sunday, mini-concert at the Nursing home on Sunday afternoon. Then nice and quiet.

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