California Dreamin’ 🎶

After a few days of organizing, sorting, purging, re-organizing and re-sorting the contents of numerous storage units here in Northern California, I just have one thing to say. For-get that…I’m leaving for Narnia.

We haven’t had any opportunities to visit more interesting venues beyond storage units, the local U-Haul outlet and a couple of groovy Starbucks along the way to the storage units. With winter weather threatening a safe and uneventful return drive to Denver in one piece, I’m anxious about extending our trip to include a visit up the coast to the Pacific Northwest. Color me sad. 😦 Looks like we’ll have to do that trip once the weather is more temperate. The idea of any more white-knuckle driving through the Sierra and Teton mountains doesn’t hold much allure for this nervous Nellie after surviving the vicious winds and snow of Wyoming.  😦

So far Sam seems content checking out the neighbor cats from behind the patio door (which incidentally he’s bonked into now 3 times-when will he ever learn?). The grey squirrels residing here command the same insignificant interest as the red ones in Denver and he clearly has continued his resounding loathing for mailmen here as he does in Denver though he nearly knocked one down by leaning heavily against him on our walk the other day. The dog is completely shameless when it comes to garnering attention from passers-by, be they ‘ax-murdering’ mailmen or people just out for a casual stroll. Clearly any and every front porch is Sam’s sole dominion and is worthy of poodle death to all who invade it. Mostly he’s been spending his days California dreamin’ in the sunlight.

Watermarked Photo

Live, love, bark! ❤

22 thoughts on “California Dreamin’ 🎶

  1. Michael Morales

    I’ve been known to bark at a few mail carriers myself. After the third trek to the box first at 5:00 pm, then 6, then 6:30 and the mail is still not there you think the least they could do is smile when I say hello and show some empathy the they are still out delivering at almost 7:00 pm. But no, just a stone face “here’s your mail” is what I get. So, I’m with Sam on this one 100%!

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  2. lapaylor

    Sam you are so handsome. It’s a big state, CA, to guard. You are not the only poodle, it’s not all on your shoulders. There will always be another squirrel. Now, momma, isn’t it possible to avoid the whole snow issues by staying another Week? On the coast of Calli? Do it for me, the one looking at a hurt foot and rain mixed with snow here in Baltimore.

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    1. Tails Around the Ranch Post author

      It sounds like a good idea but I think we’re all needing the comfort of our own beds, etc. My nephew & his wife are in Baltimore and I’ve seen the pics of loads of snow. Yipes! The older I get, Hawaii sounds far more enticing. P.S. Hope your foot feels better soon. Stay warm! ღ


  3. Cupcake

    I feel you, Sam. I hate the mailman when he is on the other side of the door (plotting to kill me), but when I meet him in person, I act like he is my best friend. I’m too small to knock him over, but I give him a LOT of kisses.

    Love and licks,

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  4. edgar62

    I know, I’m weird butt – if Sam was at the hospital and was with a male patient and discovered that the person was a retired mailman, would he still be nice to him or try and smother him when no one is looking? :o)



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