Monday Musings ~ December 24, 2018

No matter how you celebrate or whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone at the Ranch wishes you merry days, a heart that’s light, family and friends, a season that is bright and filled with joy, peace and love.

Merry Christmas

Live, love, bark! ๐Ÿพ

61 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ December 24, 2018

    1. And to you and all the critters at Sand Spring Chessies. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผโ„๏ธ

  1. Mery Christmas to our mile high friends.. Elsa, may you be seizure free for a long time and Sam rest up and go out and cheer peeps up after Christmas. Our thoughts are with you.

    Shoko, Tyebe, Budd and Jean

    1. Fleas Navidog greetings to our favorite trio of kitties. Hope your Christmas is furry and bright.

  2. We sure did try very hard to be nice. We hope Santa rewards effort:)

    Merry Christmas!


    Woos – Lightning, Misty, Timber, and Mom Kathie

  3. From the Rancho to the Ranch, we three send to you our wishes for a wonderful season. Hope that Santa Dog delivers the goods. Scritches,scratches and hugs. T/AJF/M โค

    1. And right back atcha. We send our very best Fleas Navidog wishes to the 3 of you from the 3 of us. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. LOVE your greeting!!!!!!! Wishing all of you a beautiful and blessed Christmas! I am grateful for our friendship and look forward to it continuing in 2019!!! Love from all of us! xoxo

    1. The same to you and all the ‘girls’ at the Golden K (including Holly). Fleas Navidog.

  5. โ€ข โ˜… Merry โ˜…* ใ€‚ โ€ข หš หš ห› หš ห› โ€ข
    โ€ขใ€‚โ˜… Christmas ใ€‚* ใ€‚
    ยฐ ใ€‚ ยฐ ห›หšห› * _ฮ _____*ใ€‚*หš
    หš ห› โ€ขห›โ€ขหš */______/~๏ผผใ€‚หš หš ห›
    หš ห› โ€ขห›โ€ข หš๏ฝœ ็”ฐ็”ฐ ๏ฝœ้–€๏ฝœ หšAnd a Happy New Year
    * Joy to all! โ™ซโ€ข*ยจ* Peace on Earth โ™ชโ™ซโ€ข*ยจ*

    1. WP definitely needs a ‘love’ button for such clever and sweet comments. May you have a marvelous howliday. Fleas Navidog!

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