Fall Festival Pet Parade

Over the weekend, Sam ‘pawticipated’ in the Lutheran Fall Festival hosted by the hospital for staff, volunteers and their families. Normally we have our own get-together but this year we decided to be a part of the hospital’s event being featured in a Pet Parade complete with ‘Howloween’ costumes.

It’s well-known that knuckleheads Standard Poodles were originally bred as waterfowl retrievers. It’s a known fact that Sam hates water. He will walk around puddles on sidewalks. Imagine my surprise when I could hardly keep him away from the ‘duck pond.’

Perhaps his DNA leans more toward ‘fishing’ than retrieving.

Sam had a good time seeing his favorite therapy friends and making new ones. One of his besties is a toy poodle, named Teddy. Teddy was a puppy mill survivor who lost an eye but has never lost his heart to make people happy whenever they see him…all six pounds of him.


Not one to shirk his therapy duties whenever there’s a crowd, Sam got busy visiting with all the children attending. And of course, investigating all the sweet treat smells, which to Sam are just as nice as little girls.

Sam adores firemen. Always has. As soon as he spotted this guy, he couldn’t get over to him fast enough. ‘Course, seeing our newest therapy teammate Zoey there probably helped too. She’s such a cutie and is going to make a wagnificent addition to our ranks.

We love attending these kinds of events because of all the terrific people attending. Sam thought he’d try his paw at face painting because he loves little girls and is so creative. Not. But a kid’s lap is just too tempting to not try to investigate. They invariably will deliver a nice ear scratch. Maybe he’s not as dumb as I think he is??

No pet therapy event is complete without little Bindy. This tiny scene stealer with her hanging out tongue is always a therapy hit.

It was really good seeing our buddy, Oreo especially since he’s been under the weather lately with bladder stones. As you can see from his smiling face, he was glad to be back in the saddle. Oreo is also a therapy dog at Denver’s International Airport and brightens the day for DIA’s many travelers.

Two of the longest-serving pet therapists were also in attendance. Beau and Mandy compete in national dance competitions in addition to bringing smiles to patients. They dress up nicely, don’t they?

Coco, the Mountain Dog looked dashing in her pirate costume.

Coco, the Mountain Dog

It was a lovely day for a festival with a good turnout of some of the program’s favorite pooches and peeps. Even Sam tried his level best at ‘Bee-ing” good for his autumn ‘pawtrait’ taking.

Sam, "Being Good"

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Fall Festival Pet Parade

    1. Those fancy haircuts were actually functional and designed to keep their joints protected from cold water. Who knew?!

    1. There were some incredible costumes and considered myself lucky Sam allowed the Bee wings. The antenna apparatus was not well received by the Knucklehead. He vowed to ‘get’ even when I least expect it. *Sigh*

    1. No idea. He must have thought they were treats because he avoids wet places like the plague!

  1. Looks like everyone had a great time and all the dogs looked fantastic although, Sam was the fantasticest :o) I just feel a tad sorry that my favourite Ninja couldn’t be there, but it would probably be too much for her at the moment. Perhaps next year. Yes, you look great Sam, and I’ll join in the jokes and say you were very bee-coming….

    1. Your comment made me smile. Elsa would most definitely have been overwhelmed with all the people and dogs there. And then they would have been overwhelmed with a furry, frantic Ninja. She seems to know when Sam & I go to the hospital. She jumps up on the sofa and takes a nap. As soon as I open the door, she’s in front of me wagging her tail like crazy and jumping all over her brother with greeting kisses. She makes me smile when she acts like a happy dog. 😍

    1. Sam is no ordinary fool. He knows there are lots of ear scratches when there are peeps around. BOL

    1. Funny how he avoids any kind of water yet he was ready to ‘dive’ in for those ducks! And funnier because he doesn’t chew things like that up. #sillydog

    1. My buddy Teddy is a cutie. EVERYbody loves him. A furbulous time was had by all the pups.

  2. Sam, this is Angel Lexi. I saw what your Mom made you wear and had to come try to help. Perhaps you read about my hideous yellow and black life vest. I looked like a bumble bee: black dog, yellow vest, black strap, yellow vest, black dog. Get it? Anyhow, I will send you some ideas. Your angel friend, Lexi.

    1. Thank you, sweet Angel. I need all the help I can get. Mom seems to enjoy me looking ridiculous.
      Your fur-iend,
      Sam 🐾

    1. So many interesting characters were there; I left out the guy in the kilt. He was a bit too odd, even for us.

      1. Sorry you also had problems. The blog appears to be functioning appropriately so I’m not sure where the problem lies. 😬 Dog-gone technology!

    1. Sorry you had a problem; I’ve combed through the the innards; it appears things are ok on this end and I very much appreciate the ‘printed’ LIKE – thank you for including it in your comment.

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