Tuesday Trivia(lities)


Sam here. Ever notice how we 4-legged fur-iends manage to park our furs smack dab in the middle of the smallest room of the house and give you the “why do you have to keep stepping over or around me” look? Wanna to fix breakfast? Yeah, go around me-you’re not getting into the Frig while I’m hanging out here in front of it (may I suggest dry cereal or toast instead of eggs) and don’t even think about trying to load or empty the dishwasher. Our kitchen was never intended for a dog to hang out in…that’s for sure. Owning it like a rock star, right?

It’s a scientific fact that us dogs will hang out directly under our uprights just to make life more interesting. Trust me, it’s a rule and is also in the Dog Trivia Handbook.

Where do you hang out to make life more ‘interesting’ for your upright? Bonus points if it’s in between their feet or legs.

Live, love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia(lities)

  1. When I’m in my office Kali lays her head right next to or on one of the wheels of my rolling chair and essentially traps me at my desk. She’d make a good supervisor I guess…

  2. I swear my two are ninjas because I’ll be looking around for them only to find them right under my nose precisely between me and the place I’m headed toward. How do they do that?? It’s a miracle I don’t trip over them constantly. When not underfoot they’re passed out wherever the heat vents or sunrays are – in other words exactly in the way of doors and/or general activtiies.

  3. Black Tot sits in the area which combines access to kitchen, loo, sitting room and balcony to access to breezes from all directions.
    She has been allowed this prime real estate location as the poodle – previous occupant – prefers to sit on top of the washing machine where she can survey all of above without ay risk of disturbance to beauty sleep.
    The two Staffies sit in front of the cooker and in front of the fridge….

    We know our place….

  4. We call that “doing a Buster”, because our Buster – gone over the rainbow bridge way too early – was an absolute expert at that! But it seems that he educated our kitties very well, as they have been copying him to perfection. Definitely “copy cats”. 😉

  5. Shadow likes sleeping wherever we would need to step over her to get where we’re going. But in mid-step, she starts to get up. So we’ve learned to look for her and then go in the opposite direction. Some of my friends used to say I should just stand there and tell her (and Callie) to move. Nope. Not gonna do that. Especially now that she’s older and her arthritis is a little more bothersome. It doesn’t hurt to go the long way around.

  6. Snorts with piggy laughter. What can I say my friend? It’s what *we* do. Usually we all try to hang out with mom in the kitchen when she is cooking – all four of us priming to be her sous chef. It’s really a great time for sure. Happy Tuesday. XOXO – Bacon

      1. Oh my yes. We have a square for a kitchen area but with the four of us anipals, mom and the dad – it’s a tight full space full of adventure. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Oy! When I mentioned Cole and the Kitchen recently someone said they stepped over their long legged poodle, he stood up, she fell against the wall, broke a hip and still limps!!!
    The supervisor needs a new place to perch

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