Monday Musings

It’s the Monday following Easter which may mean…you’re nursing a jelly bean or chocolate hangover. Time to get back into the swing of things. For me, that usually means a big cup of coffee to stash the chocolate away for my own good start out the day, but before I even get out of bed:


How was your ‘howliday?’ When you wake up, do you have the same view?

Live, love, bark! <3

31 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I don’t get that view, as Tippy sleeps in the living room. She’s a shedder, so my Tippy free zone is my bedroom. How does she know I love her? I take her out to potty before my first cup of coffee!

  2. No Bunnies or Jelly Beans here, I’m afraid. I am not allowed chocolate, or lollies. A very busy Easter and I think I just about need a holiday to recover. Benji prefers to sleep in his own bed, but he comes over , sits down and I put the light on to see him sitting looking up at me. Then I get dressed and we go out for our morning walk. Not quite the same, but close.

  3. There was so much Easter chaos at our house (good chaos). I’ll be writing about it later, hopefully. Mom has an Easter candy/brunch hangover. Coffee didn’t help BOL! Hope you had a nice weekend <3 *ear licks*

  4. No chocolate bunnies around here. And no jelly beans, either – can’t handle all that sugar on a good day, forget about a Mo(a)nday (as Easy would say)! But now that I’ve adapted to hubby’s retirement, I can wait for my first cup of coffee until after Shadow’s and Ducky’s first potty break. As long as I have it before hubby gets up and grabs the tv remote. Geez, how he can stand the news first thing in his morning is beyond me!! I hate hearing it ANY time of the day, but especially in the morning! And especially during the presidential campaign season!!

    1. It’s in men’s DNA and know exactly of which you speak. As a chocolate addict, especially dark chocolate, I keep telling myself it has less sugar and more antioxidants, thus more healthy. 😉 Guess I could have worse vices, right? BOL

  5. Unfortunately we don’t have that experience any more after both our Sally [] and our Chiquita [] went over the rainbow bridge not long after each other. 🙁 We need to have some time-out still.
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. Cole won’t sleep with us, so I don’t wake to a nose…we gave up sugar so no choco bunnies either… did have a big cuppa strong coffee… it’s why I get up!

  7. we still work on eliminating of chocolate bunnies, it’s a howl-i-day here… I worry for my mommas pants, because of the storm we have to stay inside and she is with a biw bowl of snacks on the way to downton abbey :o)

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