Fab Friday

Do you remember Kelly LeBrock, who gave us that famous line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” Pantene commercials back in the 1980s? She’d toss a glossy head of hair over her shoulder and with those pouting lips and seductive look made every junior high boy swoon and sent all the girls flocking to the store to buy the shampoo. 



While walking Sam on a fairly windy morning this week, that commercial popped up from my memory bank (can’t remember where I placed the keys but can recall ads from 87 years ago-go figure!!) this photo reminded me of those commercials from so long ago. For a boy, I think he kind of rock’s the ‘come hither’ ears-blowing-back look, don’t you?

Here’s to a Fab Friday and an even more fab weekend!

Live, love, bark! <3

18 thoughts on “Fab Friday

  1. The “Pantene Girl” if you could call her that, for the UK was Rod Stewart’s wife, Rachael Hunter, and the only catch phrase we remember was, “It wont happen overnight, but it will happen”

  2. Our mom remembers that commercial but forgot it was that long ago! You know there is a lot of jealousy over poodle curls. Luckily me and Stanley have them!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. It’s so good to hear of others with the memories of long ago, but little recall of yesterday. There must be a logical reason for this to happen.

  4. he does, and I remember a slew of people making fun of that commercial too. It was cheesy then, despite the teen boy experience. Just don’t let Sam, who is very modern, get a man-bun

  5. I’m the same way. I can remember the name of the people who bought our first house – when I was 9 years old – but I can’t remember what movie I watched two nights ago.

    Sam rocks any look!

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