It’s just what we do…

  • Sam here. In addition to bringing smiles to hospital patients, we find peeps around the neighborhood who want to stop and pet me. A couple of days ago we came across these adorable kiddos (6 of them-yikes-can imagine they have some interesting days at daycare!) out for a ride in their cool “tot wagon.” Being pretty small toddlers, they mostly babbled didn’t speak much English that mom could tell, but I totally understood they wanted to “pet the puppy” for which I was more than happy to accommodate. Mom kept ooh-ing and ah-ing over the 6 passenger wagon with seats that would rotate for the best view. All of the kidlets got a chance to be sniffed by yours truly pet my nice soft furs.



The two nice ladies who run the daycare center couldn’t believe I was so calm and patient with all of the kids. Little did they know, that’s my job…being sweet and cuddly with all uprights. The little girl on the far right kept blowing me kisses after I sniffed her face. She kept calling me “Goggy, lub you” after she blew kisses my way. What’s a Goggy anyway?


Live, love, bark! <3

21 thoughts on “It’s just what we do…

  1. Oh I wish mom had taken a video of that wagon, it sounds super cool. I think you were the Goggy and I’m pretty sure she loved you. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! Sam, I’m glad that you were so sweet with all of those little humans. They need to learn how to behave around animals and you helped them learn that yesterday! You obviously made an impression on the one on the far right. Blowing kisses and loving you! AWWWWW! BTW, Goggy is baby English for doggy, just so you know if you ever see them again. 😉

  3. Sam, betcha felt the energy coming from her, all love. Cole would never, I mean never be that patient with short ones. We hold up our hands waist high and tell kids you have to be this tall to ride this ride. And don’t look him in the eye or reach for him either. He does love to sniff a baby foot but strollers wig him out.

    Lucky you Mon, to have a Sam personality

    1. We dogs are far superior-we KNOW exactly what’s what. Thanks for the translation, Easy-good to know when communicating with a younger form of upright. Sometimes they are hard to understand even when they become full grown. 😉

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