Red Nose Day – 2016

Red Nose Day_MG_6285-(ZF-0799-11403-2-001)Today is Red Nose Day, where entertainers all over the world make people laugh and raise money and awareness to lift kids out of poverty. We’re all doing our part today. How about you?

Live, love, bark! <3



20 thoughts on “Red Nose Day – 2016

  1. Tomorrow the ladies hold their Annual Brunch. It used to be for cancer research but it was changed to raising funds for our own local Cancer Support Group. Last year they raised over $1200 and it all goes to the Support Group. I read somewhere that Scones and Honey taste good so I’m going to take some honey with me tomorrow , ‘çause I know there will be scones :o) Welcome home – Sam glad to see you??

  2. I hope for a lotz of red noses today and for a lot of green papers for those who need a smile and our help. I could go with Sam to entertain the people… bet we will get a potato bag full with money :o)

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