Not-So Fab Friday

Everything was going just swell. The injury above Sam ‘s eye suffered at the hands of brutes when he was no doubt sharing his special ‘brand of love‘ at the kennel, was healing reasonably. His appetite has been improving daily, we were [mostly] over the jet lag from the return trip that lasted 87 hours and settling back nicely into our pre-vacay groove when THIS happened. O.u.c.h.


How in the heck did that happen?! Well…Sam had just crawled up in my lap while I was focused on reading the latest in Blogville when his paw got hung up on my pocket and poof!!  a dewclaw broke off. Wait, he has dew claws? Yeah, I don’t why he has them either; he had them when I got him at age 2 and up until now, they’ve never given him us any problems. All my other Standards had theirs removed so this was new territory for moi. He never whimpered or cried out and it mostly just broke off rather than ripped out from the paw. For a brief moment I expect blood to spurt everywhere like an episode of The Walking Dead. Gah!! Thank goodness it was nothing like that, but still…sheesh. I mean what kind of way is that to start out the weekend?! Sorry if its hard to see it through all the muppet hair. He was squirming like a 3-year old trying to avoid getting the milk wiped off his face.


Hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come as he races forward to full-fledged senior-dom. I mean, are the wheels are coming off this model, one claw at a time? Is there such a thing as Medicare for dogs?

Has your pup ever broken off a dew claw? What did you do?

Live, love, bark! <3

36 thoughts on “Not-So Fab Friday

  1. Ugh! I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. Sampson split his dew claw up the nail and ended up needing to have it removed. 🙁 I didn’t know anything about dew claws when I got him or I would have had it removed when we had him neutered.

    Hope Sam is feeling better and your heart has settled back in your chest.

  2. My two are dewclawless, so we’ve never had that one happen. But, I’m learning that senior years come with their own challenges- picky eating and way more visits to the vet. Oh well, when you love your poodles you just do what has to be done! I hope Sam is feeling ok now.

  3. Sherman has issues with his nails so they occasionally just fall off. Sometimes they bleed and sometimes they don’t. Usually I dissect the nail and take pictures of it 🙂

  4. Poor Sam.. However, it seems not to have caused any pain (on his part) which is good. Still, really a small price for being back home again in the bosom of his loving family……..

  5. I promised that my next dog would not have their dewclaw and then I met Bentley. He lost his dewclaw nail a few weeks ago on our walk. He did the same thing as Sam. Not a peep or whimper and no blood. I felt like the worst pet mom ever. I took him to the vet and they said it would grow back and it is.

  6. Well at least, from your description, Sam wasn’t in any pain or trauma. But yeah- not a great way to start the day. Kali had a cracked dew claw (my bad when trimming it) and it bled for a few days before we took her to the vet to removed it (under anesthesia). It grew all the way back over the next few months. I wonder if Sam’s will.

  7. Ouch! Doc had to have his dew claws removed when he was about 5 i think..he constantly ripped them..the vet and i discussed it and off they came..mostly they will not remove them here unless they are problematic..87 hours flying..yep i know that feeling well today 🙂 xxx Fozziemum

  8. This happened all the time to the Big Dogs. I think the dew claw gets to a certain length and they just start flaking and peeling layers until the nail comes off. I’ll find a random claw every-so-often on a dog bed and I’ve never notice the girls having any discomfort. Sometimes we bet on which dog the claw came from!

    Love you and the knucklehead!

  9. Honestly, I don’t remember if Kissy had her dewclaws or not – too many years ago – but Callie had hers; and Shadow and Ducky both have theirs. No issues with them at all. If it was just the end/tip that broke off and there was no blood loss, I’d be inclined to say just file the rough edges and then leave it alone; but to be on the safe side, call the vet and ask the tech what s/he thinks.

  10. Our generic dog ripped her dewclaw, but it didn’t come off, it just hung there. We had to have surgery with anesthesia. You are luckyl

  11. Ouch! That’s just one of those pictures that makes you cringe…hope you get some good advice on Sam’s condition and glad to hear there was no blood and he doesn’t seem to be in pain. <3

  12. I’m glad they removed Cole’s as a pup. Nothing like that dew claw digging into you when they jump up. I would have freaked out if this happened to us! So it didn’t bleed much? Er, are you sure it was his? Maybe he picked it up somewhere. LeeAnna

    1. It was his alright, I pulled it out from the flap of the pocket. It didn’t bleed at all and when I checked it, it was just the end that broke off. The rest of it seems firmly attached. Sam’s been having a bit of bad luck lately. 😜

  13. Oh my. It sounds painful, but glad it really wasn’t for Sam. Maybe it’s like losing a baby tooth? I didn’t know that Sam had gotten hurt while at the kennel. Hope that heals quickly. Poor baby and poor you. Not the best way to return from vacation.

  14. oh noooo… that dew claws must be renamed in devils claws… I have them too, like all my french fellows(because of law in europe). No wonder that our vet has a brandnew volvo suv :o)
    Hugs to you Sam, I hope it heals up quickly and you need no cone…

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