Word(y) Wednesday

While catching up on my blog reading in the studio, my two little yin and yang shadows mirrored one another in the ‘tuck’ position during siesta time.  Oh, to be that flexible!

Happy mid-week. With DST, I still feel like I’m losing time and wonder when make that, if my bio-rhythms will ever catch up?  How about you…have you adjusted yet to the new time? On the bright side, at least we’re moving toward the weekend more quickly.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

43 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. I’ve barely adapted Monika! I find it harder to adapt as I age. Plus after being so sick my body is all out of whack.
    I ADORE your Yin & Yang doggies! Sam & Elsa are adorable…..
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen <3

  2. Love the cute photo! I’m with you…the time change, although only one hour, has thrown me completely off!

    1. I’m still trying to get into a reasonable rhythm and can’t seem to figure out why this year in particular, it’s been so challenging. Ugh. Maybe once sunrise comes earlier, I’ll be more in the groove but right now, not so much! Thanks for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We ❤︎ visitors, especially supporters of epilepsy awareness and education like you do! Bravo for you and your pack.

  3. Love the picture. They are so cute! I think I have adjusted to DST, but, I am not sleeping as much as I would like to. I have to get to bed earlier. So….on second thought, maybe I really haven’t adjusted to it yet. LOL

  4. That picture is adorable. As far as DST we here in Pennsylvania have – I believe – ironically benefited from winter staying around. Cold, snow and ice landed shortly after DST went into effect and the bleak landscape and darkness during daytime has likely helped the transition of time. The weather is starting to moderate now but I think it helped us all to focus on “other things” when the change went into effect and has ultimately made the DST adjustment a bit easier.

  5. It seems to take me a long time to catch up in the spring after the time switch. I wish we just had DST all year long!

    I love your flexible beautiful dogs!

  6. Don’t they look comfy! I think I am adjusted to the time change now, but it definitely took me a full week. I overslept on more than one morning last week!
    I think the dogs are still sleeping a bit later in the morning, so that’s all good!

  7. We don’t change for a few weeks yet and I am “sort of” looking forward to this. My reason for this is that the clock on my car dashboard will finally be on right time. Yah!!!

    1. Haha! More than 1 person said that was why they kind of liked the idea of the time change. I finally learned how to change the clock in the car this year. Talk about exciting stuff!! 🙂

  8. Gosh, I’ve not even been affected except it’s glorious to be able to take an evening walk in the dusk not dark. I run on solar batteries so having more sun is a good thing for my body. Good luck catching up.

  9. Our circadian rhythms are slightly less than 24 hours, so ‘spring forward’ is no big deal. I love light in the evening. I have been without a car since last Thursday, and ran out of milk last night. Since it was still light, I was able to walk to our local stop ‘n rob and get some. Before DST I would not even considered crossing 2 busy streets, even though they have stop lights. Not mention all the sports events on unlit fields that would have to start earlier, wreaking havoc on family schedules. My dogs love walking on a balmy night.

    1. Severe hail storms throws everything into a tilt. Hope everyone is fully recovered and there’s wasn’t any permanent damage (roof, windows, cars). Plants will recover but it’s a real pain in the tookas to have to handle insurance claims. Stay well.

      1. Don’t know about the roof yet – adjuster is coming next week – but windshields on both our vehicles are cracked on the outside. Shadow has recovered completely; but Ducky is still a little “iffy”. Not completely comfortable about being alone in the house (as in no humans), but getting better each day.

  10. we have some days till we change the clocks, it’s a challenge for body and soul every year… hard to bear …. and probably not good for our health…maybe that’s the reason behind this time change?

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