#TBT ~ June 22, 2017

It’s Throwback Thursday time. Sam here. Mom was going through some photos the other day for another project she was working on and came across this photo and turned to me and shook her head. She actually had the nerve to say out loud, “remember that day you were supposed to be watching the Ninja Elsa when she vandalized munched that brand new skein of yarn?!” Wait…what? Do I look like a freaking babysitter? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Woman, how’s about you just not being so wrapped up in crafting next time. Besides, I kept looking at you-can I help it if you didn’t pay attention to my silent eye daggers? Do I look like Lassie barking my fool head off about Timmy falling down the well? You need to get with it and ‘hear’ me better.

The week is rushing toward our best friend, Friday. Hope everyone is either staying cool or dry from the rain that skipped us. Whichever…hope all is well in your world.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

34 thoughts on “#TBT ~ June 22, 2017

  1. ATCAD

    Sam, I hear you. I try and try to tell Mommy stuff and she just doesn’t pay attention and then she is like Fenris why didn’t you tell me the cats were misbehaving, why didn’t you stop them from going over the fence, why didn’t …Well I did tell you the cats were misbehaving I looked right at you and whined you ignored me, I did try to stop them from going over the fence, but they aren’t scared of me so they just walked right past me to the fence, and sometimes I just give up cause the woman doesn’t pay attention. Glad I am not the only one with this complaint. ~Fenris

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  2. Miss Harper Lee

    I feel your pain, Sam. Before Tallulah came to live with us, Mommy looks into my eyes and said, “You’re in charge of training her.” Are you kidding me? The humans expect waaaaaay too much out of us. 😉

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