Paw-ty Time Highlights

Sam here. I managed to live through a pawsome day of celebration yesterday, otherwise known as my 14th birthday. Many thanks to everyone who left sweet comments wishing me loads of treats and many happy returns. I wagged my tail with appreciation.

Sam, BirthdayMom whipped up my favorite treat, a lip-smackin cake quiche (recipe is in our BarkBook if you want to make it for your own pup). Both Elsa and I love this snack and what could be better for a paw-ty than a tasty yet healthy birthday ‘cake.’ This time it was made extra special with the addition of rabbit meat (mom never has ham in the house and Elsa can’t eat it anyway due to the salt content when it’s cured which is bad for epi-warriors). But get this…I even ate the veggies! You guys  know I’m no  fan of veggies, right? But in this quiche…eggs, cheese and rabbit with those veggies, even this anti-veghead ate. every. morsel. Can you say….Y.U.M.?  It was so tasty in fact, the Ninja snarfed two of the bone-shaped mini-quiches before mom had her camera focused. #baddog

Mom took that photo of me before we were allowed to dig in (but after Elsa made like a thieving raccoon hitting garbage bins around the neighborhood). The Ninja however, absolutely refused to wear the birthday celebration hat though. Little brat…you know I’d do it for her. Oh well, she said she wanted to enjoy the game of pinning the ‘Tail on the Squirrel.’


So, do you think she should have been allowed to nosh on that tasty goodness?


Thanks again for making No. 14 extra special. It was the pawfect autumn day, very sunny and bright. Mom says our forecast calls for a big freeze with the first snow by Thursday. What the dog?! Good thing I’m good with snow. So long as I don’t have to wear those stupid boots. Happy Tuesday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾



55 thoughts on “Paw-ty Time Highlights

    1. We love those quiches anytime and would happily share them with Chaplin. Elsa thinks Lulu is a pawfect pawtner in crime. She loves to chase squirrels, too.

  1. OMGoodness, S. That birthday food made me drool on Mom’s clean floor. So yummy! I’m glad you had a fun birthday. Good luck with the big freeze. My instincts tell me that boots are in your future – like it or not…

    Love and licks,

    1. Tell your mom to make some for you. So easy, so quick and sooooo tasty!

      Yeah mom was running around looking for boots and gloves a bit ago. I’m not too keen on that development.

  2. OMD, you guys gets the bestest Barkday celebrations!!!!! I didn’t gets tasty wabbit quiches!!!! I gots gypped!!!! sigh. Anyhu……What a wonderful celebration my furiend!!! I hopes I looks as good as you when I’m fourteen!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BARKDAY Sam!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Elsa, I don’t blame you…good work snaggin’ those tasty bones gurl!!! hehehee

    1. Trust me Ruby, you’ll always look pawsome in my books.
      Your fur-iend,
      Sam 🐾

  3. Hey Sam!!!! Happy 14th! You are such a lucky dog to have had a lavish celebration like that! And to have such a doting mom. Happy Birthday.

  4. Rabbit? I’ve seen it in the grocery from time to time, and you have to own a gold mine to buy it. Do you have a good source that doesn’t break the bank? And snow? Already? Wow! Amy
    Elsa, you go girl. I wouldn’t wear the stupid hat either. Xena
    Sam, you are so handsome at 14, it makes my heart pitter patter a bit faster. Lucy

    1. I get Primal’s Freeze Dried Nuggets rabbit , hydrate the Nuggets and cut up into little pieces. It was the only meat in the house for the pups since I don’t eat any meat. Normally I add just one nugget as a topper to Sam’s food.

      Have never seen rabbit at the store and think you’re probably right on the price.

      As for the snow I expect it to be too cold for much snow. The high will only be about 30 on Thursday. 🥶 It’ll be in the 60 s by the weekend so back to autumn.

      Sam was pretty excited he could turn your head, Lucy. Elsa sends a high paw to Xena. She certainly needs no encouragement, little girl 😆

  5. oh I LOVED your pawty! Everything looks delicious and Sam and Elsa are adorable! We have family flying to Denver Thursday and actually I heard you are expecting quite a bit of snow that day!

    1. Thanks. It was a fun day.

      Not sure if there’ll be ‘quite a bit of snow’ but it’s gonna be pretty cold. The high is supposed to only be around 30 F with the low around 16. Brrr 🥶 I hope they’re bringing warm coats, though it should be in the low 60’s by the weekend.

  6. Freeze dried rabbit nuggets sounds like a description of what Max produces if he gets a bit dehydrated. 😜 Sammy, it sounds like your big day was a great event with tasty noshes, gifts, hats, a limited amount of respect from the Ninja and lots of doting by the Dog Mom. Probably raucous music too. You deserve the attention for all you do and lots more years ahead!

    1. Oh you know us, Max…we’re all a total bunch of pawty animals! But we managed to behave ourselves this year. No police reports were involved. 🤣

    1. Anyone can make these treats, Helen. They’re super simple. Mix ingredients and bake. Easy peasy.

    1. Snow is normal for October, and we think this storm will probably be more cold than anything else. A cold Arctic Front with little accumulation is expected.

  7. Wow, those look like some seriously good birthday goodies! Luke now says he’d like quiche for his birthday later this month (not sure where I’d get rabbit meat though?)!
    Luke also says Elsa should be given a pass on not wearing the hat…some dogs just don’t like things on their heads (as you can guess, he’s one of them). 🙂
    We’re glad you had a good day, Sam! ♥

    1. Mom used freeze dried rabbit nuggets. Normally she’d just use cheese & veggies because she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t have meat on hand but it was my birthday so she thought she’d splurge since she uses these nuggets as a topper on my meals. Elsa didn’t use to mind the hats but she’s decided she’s not into it anymore. Even picture taking is hard for her anymore but we give her lots of treats for her to associate a pleasant experience when it happens.

  8. We are going to shame our human into actually cooking these for us to see if we will stop being confirmed carnivores. You are a totally sexy 14.

    1. Snow’s not so bad and because it’s expected all over the state, it may help with the wildfires. 🤞🏼

  9. did you two catch the rabbits for dinner? That’s milo’s dream…. bet he’d love that quiche. Sam you don’t look a day over two, and Elsa can learn a lot about putting up with the pupparazzi from you. Happy year my little buddy.

    1. Nah…mom gets me freeze dried nuggets, hydrates them and cuts them up and added them. Elsa volunteered to catch a rabbit but mom said no way. Elsa has so much to learn but hasn’t been a great student of doggery in a whole lot of ways. 😆

      1. Yeah-it should have said “pin the rap on the squirrel”. Whatever, being a squirrel is a great new identity for an escaped prisoner.

        1. In that case maybe Elsa being like Dog, The Bounty Hunter isn’t a bad thing after all.

    1. Those quiches are super tasty, healthy and super quick to fix. Mom makes them for her too sometimes (without any meat though).

        1. Mom didn’t have any other meat for me so adapted her recipe. Chicken, turkey, ham, beef, anything like that could work. She makes them for herself with just veggies & cheese.

            1. It really is and you can use whatever veggies on hand. A bag of mixed veggies, no problem. Broccoli, perfect. Green beans, just dandy. Cheddar, excellent. Mixed cheese blend, A-ok. You see where I’m going with this, right? 😋

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