Fab Friday

When I woke up this morning, I said to myself, “Self, today is Friday and that my friend, is what you’ve been waiting for all week.” Here’s hoping your Friday leads to a pawsome weekend! Got any special plans?

Lie, love, bark! ❤︎

51 thoughts on “Fab Friday

  1. Oh, such a sweet face! Thanks for joining in our Flashback Friday blog hop, too! 🙂 (insert happy puppy face here!)

  2. The weather was barely tolerable – hot and muggy AND buggy – this past weekend, so I was happy to find it a bit drier and cooler yesterday morning. It was still buggy, but at not as bad. But that’s summer in the South for you.

  3. Very cute Friday face. I’m behind in reading blogs and commenting because I had a mini-vacation this weekend. My mom and dad and I went to Hot Springs VA to visit my niece’s new in-laws and explore the area. It’s a very pretty part of the country. Just got back home about 8 hours ago.

  4. OMD, I FINALLY found your bloggie! I don’t knows why i couldn’t find it, I thinks the heat is messin’ with my ASSistants mind, butts I gots you on my bloggie list nows! Oh, and I looooves that face! That is SO the face I make on Friday….and after a margarita…☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. hello tails around the ranch its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel with a fayse like that no wunder evrywun luvs friday!!! i bet mondays fayse is not that kyoot!!! ok bye

  6. As soon as I saw this picture I said to myself, “that is so cute!” And is the perfect face. Over at our blog on Mondays, we post a cute or funny pic and call it “Cutie Monday” so all that view it can start their week with an aww or a laugh. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I took advantage of the cool Friday to come down to the big city to visit my Dad! That visit, along with bike rides up here, are our big plans. Have a great weekend!

  8. For me, it will be hanging inside with the collies. Tomorrow is my town’s 4th of July celebration. Which occurs about 1/2 mile down the road from my house. But Sunday we plan on getting out for a hike.

  9. The poem says “Friday’s Child is loving and giving” I had a great Friday with great news that you will be reading about soon.Also it rained!! Haven’t had rain for months and we need it.. Have a great weekend.

  10. We’re going to a wedding in Grand Rapids Saturday (we will be there overnight)…………I always hate leaving the boys but my dearest friend is coming tomorrow to stay here, she will sleep over and be with them Sunday too. (We are only gone one day and I left her THREE NOTES……lol!!!!) Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Milo here, yep, Fridays are good because then all your people are home tomorrow and the next day!

  12. I’m putting drywall up in the garage. Sounds like I have simply the bestest, most exciting and thrilling Friday of all you guys! Then I get to sand the seams and paint. Wheeeee!!!!

  13. Yay for Friday! Tallulah and I plan on taking our humans for a walk in our favorite park this weekend . . . if we can drag their lazy rear ends out of bed early enough to beat the heat. Happy weekend to the Tails Around the Ranch gang!

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