Monday Musings

We hope you had a ‘wagnificent‘ weekend. Best wishes for a totally zen week.

Live, love, bark!  ❤︎

28 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Rowena

    It’s great to read how Elsa is coming along. My friend takes in rescue dogs as part of a rescue group. She was minding a very cute Maltese terrier x Tibetan Spanial who had come out of a puppy farm. I knew as soon as my daughter saw Stella we were in trouble. She was a small ball of fluff. We’re wanting to get another Border Collie in about a year and we’re not really in a good position for caring for a puppy farm dog and I was concerned about vet bills. My friend has found her the perfect home and this lady has another puppy mill dog and she is quite realistic about what it’s going to take and seems to have the money for the vet. Poor little Stella was shaking for 10-15 mins while I was holdig her on our second meeting.
    Things in our house get so stressful at the best of times that we just need to keep it simple for a bit.
    Hope you’re having a great week.
    xx Rowena

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      1. Rowena

        Thanks, Monika. I spotted a toy border collie in a shop a few days ago and brought him home. We call him “FB” as in Fake Bilbo. I’m not sure whether you have come across weighted toys but they’re used to ease anxiety and so he feels like a real dog. He’s been fabulous. Low maintenance too!
        Hope you all have a pawsome week too! xx Ro

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      2. Rowena

        My husband was accidentally wagging FB”s tail tonight. He’s sitting on a chair beside Lady’s inside bed and the TV. He adds a comical element.
        We went to a friends’ house yesterday and had Lady with us. They have a rabbit pen inside and chooks outside. Lady was in heaven. Well, she would’ve been if she wasn’t on the lead. We were talking about how much Lady loves chicken and then I glanced over and my friend’s two year old daughter brought lady over one of their chickens. I don’t know how disaster was averted but the chook squarked and I saw what was happening. I’m sure Lady’s made a mental note of where they live and is dreaming up some midnight raids. xx Ro

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  2. Lee

    Well that is not the downward dog pose ~ maybe that is a new pose I’m not aware of.
    Namaste back at you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

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  3. camparigirl

    Lots of rabbits. And birds. And lizards. And mice. And quails. And coyotes. And deer. They chase everything, with very little success but for the occasional bird and mouse. Squirrels are their biggest nemesis.

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