Family Ties

Family ties…but not the ones from that popular TV series, but instead real life family ties. The past 10 days have been filled with them. First my 21-year-old granddaughter and her boyfriend visited (yeah, I know, hard to believe I”m that old to have a 21-year-old granddaughter but I digress). I have a special bond with Hailey, having taken care of her when she was an infant every weekend for her first year. When I went to Hawaii last spring to celebrate her brother’s graduation, I was fortunate to meet her boyfriend, a quiet, adorably nice young man. Kyle is a local Hawaiian and as kind of a human as anyone could wish for their progeny to find. Polite, sincere with a beautiful and respectful life ethic, it was great for me to have them stay with me. Turns out after all they did while visiting her friends from high school, staying with me was a vacation they needed…i.e. rest. I think the go-go mentality of young road warriors had caught up with them after days of constantly being on the move visiting places and sharing the beauty of Hailey’s home state with her boyfriend who had never been to Colorado before. This thoughtful sweet girl took him to South Dakota to visit with her other grandmother for a few days as well. When I think of how this beautiful young woman has matured into a loving human, I am filled with joy and yes, a helluva lot of pride, too.

As Hailey and Kyle were preparing to return to their island paradise, Hailey’s dad arrived, their co-visits only overlapping by a day. Ostensibly to attend his 30th year high school reunion (I know, here’s that age thing again…WTH…how did that happen?), we managed to schedule some family time as well. For our family who relishes these get-togethers more than anything, it usually involves a fair amount of good food and some liquid refreshments. And this was no exception. Kevin’s best friend since junior high helps out his cousin’s craft brewery here in the metro area. The brewery, located in Del Norte, Colorado near where we lived more than 35 years ago, Three Barrel Brewery specializes in small batch “artisanal inspired brews produced from San Luis Valley grown, single origin malt, hops, Haefelis’s honey (from a local honey farm) and fresh mountain water.” Seth provided us with a healthy supply of some of their more popular brews which provided us the opportunity for some experimental suds quaffing. Had never tried ‘sour beers’ before and think the consensus amongst our collective palate is we’ll probably stick to slightly more conventional options. Perhaps I’m too old to be hip enough to enjoy the sour beers that the brewery is well-known for, but no worry on my part. Give me a robust IPA or ale and color me a happy gal. I’ve known Seth and his family for more than 30 years and he’s practically a family member. It’s always good seeing this man who now also has a family though substantially younger than my son’s. Seth is a generous, smart and funny guy, who is Hailey’s godfather so we go back a long way, in more than just time.

My brother Tim and his wife, Natalie, opened up their beautiful new home to the family clan multiple times. Natalie’s nieces were visiting while Hailey and Kyle were here; our two families sharing food, beer, and loads of laughter completely warmed my heart and soul. After our recent pet therapy visits getting together was definitely most welcome and the perfect Rx to soothe and comfort my spirit.

Having my son visit, even for a short time, meant the world to me. Not only did I get to have some much-needed time with my son  (a mother’s dream) but the quiet mornings over coffee and breakfast catching up on the details of his life, of how his new job was going and the final details on the remodeling of the ohana back in Kona allowed me to see exactly the kind of incredible role model and human he is, as a son, a father and a loving human with incredible talents Even just thinking about it, I can’t help but smile.

At first meeting, Elsa was slightly wary of the new people arriving but quickly warmed up to Kevin, Hailey and Kyle. Sam became particularly attached to Kevin’s hip, following him around the house. And though both dogs waited outside guest bed rooms sniffing at the crack each morning waiting for their new BFF’s to rise, Sam in particular reconnected with his old friend from when he stayed with us for an extended time before moving to Hawaii in order to wait out the quarantine period with his own dogs.

Now that everyone has left, Sam wanders around looking for Kevin in particular, hoping he is still here. And much like me, he’s missing this wonderful man who provided such joy while he was here. It’s a lot quieter around the Ranch today and as we adjust back to the old ‘normal,’ I smile thinking of this wonderfully loving family, the cherished visits with everyone shared over lively conversations, tasty meals and libations. This is what I’m talking about…these kinds of family ties and as I look forward to the next one, be it here at the “Ranch” or on an island paradise, my heart is filled with love allowing me to face the dragons of this crazy world anew. It’s good to be fully stocked again by the best fuel around-my family.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

80 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. We really enjoyed the post of your time with your family. It made me smile and feel good. I’m not able to read more than the highlights of the news yet.

  2. I’m so glad you all had such a lovely visit! Family time is so important and so good for the soul. It’s only sad that it has to be over.

  3. There is nothing better than quality time with your family. It sounds as if everyone grew up to be wonderful human beings and that is what every mom prays for! You did good, Monika!

  4. you are so special to write such a long blog sharing your visit with us.
    having those quite times in the mornings with your son..memories being made throughout the week.
    but best of all being able to reach out and share a touch..hugs.
    to me nothing can top that.

  5. You must be so proud! To have children and grandchildren who have grown into such wonderful, responsible adults. You did good. I like beer, but I’m not sure I’d like sour beer either. I feel like puckering just in hearing the name. Haha!

  6. Well you sure sound like you had a lot of family time and a lot to share too across the generations. Oh how time and distance can be both enemy and friend….
    Heres to your next get-together

  7. When it comes to family, I think I struggle with living so far away that I kind of try to ignore the connection because it hurts so much. One weekend – and I wonder why I let myself do that because it’s so restorative. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your time with your family 🙂

  8. Sounds like a wonderful chance to spend time with family.

    (And I’ll have to put that brewery on our potential places to visit when we’re out in Colorado in a month – it sounds like somewhere Paul would love!)

  9. Oh sweet friend – it does sound like your hands have been so full for the past days as well. Sending you bunches of hogs and snout kisses!! And hey age is yet a number – my mom fully believes in that. You go girl! XOXO – Bacon

  10. Love to read stories like this! Although I personally would keep a sharp eye on any guy from Hawaii, it sound like g-daughter found a good ‘un. (Not that personal access to a micro-brewery influenced my opinion in any way, mind you.) Some day you’ll have to tell us all how you had you first child at age 3.

  11. Very happy for you to have such great family time! Funny about how the dogs were sniffing at the doors of the guest rooms. Kloe does the same thing when we have guests. Like Sam and Elsa, she thinks everyone is there for her personal enjoyment.

  12. Wonderful post and I enjoyed every word of it. You have a wonderful family and extended family. However, it behoves me to tell you that I have a grandson. A wonderful human being with an interesting set of lungs at the advanced age of three months ( born 2nd June). The “Beer Battle” comments were interesting and I would have taken part but – regrettably – I do not drink the brew. Now if anyone had mentioned a 22 year old Single Malt, or a mature Shiraz, I would have been happy to participate.. The only time I ever drank Guinness was when we were growing up and Black Velvet was the “IN” drink :o)

    1. Luckily there are several in our family who enjoy a good bourbon or a great red wine as well. We are equal opportunity purveyors of liquid refreshment. Congrats on the new grandson. Grands are a sure guarantee to make you smile. Not sure if it’s because you get to send them back to their parents after enjoying them or the genuine impact they make on our hearts. Probably a little of both. 😇

  13. Oh how I can FEEL the LOVE in this post!!!! It is no surprise to me that your granddaughter is a gem, (look at her Grandmother!!!)……..and….your son is so handsome! I know how much you were looking forward to this visit! You know what else I love? With a son AND granddaughter in Hawaii……….you are SET my furiend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe!!!!!! xoxoxo

  14. It’s hard for dogs to understand when part of the pack just leaves. Family ties are so important no matter how old we are.

  15. I am so glad that you got to spend this time with your family! It sounds like a wonderful week. It’s great to see families that have such close ties and enjoy their get togethers! And, it came at just the right time for you and Sam.

  16. I have a wonderful granddaughter very close to the same age as yours. Of course I had my daughter when 6 years old, and she had my granddaughter a few years later, so I am much younger than you! Great family story Monika. 🙂

              1. Ah……… but I will not let fashion/trend determine what I enjoy and, while we have a number of very nice “craft beers” available here, there are some that don’t come close to a Guinness for the pleasure of a drink! 🙂

  17. Just what the doctor ordered…a close-knit family with happy reunions. I am sure you Sam are ready to face the world again!

  18. oh pour Sam, I know that is a strange feeling when all visitors are gone and our people want to go back to something they cally daily routine…. I always feel lost for the first two days and then the mama and me sit around clueless, because she feels the same…

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