Labor Day 2017

Happy Labor Day! Today is the last ‘unofficial’ day of summer when swimming pools and amusement parks generally close, the list of the summer concerts and festivals wrap up the season, and it’s often a time to put away our summer clothes in favor of more autumnal fashion (though I expect Californians and West Coasters are still wearing as little as legally possible with their recent days of ungodly heat – you have my sympathies). While school has started in some areas, many school districts often start the new year the day after Labor Day. Some of us may take in a retail sales event or binge on our favorite TV programs re-airing in anticipation of the soon to be upcoming new season (can the next season of The Walking Dead come soon enough). We may have welcomed the beginning of football season over the weekend (hope your team did well). But today is a celebration of labor and union movements and their role in history. Last year I posted a brief history of the origins of Labor Day which you can read here.

Labor Day

Nothing exciting going on around the Ranch today so we’ll just reflect on the contributions American workers made possible to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country with particular thoughts for all those workers and volunteers trying to help with the clean-up after Hurricane Harvey. God bless you! Have a safe and Happy Labor Day and please remember how this 3-day holiday was made possible. It’s not all about backyard BBQ’s and camping trips before the first snows fly.

Got any special plans before you have to get back to work?

Live love, bark! ❤︎

35 thoughts on “Labor Day 2017

  1. We have such hot a miserable summers here that our fun season actually starts *after* Labor Day. The festival season heats up and people and pets start getting out more for walks and dining outside together. And, of course, our fifth season–football season–kicks off. Haha . . . get it? Kicks off? Hope you had a restful holiday and you’ve entered the short week totally recharged!

  2. Labor Day is always a fun one in the retail world because it combines not only an extended weekend for most of our customers that traditionally features cookouts and parties, but it also falls on the first weekend of the month when just about everyone has money to spend. You would be surprised how quickly even a large store like Mecca can get cleaned out over the course of a busy holiday weekend… it’s been nuts! I’ll very much be looking forward to MY weekend tomorrow morning….

  3. HEY GUYS! OMD, it has been NASTY here! Not only has it been HOT HOT HOT, butts add on the HUMIDITY! holy crap! AND the smoke from all the fires is all over the State. Ma has been coughin’ and hackin’ and she won’t take me on a second walkie, which really makes me cranky ☺. butts, they say by the end of the week it should be back to normal with the temps and humidity, butts the smoke will still be hangin’ around. I hopes you guys are enjoyin’ all the good thingies of Fall, with some BBQ and margaritas!!!! My Gpa is a Union man, so he lifted his milkshake to all the Unions members across the Nation! Happy Labor Day guys!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Fall is our favorite time of year. We are soooo over summer. The smoke has arrived from the west coast fires and last night the moon looked eery in reddish orange last night. Hoping things level out soon for you guys. Enjoying a ‘rita or two is best when outside. Just saying. Having been the product of union dad, and been in a couple unions myself, I toast those workers whenever I can. They are the reason we have so many benefits that most people take for granted. Like that vacation bene or a 40 hr. work week…hug a union member in thanks. 😍

  4. No Labour Day here, but we are five days into spring. The mornings are starting to get lighter but not all that much warmer. I dare say that will change soon enough. The clocks change soon so that will make a difference. The Football Season is just about over and cricket will be starting soon. Arrium is no more and we now have Liberty- OneSteel. A new day begins – in more ways than one. Happy Labor Day to you. I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable day.

  5. We’re spending the day getting things done around the house and cleaning up after our first football trip of the season. It’s not fun, but it will be good to have everything done and ready to do it all again this coming weekend!

  6. Nothing special planned here today, except maybe taking my mom and dad to a pond fishing. It’s their 61st wedding anniversary, so they get to do whatever they want.

  7. I don’t like Labor Day because it does mean the end of summer and the earth continues to get darker. I don’t even mind our heat waves if we could just avoid the wildfires. Have a good day and month

  8. It’s all too easy to take our contemporary lifestyles for granted so thanks for the reminder of the sacrifices and hard work that was the basis for this holiday. And yes still baking out here on the west coast but some relief is on it’s way according to the “weather man”. We’ve got a drive to the lake with the girls planned for later this morning and then back home to do a lot of sitting on our butts. Best to all of you at the Ranch from all of us at the Golden K.

  9. have a wonderful last summer day… and a happy labor day with lots of hugs and treats and relaxing with your peeps & Elsa , Sam ;o) btw: I spent the weekend with poodles, they had the funniest ideas and they were better thieves than me ;O)

    1. So Elsa’s texts seem to be getting through on the dog network. 🙄 Oh Phenny…you don’t need more ideas from poodles. They are too clever for their own good and certainly don’t need to spread the mischief around. Happy Monday. 😍

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