Not Nearly Wordless Wednesday

As we dread anticipate the arrival of an Arctic cold front set to arrive later this evening, we plan on enjoying the upper side of a 60 degree swing between now and Thursday. Today’s high is expected to hover near a comfortable 80 F degrees while tomorrow’s low is set to plummet somewhere in the mid-to upper-teens. It shouldn’t be a long lasting front as the weekend is slated to return toward the 60’s through most of next week but it will be a shock to the system that’s grown accustomed to warm days.

So before Ol’ Man Winter does his harsh drive-by, how ’bout a few more images from my recent trip to Vail to remind us how fabulous this time of year really is?

Bristlecone Pine, Betty Ford Alpine Garden
Betty Ford Alpine Garden
Vail, Colorado

Happy Hump Day.

Live, love, bark! 🐾


49 thoughts on “Not Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. We had a High that pushed the temp up through high 30s to 41c but now has returned to something more akin to early spring – mid to high 20s. Apart from a couple of days it’s been a good start to spring here in this part of South Australia.(27c today) Liked the photographs – sadly we don’t have the environment to produce anything as nice.

  2. We had quite the little snow storm yesterday and woke up to only 11 degrees this morning. Luckily we are warming up some

    1. It was a weird storm for this early in the season. Hope it warms up quickly-it’s supposed to be 70 by Sunday here. Have a great weekend!

    1. The first snow of the season is always the prettiest. Course you haven’t shoveled 87 times so naturally you enjoy it. But yeah, yesterday’s weather was nearly perfect.

    1. Thanks. By Friday the snow should be gone and we’ll see what’s left of autumn splendor. 🤞🏻

    1. I know you like the warm weather of summer, but never fear, this will just be a blip.

  3. yeah but you are luckier than we are! When it gets cold and snows there……….you can have 70 degrees the next day. Once we get snow it’s usually here for the duration! Keep cozy!!

    1. That’s true. We do have yo-yo weather. I think tomorrow will be a good day for working on craft projects. 🧶

    1. Thanks. I sure had a very rejuvenating visit and am looking forward to going back soon now that I’ve found a bus that goes up there for next to nothing. Driving along I-70 is no picnic anymore and a tank of gas costs twice as much as that bus. Plus, I can watch the landscape while getting there. 😉

  4. Our Denver-based family is picking everything in their garden to prep. We’ve been lucky so far. No real dips or frost except to the high 50s which isn’t bad for October.

    1. I thought about covering stuff but think I’ll just let it all go. I’m about cherry-tomatoed out. Don’t mind the possibility of snow this time of year, but temps in the teens? Yikes!!

      1. I’m pulling out my garden this weekend and have already removed almost all of my annuals. There is a certain where I get tired of the watering and other work involved!

        1. Yup, that’s right where I was at. Hoses disconnected and major deadheading completed ✅

    1. I thought about covering but decided I’ve had enough cherry tomatoes for one season. Hope you are able to save all you want. Stay warm!

  5. What super photographs! And what colours!
    We were supposed to have had high winds and torrential rain last night…but zilch…it is probably waiting behind the hill until I go shopping this afternoon.

    1. Thanks Sandee. Vail is such a pretty area; I need to go there more often and enjoy it!

    1. 70 is considered cold? 😆That’s precious. But yeah, I know what you mean. I’m ready for a change too.

        1. LOL, that’s true. My sis in Bastrop is probably locating a down coat for the cold front. 😊

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