Wish I was there Wednesday

Since I wasn’t able to take any trips this summer [much to my chagrin], I’ve been looking through old vacation photos and decided the next best thing would be a digital visit via “Wish I was There Wednesday.”

Today I thought we’d go back to Germany and visit another jewel of the Fairytale King’s palaces. Hohenschwangau Castle is located near the town of Füssen and was initially used as a hunting lodge and retreat for agnates. Reconstructed on a hill above the Alpsee (Alp Lake) by Ludwig’s father, Maximilian in the 1830s, the castle became a museum with guided tours in 1913 following the death of the Ludwig’s uncle, Prince Regent of Bavaria, who electrified the castle and installed an elevator. Over 300,000 visitors each year tour the castle and its grounds.

Lying in the shadow of Neuschwanstein, the Mad King enjoyed his childhood years at Hohenschwangau. While his parents lived in the main castle, he and his brother Otto, lived in the annex. Like the other castles Ludwig owned, this one also had all the modern conveniences available at the time. The beautiful gardens where lions and swans are prominent, boasted alpine plants collected by the Ludwig’s mother, Queen Marie, who loved to hike in the nearby mountains.

The kitchen was quite advanced for its time.

The Swan Fountain

Like so many sights in the area, the blue and white flag of Bavaria is prominently displayed, this appearing over the entry gate. 

The interior is decorated in Gothic Revival style with many frescoes depicting heroic German sagas.

Lake Alpsee

Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed another installment of “Wish I was There Wednesday.” Isn’t nice to bypass TSA and go on these trips (even if they are never as good as in-person ones)? Have you ever visited this region?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

51 thoughts on “Wish I was there Wednesday

  1. Oh, those are beautifuls!!! They are much cleaner looking than the castles of my ‘Homeland’ of Ireland! BOL!!! (okays, so ‘I’ am English, MA made me say ‘Irish’ cause she is half. whatevs) . Those in the British Isles are lots more Gothic and scary looking! These are so pristine! I thinks Ma needs to visit and smuggle me in her bag….thinks TSA would notice??? hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  2. Ooh… I love castles! I play at my cardboard castle often! I keep watch from its tower for invading Bestolars of Dragoon & mousecapades. Say, Mom asks how far King Ludwigs’s fairy tale castle (the one that inspired Mr. Disney) is from the castles you show in your pics above? She would love to visit the castles in Germany someday.

  3. I loved Bavaria. But Ludwig’s castle’s are responsible for me hating Disneyworld at a young age. After reading about real castles, I felt devastated to learn that Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Florida was mostly a gift shop and not much more.

    1. The Disney castle was based on the Fairytale King’s home at Neuschwanstein. They really co-opted it into something hideously commercial. So sad because the real deal is so spectacular as are all of his castles.

  4. I would love to visit Germany. My husband went on business and I had the opportunity to go with him but was afraid to leave our kids at the time of our lives. I regret it.

  5. I look at that castle and think about all the maintenance work, honey-do and repair projects and say, “Bah! Humbug! Ludwig”. I’ll stick to my humble 3/2 with hot tub.

  6. Yes! Have been to that region (and visited Neuschwanstein in the snow long ago!) but not to that specific spot. Would love to go back. But so many other places also call… My nephew and his wife are on their honeymoon right now at the Amalfi Coast, and the pictures they’ve been posting on IG are killing me!

  7. I would love to go there. Who doesn’t love a castle. I hope I can visit there some day…Jeff knows enough of the German language to get us by. Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  8. Castles have always fascinated us but we like the idea of electricity, an elevator and modern conveniences. Thanks for the tour.

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