Wish I Were There ~ September 21, 2022

Aachen, Germany

After dreaming of being back in Aachen, I’m smiling because it’s Happy Earth, Wind & Fire Day. Do you Remember the 21st day of September? Groove on, peeps.

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Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ July 6, 2022

Altes Haus circa 1368, Bacharach, Germany

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Wishful Wednesday ~ May 18, 2022

Horse drawn carriages
Horse drawn carriages, Prague

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Wishful Wednesday ~ April 19, 2022

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ April 6, 2022

Köln (Cologne)

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Wish I Was There ~ February 23, 2022

If your days have been anything remotely as cold as it’s been at the Ranch, you’ve probably been shivering with a pet (or two) in your lap. A slow moving cold front with snow continues its grasp around our throats. It was so cold and treacherous yesterday, Norman and I were unable to make our visit to hospital and the Ranch Hands are now beginning to develop a case of cabin fever. Their new Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop treat dispensers have helped occupy minds that don’t quite comprehend that it’s too cold to go out on any kind of walk, beyond potty breaks.

Keeping dog minds busy helps them cope, but what about us uprights? How do I cope being housebound on these sub-zero days without walks? I like taking a digital trip to a warm place. No pesky TSA, long lines of complaining travelers fussing about having to wear masks and all the other indignities associated with actual traveling to an previously visited vacation spot. After going through my library of places previously visited, I decided to once again go back to the isle of Roatán, Honduras where the weather was perfect for a lovely stroll along a beach with crystal clear skies and an amazing reef.


During my digital trip, I once again can feel the warm water on my feet, hear birds in nearby trees, smell the salty air and enjoy the amazingly gracious hospitality of the locals. A lovely and magical trip then and now, again digitally.

A visit to the animal sanctuary also makes for another lovely diversion.


Do you go on digital trips in your mind when weather turns bone-chilling? We’ll remain huddled up on the sofa under the blankets and cruising through old photos from a past in-person trip while watching more snow fall today.

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Wish I Were There Wednesday ~ December 8, 2021


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Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ November 10, 2021


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