Treat Tuesday

After a recent training class I took to help with Elsa’s meet and greet issues with little dogs, I’ve started carrying around high value treats in the pockets of all my jackets. Elsa really loves the dehydrated lung treats and really focuses on me when cued. Lately I’ve been seeing these long stringy drool bombs (ick-gag). The first time I laughed out loud thinking how funny it was. Now I’m starting to wonder what the…?? So much for ‘girls being all girly and dainty,’ eh? She didn’t seem to mind having this hanging down since she was insanely focused zeroed in on a squirrel across the street.

Do your dogs drool at the thought of high value treats?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

66 thoughts on “Treat Tuesday

  1. Ya know, I never really thought about it, but I don’t remember any of my dogs ever being droolers. Thank goodness! I love Newfies – like Jen’s Sherman and Leroy – but I doubt I could deal with the constant drool. Like you said “ick-gag”.

  2. I am not a drooly dog, but YES! I drool for treats AND while I’m carrying the treat to a good place to settle down and eat it. Mom cleans the floor a LOT! Girly??? Dainty??? Nope. Never heard of it.

    Love and licks,

  3. yup! Drooly poodles live on this house too! I saw that photo of Elsa and my heart melted. I guess I’m not prim and dainty either!

    1. Wiping a dog’s faces is a lot like wiping a small child’s face, they swish their face back and forth trying to get the offending rag away from them. The only difference is that dog’s don’t kick and scream. But barely.😇

  4. Oh gosh…I really have a hard time with drool. LOL. So luckily our dogs don’t drool much, though Luke does sometimes, especially if he’s made to wait too long for something! 🙂

  5. BOL!!!!! Hilarious!!! My humom just gagged but she totally understands…She finds it funny too when she sees me and Wilhelmina dripping drool from our mouths when they are holding out treats (especially when they are trying to get a photo). I say its borderlining on animal cruelty!!!

  6. You know what they say … cats rule … dogs drool 😉
    I’ve read several places that cats can drool when their teeth are bad. Wouldn’t hurt to check Elsa’s teeth. We bet it’s cold enough that you’ll find drool-sicles 😉

    1. Bwahaha. Elsa’s teeth are mostly pretty good; we’ll see her vet next month for a final determination. Actually temperature wise it’s been in the 60’s lately. Feels like California without water. #PrayingforSnow

  7. Yep! Every night Dakota knows he gets his greenie bone at approx 6pm. When we go to the box to get them out he stands on his hind feet with his paws on the baby gate totally focused on the box. He smacks his lips and looks at them as if he has never seen them before lol, and…if we are even a minute late with them he will bark at us to remind us he hasn’t had his bone!

  8. Either schnauzers don’t drool (I can’t imagine that, as food-driven as they are) or it is absorbed into their beards. Why not? Everything else is. (Have you seen my car keys? No. Did you look in Xena’s beard?)

  9. We used to have mastiffs, whose drool is a bit like an industrial lubricant… I’ve never seen our poodles drool! Let’s hope she was just hungry.

      1. But I’d never share my ice cream with my mastiffs, using the same spoon, like I do my poodles. Poodles are less like dogs and more like short people.

  10. at least they aren’t ropes of drool like Cole’s Newfie friend had. They would wrap around Coles head while they played.
    Lung treats? Is that something Milo might obey for? It’s time to up the ante on walks. And on not putting his teeth on Daddy.

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