Finally…It’s Friday

After working at the hospital this week, we managed to reach Friday mostly unscathed. It’s another cold morning around the Ranch and we’re all dog-tired after some pretty intense experiences at West Pines, hospice and the hospital. This level of tiredness requires coffee for me to be a functioning upright. This level of tiredness usually produces something similar to this.

Looks like a lot of you may be receive some moisture this weekend so we hope you are able to stay safe and dry as much as possible. Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, hope you make the most of it with your favorite beverage of choice in hand accompanied with your best friend, be they two or four-legged. Happy weekend, campers. Any special plans for the last weekend of February?

Live, love, bark❣

58 thoughts on “Finally…It’s Friday

  1. Oh goodness, that was me the other day, waiting for my toast, wondering why it was taking so long, and then realising I hadn’t pressed the lever…
    Things are looking better today though. Hope you have an excellent weekend ahead!

  2. BOL!
    3 bum swings! 3 more!💜

    HuMom is useless without her morning latte.
    We all know it & usually leave her be until she has had a few sips.
    Most of us leave her be, Jerry Underfoot is not part of that ‘most’.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  3. Oh boy, my daughter and I can completely relate to your pic!!! I hope you can enjoy some nice coffee and relax a bit this weekend. It is raining here as I type this. ;-( But…the next three days are supposed to be sunny, and that makes it all okay! Hope the sun will shine on you and the Ranch, too! Oh, and that coffee pot keeps right on brewin’!

  4. You certainly earned a relaxing weekend, and we hope you’re getting one. We are getting some snow right now, and since we don’t have to go anywhere today, we’re OK with that!

    1. PS….It’s even worse when you get up in the morning and hit the button because you thought you got the coffee ready to go last night, but you didn’t. 🙂

  5. We are going to have more rain this weekend. I don’t function without lots of coffee all day long! BOL!

  6. You are amazing with all the therapy work that you do. Enjoy your weekend. Drink your coffee but nap some too! Happy Friday!

  7. It has been snowing and will continue off and on for the next few days. Recording the Mens Curling Gold medal match and we will watch it in the morning while drinking our coffee

  8. I don’t drink coffee – so I’ve never done that … but several times I’ve put clothes in the dryer or plugged our space heater in and then forgot to turn them on. I should be embarrassed that it takes me so long to figure out the problem 🙂

  9. We’re supposed to get more snow here so that means more fun for me!!! My humom definitely needs her coffee every morning because we have to wake up super early for our run before she goes to work!

  10. Still warm to very warm here – not quite reaching the “hot” stage but then we are heading towards the end of summer and soon the clocks will change again. Looks like you had a busy week – been fairly quiet here – not even RFDS things to do. Have a good weekend – enjoy the coffee.

  11. All of our ice has dissolved and been replaced with MUD!!! Not making the Momster very happy either,

    Have a good weekend – we have a wet one coming in.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. That’s why I have a Kuerig coffee maker – two, actually, in case the main one craps out – but when I’m away from home, I’m first one up so I get to set up the first pot of the magic elixir. Luckily I’m not (normally) desperate for the first cup. I pretty much just drink the stuff cuz I like the taste.

    1. My mom has one that uses those individual pods and when I was staying at her house while she was hospitalized, there was more than one morning when I apparently didn’t push the lid hard enough to pierce the pod. Nothing like having taste exceptions delayed after you’ve been multi-tasking while you think it’s working only to find at an empty cup staring at you. Grrrr.

      1. I understand completely! I’m on my 3rd warranty replacement unit already. This newest one – so far at least – seems to be the best of the batch. The last one? It was a lemon from the very beginning. That’s why I have a smaller one without a big reservoir. Just in case the bigger one decides to crap out on me.

          1. I need a warranty against hubby using it. No matter how many times I tell him to use the filtered water from the fridge, he still uses the tap water. Thank God I have a charcoal filter thingy in the bottom of the reservoir! Which, come to think of it, I need to replace next week.

  13. That image is me this morning. My dh set up the coffee, and as he and Milo left the bedroom he asked if I wanted him to turn it on. Sure! So I thought I’d get up to ready made coffee, but he forgot and horrors! I had to wait for that cup, standing looking at the maker, yelling hurry up! Well, yelling in my mind since my voice wasn’t connected to my mind yet. We got slippery icy snow yesterday, more today, but Milo got the go ahead to rejoin his life already in progress. Now we’re looking for a friend.

  14. Welcome to Friday- glad you made it! We finally got a little snow and it’s simply beautiful this morning. Kloe is just dying to get out and body surf her way around the Golden K. She’ll get a chance a little later after our coffee kicks in. Have a great weekend.

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