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Normally I share dog treat recipes with you but with Easter over the weekend, I thought I’d share one for the uprights. In my family we love holidays where we can come together to catch up and have fun, food and libations and this Easter was no ‘egg-ception.’ Most of our family’s little grandkids live out of town so most of the time we’re a group of young and older adults but ones who still love a good food fest. And while I wouldn’t classify our tribe as ‘foodies,’ we all love eating a good meal and holidays are a convenient excuse to fulfill that end and we’re luckily to have some incredible cooks in our clan.

Whenever we get together, we divvy up dishes among the women folk and rely on the Y chromosome portion of the family to furnish any beer/alcohol. Everyone contributes so this works out pretty well actually. And this past weekend was no exception.

Since 1900, April 1st has only fallen on Easter Sunday 4 times (1923, 1934, 1945 and 1956  when we welcomed my sweet baby sister back in 1956). And although she couldn’t be with us in person, we did FaceTime with her to wish her sing an out of tune version of happy birthday in addition to sharing our best family Easter greetings (Happy birthday again, li’l sis-hope it was grand!). This holiday was another great opportunity to celebrate and celebrate we did since April 1st falling on Easter Sunday won’t occur again until 2029. This was also the perfect opportunity to christen the completely gorgeous and totally renovated new kitchen at my brother’s house which is perfect for entertaining large groups (ours numbered 13 guests).

The meal consisted of the classic Easter ham, potato/veggie casserole, couple of different salads, deviled eggs, crackers, cheese, salmon hors d’oeuvres, mimosas. Never one to miss an opportunity for sweets, rounding out the menu were loads of jelly beans, sweet breads and a couple of Easter cakes, pies and bunny tails. For my part I brought Quiche, one for the ‘flesh’ eaters (aka meat eaters) and one vegetarian version. Quiche always works for brunch, travels well in the car and I had a new recipe to try out. And like most recipes, I decided to go off the reservation completely revamp it. Using ingredients I had on hand, I created this adaptation. Originally it was called Easy Puff Pastry Quiche recipe but I renamed it “Kitchen Sink” Quiche since it had loads of extras. And it was yummy g.o.o.d. My hat’s off to Ms. Fuentes. Here’s the basic recipe with my adaptation/changes in blue.


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  • 1 sheet frozen puff pastry (half of one 17.3-ounce package), thawed [I used 2 sheets]
  • [Cubed bites of ham for the flesh eaters and vegetarian sausage for the vegetarians]
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 3/4 cup grated Monterrey Jack cheese [I used a package of four-cheese blend with some grated Parmesan because, I mean, it’s Parm and who doesn’t love that?]
  • 1 small zucchini, shaved with vegetable peeler [I used red and green peppers instead and nearly added some mushrooms but realized more ingredients weren’t necessary since I used meat/pseudo meat and other veggies]
  • 2 large eggs [I stopped counting after 8-remember I was bringing enough for a B-I-G crowd]
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary [I have a rosemary plant on hand that I’m constantly snipping branches off and personally love adding rosemary in egg dishes]
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt or sour cream [I used sour cream] 


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Unfold pastry sheet on to a pie dish. Or you could lay it flat on a baking sheet and create a rectangular Quiche. [I used restaurant containers for the crowd. If you want it to have nice neat edges go for it, I’m more into a rustic finish].
  3. I added the meat and meat substitute first then topped with the remaining ingredients.
  4. Pour egg, cheese and yogurt mixture over toppings, over puff pastry. Bake until pastry is golden brown and toppings are set, about 18-22 minutes. [I baked mine for about 38  minutes or so since they were in large containers]

This recipe is super simple, quick and versatile. Swap or add ingredients…be creative. If the edges start to brown and your Quiche is still jiggly, cover the edges with foil until fully cooked and firm. No one likes jiggly-wiggly eggs.

Sadly I wasn’t smart enough to take a photo of the finished Quiche (these were just prior to adding the cheese/egg mixture but included a slice of the vegetarian one.

This is what you’ll get when you’re done. I can almost guarantee the empty dish will be the vegetarian version. Happens. every. time. [True confessions, there was a small narrow strip left over but far less than the ham version]

You think they liked it?

Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday spent with friends and family, where the food was excellent, but the company was better. Got any stories to ‘dish’ about your Easter?

P.S. My brother and his wife have two wonderful Chessy Retrievers in residence, so I’ve had to do a ton of ‘splaining to Elsa who shunned me after she caught a whiff of “eu’d dog parfum” from petting Rudder and Axel. Luckily she and Sam both were easily ‘comforted’ by a fresh hoof so maybe I’ll get back in their good graces. Once they stop gnawing on them, that is.

Two hours later and they’re still gnawing.








Live, love, bark 🐾

45 thoughts on “And now this…just for adults

  1. That recipe sounds delicious! If only our humom cooked…she is sooo lame!

    We have never tried hooves but that seems a wonderful way to keep Miss Avalon busy! Will look into them 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. It sounds like a wonderful Easter! Your recipe sounds better than the original. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll save this for later.

  3. Definitely a meal I would enjoy. Cheers to the success of your quiche. You also serve as a reminder that we haven’t had quiche in some time!

  4. That quiche looks and sounds delicious. Mom would definitely go for the veggie version. We had a crowd of 11 here yesterday and also had a nice ham dinner. It was a little tricky because our human sister K has a lot of foods she can’t have, like ham, because of migraines, and now she is on a detox-the-body diet after her cancer bout – so all organics, and no red meat. Mom made something special for her. And we all got a tiny taste of ham and a whole shrimp each:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Great recipe! I’m always looking for something new to try, especially for family get-togethers, and especially if they’re made with eggs (since we get our own). I’m bookmarking this one for sure – thanks for sharing!

  6. Yum! This looks so delicious that I pinned it! I must make this one day! We had 14 at our Seder Friday night and yep we all bring something too. I made a sweet noodle kugel and a salad that was fantastic (but our “picky” group didn’t appreciate the salad because it was made with DARK greens and not the horrible iceberg lettuce **sigh** It was delicious!)

    1. Good grief, they didn’t like dark greens? Ooh…I’d love to nosh on a sweet noodle kugel and would totally LOVE a nice dark green salad. That just seems weird. Iceberg has no flavor or nutritional value.

  7. Well, your baby sis and Katty’s cousin are in good birthday company – add my now 26-year-old nephew, Zak.

    The quiche – either way – sounds pretty good to me, too! Not being a vegetarian, I wouldn’t turn down a slice of the meat-eater’s version but the veggie-lover’s version sounds good too!

    Hope the knuckleheads have forgiven you by now!

  8. That quiche recipe looks super…on the list for this week.
    I hope you are forgiven soon….those reproachful eyes have a way of boring into you…

  9. You are brave trying out new recipes at a gathering. I do the same thing, then often hit myself in the head because it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. This year for Easter breakfast after the 8:00 church service, I made my tried and true apple pancakes and there were none to bring back home. I’m glad yours was a hit and you were able to celebrate with your family.

    1. New recipes can be dicey for sure and I was lucky especially since I mostly changed everything. Now apple pancakes…that sounds like a new one I could get onboard with without changing!

      1. Well, I did have to change to gluten-free flour and Stevia so that the hubby could eat it, but it didn’t affect the recipe one bit.

  10. thanks for this super recipe!!! we love quiches and I like it to try new ones ;O)))
    we had a birthday yesterday too… my cousin turned 50… the eternal april fool by birth ;O)))

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